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Every wedding ring has a story to tell: devotion, experiences, friendship, and a love story to recount for generations. With each ring comes a promise of fidelity, of forever, of a lifetime filled with a joyous companionship. Every love story is different yet, in the end, all are symbolized by one thing: wedding bands. understands the beauty and thrill that comes with finding the perfect wedding ring for men and women. Each unique wedding ring sold here is crafted with utmost care; each design is created with you and your story in mind. With high-quality wedding rings, you can be assured that these symbols of love can last until eternity.

Our vast collection of wedding ring sets for men and women is something we are proud of. With these top-notch and unique wedding rings, pearl bridal rings, sterling silver rings, you, our dear grooms and brides, will surely find something that will suit you and your beloved companion. These rings are carefully selected to make sure you will be getting one from the most popular wedding rings of today. With our matching wedding rings, you can take the symbol of your love to the next level. Hesitant to match wedding rings with your spouse-to-be? We have individual wedding rings for men and bridal rings for women that are of excellent designs. The glitter and the glamor of our rings are totally worth it.

Let help you choose the ring that is meant for you and your partner. We give you the biggest confidence that with rings and bridal needs, you can never go wrong.

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History of Wedding Rings

So, why do we need to have wedding rings during our wedding day? Here's a brief history of how wedding rings came to life.

It turns out that wedding rings and engagement rings are not mere creations of the present; these bands can trace their origin from the ancient times. It's amazing to realize how a thing started in the past is now a billion dollar industry.

According to research, the origin of wedding bands can be traced back to the ancient Egypt, a good 4800 years ago. The Egyptians were creative geniuses as they would use the rushes and reeds growing near the papyrus tree twist it or form it into a band for their lovers. Egyptians believed that the wedding band represents eternity, and the hollow in the center of the ring stands for a passageway towards new adventures and discoveries.

After quite some time, they found out that these materials from plants are not going to do the trick of making a ring last a lifetime. So, new materials were introduced in the ring-making process. As time went by, wedding bands were then created using ivory, leather, and sometimes bone. In here began the classic belief that the most expensive the ring, the bigger the love.

In the early 900s, people had increased their ring making skill with already furnishing the formal rings for weddings. However, the rings were no ordinary ones as lovers would add too many extravagant designs onto their rings that even prompted the Church authorities to call these rings "of the heathen." Eventually, these symbols of marriage settled on the more simple and dainty side.

For the Romans, a ring is a symbol of ownership. For them to be able to claim someone as theirs, proof needs to be seen; the proof happened to be the ring. Romans were also very keen on making sure social status will not be put into question, so they made sure that a sturdy material, Annulus Pronobus, a metal capable of lasting for a long, long time. The metal was also expensive; there's no question about that.

From here began an evolution of rings. Starting from biodegradable materials to something strong and lasting, our wedding bands have come the long way. Up to now, people and romance still just can't get enough of the presence of wedding rings in life.

Tips on Finding the Best Wedding Ring

As you embark in the search for the perfect wedding ring as you start your life together, there are some things you have to remember to make sure that you get the best out of your money. In your search that beauty alone is not enough; the ring has to be durable, lasting, and does not take a lot of money to maintain, and can keep up with your lifestyle. It sounds similar to finding a wife, right? To help you with making a choice, here are five tips you have to remember when choosing a wedding ring.

1.) If possible, check rings together

Unlike engagement rings where the element of surprise is essential, choosing for a wedding ring gets better when you are with your fiancee. Let her join in the process.

2.) The earlier, the better.

You're engaged; you're still in cloud nine, congratulations! But don't let the fun of being engaged delay you from finding your wedding band. Do not delay. This great tip will save you from a lot of stress and unnecessary money splurges.

3.) Consider your lifestyle.

Unlike the popular belief, choose a ring that you're comfortable with. Again, comfort over style. You can't afford losing an expensive ring because you always take it off when you're doing your everyday routine, right?

4.) It's Okay to Be Different

Don't worry if you like the sterling silver one, and she prefers the gold band. There are no rules with wedding bands. Just go for what you both want!

5.) Remember, rings are long term.

Choose quality! Remember that your wedding ring is a symbol of your love for each other, and you can't afford to have it break off a year after your wedding. It's okay to pay for quality; it saves you from spending for a new ring every after two years.

Choosing as your official ring provider is such an honor. We guarantee you that the best wedding rings are here. Enjoy shopping.