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Pendants and charms may be small additions to a necklace and charm bracelet, but it can speak volumes. They can even help you deliver a message without having to say a word. That is why we put a special kind of attention to our pendants and charms collection to make sure that we have the products that suit your interest. Whether you're looking for a nature charm, or a pet-inspired pendant, a sterling silver peace pendant,  our huge amount of little trinkets is enough to guarantee you that you'll find something in here that will suit you best. If you are looking for unique accessories, you've come to the right place.

If you're into animal advocacy, we have pet pendants that feature a variety of animal designs. If you want to declare your beliefs, our exquisite religious pendants are created to make devotion beautiful. If you are a certified romantic and proud to wear your heart on your sleeves, our heart pendants are perfect for you. These heart pendants are our best sellers during Valentine's day, anniversaries, mother's day, and weddings. The heart pendant is always a great gift idea.

We don't only have charms for women, we also have charms and pendants for men, too. The little tykes in the family will enjoy our Pandora-compatible bracelet charms that are fun and unique. These charms for bracelets are crafted to help you preserve every special memory in your life. Our charms and pendants come in sterling silver, gold, cubic zirconia, and stainless steel. Celebrate life's great little moments with our top notch Pandora-compatible charms and pendants!

History of Pendants

Pendants are beautiful additions to any necklace as it can tell a lot of story by just wearing a particular icon. If you want to express your belief while still being fashionable, you can go for a cross pendant. If you want to sustain an advocacy, wear a pendant that represents something you love like animal pendants or fashion pendants. If you want to add a little bohemian touch to your look, a statement pendant won't hurt. This cute add-on to any necklace is a fashion favorite of everyone. But did you know that people's love for pendants started long, long time ago?

Even during the ancient and medieval times, people had high regard for pendants that, in fact, they took the form of gems, pearls, crosses, cameos, ivory, and a whole lot more. The number one use of this pendant? Well, they use it as amulets. For people of the earlier centuries, amulets are unbeatable when it comes to protecting them from harm, bad luck, danger, the evil eye, and possible misfortunes. Detachable pendants were a must during this time as they allow the user to transfer them from one necklace to another, or sometimes, to bracelets.

To the Christian religion, another significant pendant added in their necklaces are the cross pendants. To the many believers of Christianity, the cross necklace is a symbol of their belief and devotion to their God. Sometimes, they also act as an amulet, protection, or for ornamental purposes. A cross also helps people identify the religious inclination of the wearer. Through the years, the creation of cross pendants have transformed dramatically as new materials such as silver, white gold, and rose gold cross necklaces emerge in the market. In some Christian sects, the cross necklace is an important gift to a child who just had a Christening and first communion.

Lately, the cross has become a mainstream fashion staple for those who love cross pendants. Small gold cross pendants allow people to wear their beliefs without being disrespectful or mocking. Celebrities in Hollywood have fell for this pendant, too

Another popular pendant is the memorable pendants called lockets. These lockets are the sentimental kind of pendants as they allow a photograph to be placed inside. Nowadays, lockets belong to the gorgeous vintage jewelry collections.

History of Charms

Back in the days, ancient people would pick up a rock, consider it as their amulet, and then carry it with them to ward off enemies and potential threat. During Neolithic times, random stones believed to be a source of protection were an important battle requirement.

During the Egyptian times, these amulets transformed into items made of precious gems, stones, and metals. The very first charms and charm bracelets first immerged during this era. For the Egyptians, charms were more than just ornaments on their body or protection from their enemies. In the ancient Egyptian civilization, the life expectancy of an individual on the average is only up to 40 years old. Their charms and charm bracelets were a sort of identification of their life and their social status while they were still alive. Thru these accessories, Gods can easily identify them as they travel the afterlife.

Charms and charm bracelets also played an important role in the life of Christians especially when they were forced into secrecy during the dark ages of worship. The only icons that identify them as Christians were the charms they wore bearing the sign of the fish or "ichthys."

Fast forward many years, particularly during the time of hippies and the hippy movement, young men and women would heap on themselves several charms including symbols such as the piece sign, the hand sign that means "peace", and the most popular slogan "make love, not war." During these years, a significant increase of charms was seen.

Today, charms and charm bracelets are everywhere! These trinkets are not only for protective purposes but now more on the fashionable area. These blings also make great gifts if you want to celebrate a significant event in your life. When it comes to birthdays, the arrival of a new baby, anniversaries, and other special moments, nothing can beat charms as a gift.

If you want to find the best charms and charm bracelets, take a look at our collection. With different designs, you will surely find one that will make you fall in love. Enjoy shopping.