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History of Necklace

Have you ever wondered how necklaces got discovered? Who found out that by putting a hanging something on your neck can make you look spectacular. Well, it turns out that civilizations love for necklaces can be traced back to the most ancient time. Let's all take a look where the love for neck pieces started!

The earliest recorded necklace was one found that was made of beads. During the ancient times, beads had no particular use unless they are created into something worthy of ornamental use. Thus, the ancient civilization created necklaces and bracelets out of beads to put them to good use. This jewelry was called the "Adam and Eve" trinkets; the parents of modern day jewelry. Prehistoric people's obsession to bead necklaces were evident when beaded jewelry was seen attached to the bodies of the deceased ranging from necklaces, bracelets, and even headpieces. One of the most significant discoveries was that of the ancestors of the Irish Celts found in Switzerland.

Another civilization that had such a deep adoration for necklaces were the Egyptians. Known for their lucrative love for jewelry and baubles, the Egyptian people used these necklaces to signify wealth and social status to others. Not only that, it turns out that during this time, when Egyptians see bead necklaces in their contemporaries, they immediately associate it with advanced art. During this time, a new kind of style was starting to immerge. Egyptians got a little fancy with their bead art when they introduced the glass beads of different bright colors. Aside from glass beads, ones made from pottery also became very popular and they came in colors of green and blue. It took the Egyptians hundreds of years to perfect the beads.

In the years that followed, terracotta beads replaced the glass beads as ornaments to the necklace. What made these terracotta beads extremely special to the people was the fact that they were carved beautifully, and they come with a ton of color varieties.

The Greeks also excelled in the field of necklace making. This civilization was a big fan of gold that almost all their jewelry collections were created from this metal. It was in the time of Alexander the Great when Grecians started making an abundant amount of jewelry.

However, the Romans had a different take when it came to necklace and jewelry as a whole.  For them, women need to restrain themselves and be contented with an appropriate amount of jewelry. There were laws that governed the use of jewelry by women. Ladies can only wear a certain number of necklaces.

However, time, indeed, changes everything, as women started to develop a liking to wearing multiple necklaces at once. For a while, the popularity of the necklace waned but eventually got back its rightful recognition during the 14th century when royalty made it a priority to always pair their gowns with a handful of necklaces. During this time, the more necklace a woman had, the richer she was.

Nowadays, necklaces have become such an important part of every girl's wardrobe. It seems that an ensemble isn't complete without the help of an accent so beautifully given, without any fail, by the most beloved accessory.

The most popular necklaces today are trendy and in demand because they cater to a lot of fashion needs. For example, cross necklaces became so wanted by many because it is a way for fashionistas to be still able to express their belief through jewelry. Even non-religious people have become too acquainted with cross accessories.

Other much-loved accessories nowadays are the horizontal bar necklaces, letter pendants, and name necklaces. The more personalized the accessories, the more they are wanted by many. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Emma Watson have embraced this trend and were seen sporting these necklaces many times.

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