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History of Earrings

Nowadays, earrings are known to be one of the most staple accessories loved by many. Seriously, we could not imagine an ensemble without a good pair of earrings on. Whether it be diamond stud earrings, classic drop earrings, or outrageous statement chandelier earrings. Indeed, earrings are everything. But, where did this love for earring start?

Apparently, this earring obsession of humankind started as early as the ancients. Since the very beginning of time, wearing earrings as an accessory offers a significant detail about a person's wealth, his place in the society, and the social circle in which she belongs. As trivial as it may sound, women of the ancient regarded the earrings as somewhat like a treasure that they hold dear. In fact, according to recorded history and antiquity, earrings are the first accessories used solely for aesthetic purposes.

The very first earrings discovered by archeologist were the ones worn by the Sumerian women as early as the 2000 B.C. These earrings were made out of gold and designed into a crescent shaped hoop. Fast forward 1000 years later, in 1000 BC, the metal used for making earrings were not only limited to gold; silver was eventually introduced. Earrings in the shape of boats (also known as tapered hoop earrings) became extremely popular with the Aegeans and the Asians. The people of Cyprus and Crete, on the other hand, had twisted wires embellished with different kinds of beads and accentuated by a thin pendant usually made of gold for their earrings.

The Egyptians, who loved jewelry since the beginning of time, caught up with the earring trend in 1500 B.C. Both men and women patronized this accessory. The designs of their earrings were often in the shape of mushrooms; the sizes were huge as they needed to stretch the lobes to fit them. Most of the Egyptian earrings come in metals of gold and silver. However, some were also made of simpler materials such as Jaspers or colored glass. The Egyptians loved to design their earrings in icons representing the gods and goddesses of their time.

In the reign of the Roman Empire, women were shameless when it came to parading their earrings. During these times, earrings were not only a piece of jewelry for aesthetic purposes; it was far more than that. For these women, when they gather together with a hefty amount of earrings on, it was all for the comparison of each others' wealth. When you have a ton of trinket hanging on your ears, you are perceived to be rich by the society. No wonder why Roman women would wear a couple of earrings altogether.

However, the Dark Ages ultimately followed, and poverty struck people hard. As a result, earrings of extravagant styles and designs disappeared from the public eye; either hidden for the fear of robbery or ultimately sold to get some money.

Fast forward many years, when the economy stabilized; the earrings failed to make a comeback. The luxurious English fashion involved extensive hairstyles and elaborate designs on their clothes which eliminated the need for earrings. Fortunately, during the 16th century, the earrings were once more considered as part of the fashion staples for women during this time.

After a couple of years, the earrings once again lost its effect to women. During the 1850s, women's hairstyle often involved their hairs tucked backward covering their ears. Thus, the loss of the appeal of earrings. Also, the ear trinkets were associated with vanity, excess, and heathens.

During the 1920s, the earrings made a comeback in the form of clip-on earrings. To many, these form of earrings is safer and simpler than the much extravagant ones.

The inhibition for earrings totally stopped during the start of the 1960s when women considered the earrings as a regular part of their ensembles. The emergence of pearls and other gemstones as earrings also helped in boosting up the popularity of this trinket.  

Earring design also came into full blast during the '80s and the '90s when these ear pieces came in loud colors, outrageous prints, and huge size. Hoop earrings were a favorite of these eras and almost occupied every woman's ears back then.

Nowadays, earring designs have changed significantly. These designs came simpler, more wearable, and classy. Diamond stud earrings, simple drop earrings, and gem earrings dominate the earring industry nowadays. To always be on trend, check out IceCarats.com's earring collection and be amazed at the beautiful products we have.