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History of Bracelets

We should all thank the person who discovered that putting a chain on our wrists does something phenomenal to any look we wear. Although we may not know who specifically discovered this fashion accessory, we all could attribute it to the Sumerians of the Southern Mesopotamia. Sumerian women tend to wear their many golds in forms of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to make everyone know about how rich their husbands were. In those days, jewelry was a status symbol; the more trinkets you have on, the more respected you will be. Aside from the jewels being an indication of wealth, people from this civilization also attached some religious and spiritual significance to these bracelets. However, bracelets did not gain that much attention until the early 2000 BC under the Egyptian Civilization.

During the first dynasty in ancient Egypt, people started wearing bracelets that were made of silver and gold and mostly embellished with stones. Unlike pendants and charms that were more of amulets rather than fashionable items, the bracelets were mostly used by Egyptians for ornamental purposes. The people's high regard for this jewelry was made evident by the fact that Pharaohs and other royalty were buried with the bracelet with them.

Another interesting history about the bangles that we have nowadays involves the Greek men. In ancient Greece, soldiers who go to war often wore leather bands on their wrists which they sometimes designed with gold and other precious stones. Wearing the wristbands they created was their way of making sure they will be spared from death in the battles they will fight. The men called the ornament "bracels" from the Latin word "Brachium" which means arm. After a while, the women thought that the bands could also look good on them. Eventually, the wives of these soldiers created smaller versions of the bracels which they called the bracelets. From then on, bracelets had become a widespread accessory when it came to the world of Grecian fashion.

The Asian people had their personal touch with bracelets. As early as 2000 BC, cuffs and bangles made from Jade existed in China. Some bangles, on the other hand, were created from gold. The Asians are known to have high regard for nature and its beauty, and it was obvious on the designs found in the first Chinese bracelets. Depictions of trees, mountains, and sometimes mythical creatures were some of the favorite designs of the Chinese people. The amulets used by the Asians during the primitive period often took form in bead bracelets (particularly the red ones that symbolized the dragon, a Chinese mythical creature) as they were believed to ward off monsters.

A more fashionable evolution occurred to the bracelet when women in 17th Century Europe, women wore their bracelets with ribbons and other intricate designs. Their bangles came in a very thin form allowing them to wear them in several numbers. During this era, charms on bracelets became a big hit.

During the 20th century, the bracelets were created in every design imaginable; it eventually became a mainstream fashion accessory. During the time of the roaring 1920s, a new flair was added to the bracelets and bangles created in the late 19th century. This change gave way to the Art Deco designs so popular during that time. A new material called Bakelite was added to the jewelry which produced more designs. Women during the 1930s and 1940s loved wearing plastic bangles. During the '50s and '60s, charms and charm bracelets became a big hit. In the 1970's up to the year 2000, designs became more and more innovative. In this era, loud prints on bangles, huge bracelets, and neon colored wristbands became a big hit. It seems as though the motto for this timeframe was "The wilder the design and print, the better."

Fast forward the 21st century and bracelets and bangles bid goodbye to the neon colors, and bright, bold prints. Designs finally came in classy cuts and metals, the most favorite of all are gold and sterling silver. Bracelets embellished with gemstones are a savvy addition to a lady's wardrobe. But the 21st century also eschewed the idea that bracelets are only for fashion purposes. Nowadays, these bangles are also used by the young people to express and support a particular cause like expressing encouragement to breast cancer survivors, or bangles for animal freedom. Certainly, bracelets have evolved through the years, and we can't wait to see what the following years hold.