Top 10 Miss Universe 2015 Jewelry Fashion

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Top 10 Miss Universe 2015 Jewelry Fashion

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The most fantastic time of the year has come when women from all over the world gather together in a competition of beauty, body, talent, and brains. These women, who came to be official representatives of their beloved country, had their fair share of training which should never be underestimated. All women came with one purpose in mind: to bring that Miss Universe crown to their native soils.

All through the years, the Miss Universe pageant has seen different, empowered women from all over the world. These women bested other strong candidates in their individual country level shows and it is safe to say that these women are the best of the bests. With over 80 candidates from different parts of the world, only one can bring the crown.

With the buzz about the latest Miss Universe controversy where Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner (he said the winner was Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines), we already know who won the most coveted Miss Universe crown. However, the gaffe should not take away our appreciation for the other ladies who also stood out on stage. Here, we are going to look into the style and fashion of the Miss Universe 2015 top 10 candidates.

Hailing from a country that holds one of the most outstanding records in the world of beauty contests, a real pressure always follows the feat of the Venezuelan representative to the Miss Universe competition. These girls, Latina beauties at its finest, undergo rigorous training and development to emerge at the top. That is why it was no surprise that Miss Venezuela looked stunning in every Miss Universe related commitments. Mariana Jimenez, also known as Miss Venezuela, showed some serious Miss Universe fashion. She looked divine with her beautifully embellished number she wore for the evening gown competition. The earrings she wore were exquisite. The unique white shade in her earrings complemented her overall look. For her sexy black outfit, she chose distinct gold earrings that channeled an Aztec princess. This Miss Universe 2015 jewelry fashion is on point.

When Thailand graced the stage, the audience experiences a different kind of hush. She is just the embodiment of grace and unique beauty. Perhaps, that is also the reason she won the National Costume award. She is fun and sophisticated, and that is a dangerous combination for the Miss Universe pageant. Her extra talented way in fashion also showed in her notable jewelry choices. When everyone else chose to dangle and sparkle with long, elaborate earrings, Miss Thailand had a different game. She owned the Miss Universe jewelry fashion with her jewelry with her ear cuffs and unique sparkly rings. She also opted for a bare look and gave the bangles ago. She nailed it, no doubt.

When Ariana Miyamoto made headlines as the new Miss Universe Japan early this year, the whole world's focus went to her. There she was, an exotic beauty of Japanese blood rocking her thing in the pageant runway. She was stunning, captivating, and her beauty stands out among the rest. Although she had to endure some bullying from people who think she is not worthy to represent Japan, she proved them wrong with her performance. She chopped her hair to a sophisticated bob and wore lovely jewelry. She increased her femme fatale vibe with hoop earrings and chandelier-like ones. She shimmered with her gold gown like a Japanese empress. Ariana Miyamoto, after all, represents a true Miss Universe not only in jewelry and fashion but also in how she overcomes.

She was popular among her co-contestants because of her overflowing confidence when she walks the runway. Clarissa Molina, Dominican Republic's representative, loved to toss her hair and wink whenever she graces the stage. Yes, it's safe to say that she has every right to do that. Her face and her hair look gorgeous, and I can't help but stare at her face. That is how pretty she is. When she stepped out wearing her long evening gown, she looked like an angel. I am in love with her sterling silver earrings.  She also did a little cooling down trick with one of her looks. She was wearing a gown with a sparkling neckline in one event and to tone down all the sparkle, she opted for a pear shaped drop earring; it was simple but irresistible.

Kanisha Sluis, a priceless gem from the serene islands of Curacao. She represented her country with fierceness and grace. She is one of my favorites. She offered a special aura every time she's on stage, and her beauty was so exotic that you can just stare at her face and see paradise in Curacao. This Caribbean beauty was on fire with her sparkling red gown and white gold with emerald earrings complement her evening number just right. She loves colors; I am sure since Curacao is a colorful, festive place. Her color coordination skills were once again exhibited when she stepped out in a turquoise gown and aquamarine earrings. Thanks for bringing the Caribbean closer, Miss Curacao!


Of course, Paris. Of course. Who could ever ignore this breathtaking woman? After all, all beautiful things start in Paris. This representative of France for the most prestigious beauty pageant is also included in the beautiful people that hail from the country of love. She worked her way up to the finals' Top 5 with this elegant red number with just the right slit length. She looked sultry yet smart. In her previous photos days before the pageant, she looked regal in almost everything. Red surely is her color and white gold her best friend when it comes to accessories. There was magic when she left everything bare but with a little dangling jewelry to pair her clean swept hair. It did the same thing when she posed for this glamor shot. Ms. Paris truly knows the way of fashion.

One of the most beautiful faces in the whole pageant was that of Monica Radulovic. This dazzling beauty queen, who was a refugee when she was a little girl, is a proof that our life's experiences aren't there to cripple us; instead, they make us find our destiny. Destiny was kind to Miss Australia as she was part of the famous top 5 who had to face the daunting task of answering tough questions. Rudolovic handled the pressure with grace and wit, and a captivating smile. She stood out with her crystal embellished gown and studded round dangle earrings. She showed the crowd how fancy she was with her big voluminous curls and her diamond earrings. This lady from down under made her way at the top of Miss Universe.


Perez Hilton may have called her "bland and boring" but I just don't agree on that part. Miss Universe Olivia Johnson was spectacular in her performance in the Miss Universe contest. She was the epitome of confidence and fun, and she was a breath of fresh air. This charming woman is also smart and witty and strong. Perhaps the other judges saw it, and her scores made her land in the top 3 of the pageant. All throughout the competition, she was regal and composed. Her beautiful gown was perfect for a wedding inspiration. Now, her jewelry is just as great. She knew the power of dangling earrings, so she wore them in every chance. From long gown to red carpet appearances, her dangling earrings choices were phenomenal and truly helped her earn her place in the most coveted competition. 

Now, we are down to the last two candidates who are both beautiful and controversial. The Miss Universe 2015 telecast is probably one of the most cringe-worthy event in 2015 television. This happened when Steve Harvey, host for the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, announced the wrong winner (oopsie). Fortunately Miss Colombia, Ariadna Guttierez, who was announced the winner then demoted to first runner up, handled it with grace like how she always did all throughout the competition. She was gracious in every way and she rocked the runway. She looked ethereal with her sophisticated gown and her super long dangling earrings. In one red carpet appearance, she stepped out with this enchanting deep emerald gown and paired it with emerald earrings. This first runner up is a queen in her own right. 

Long live the Queen! This year's Miss Universe crown was placed on the head of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the titleholder from the Philippines. Despite the wrong announcement, this composed young woman was able to carry herself with grace and humility. She was already a strong contender even before the competition formally began and she proved to be a deadly candidate when she started appearing in red carpets and strutting in runways. She was unstoppable. I could not also take my eyes off her jewelry choices like the huge hoop earrings she paired with her intricate black gown. It shouted "Queen!" all along. Her sparkly, chunky earrings made everything look fresh from the 50's with her classy red gown. This Miss Universe 2015 jewelry fashion is truly noteworthy, and I am sure there are more to see in the coming days. Let's watch out.

There you have it! Ten equally beautiful ladies with outstanding fashion choices. They should always be called Beauty Queens because they are, no doubt about that!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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