Selena Gomez Jewelry Fashion

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Selena Gomez Jewelry Fashion

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aaDo you still remember that cute little girl that stars in the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place?  Can you still recall some of her magic tricks? Well, she isn't limited to doing magic tricks alone. That little girl has grown to be a sophisticated and beautiful young woman whose magic is often present in the red carpet and events she attends in. 
Here are some of the few examples why Selena Gomez and her jewelry fashion stands out among the rest.


If you are looking for a little black dress and jewelry combination that is sure to slay in the spotlight, this Selena Gomez jewelry fashion number is totally a fashion aspiration.  I am not quite sure what appeals to me the most; the black dress is a gorgeous piece of creation one could start on and the gold accessories are a wonder to behold. These two classic pieces are perfection!  Look at those dazzling gold dangling earrings and how perfectly they shape her face. The addition of the stacked gold bangles are regal. She looks like a royalty in her jewelry combinations. The mixing and matching of these basic dress and accessories is a clear proof that you do not need to go all out to ensure you get the attention. This look, though simple, can top the best-dressed list. If you are planning to rock an LBD, then this look comes in handy.


If she can rock the little black dress, she can look stunning in the opposite shade, too. After Selena had owned the red carpet with her black and gold ensemble, she looked like America's sweetheart with this all white dress that is both sexy and romantic. Take note of that gorgeous hair and that bright red lips. I love how she kept everything look relaxed and laid-back by not donning too many accessories to go with her dress. But my oh my did she choose a great complement to her immaculate outfit that night. A vintage statement ring never goes out of style, and it is the top choice for the go-to girls who like to add a dainty touch to their over-all look. This Selena Gomez jewelry fashion is a must-have for girls who want to don an "I'm not a girl not yet a woman" style. 


The first moment I laid my eyes on this Selena Gomez gown, I fell in love. The color shouts "Fall!" and I just want to grab it. I love how this look made her look tres chic and sophisticated but still retaining the girl-next-door vibe that everyone loves about her. I'm sure I am not the only one who goes head-over-heels for her spiky dangling earrings and ring. Both accessories are show-stoppers. They make you stop and take a second look. I love how the silver shade makes her fair complexion and adds a character that makes the gown more flattering. This earring-and-ring gleaming combination is perfect if you do not want to heap some major jewelry on your neck. If you want an edgier look, opt for geometric dangling earrings to go on with style. Finish the look of with a sleek hair or a classy do. Bring your hair up to emphasize the beauty of the jewelry. This Selena Gomez jewelry fashion receives a 10/10 from me.


If there is someone who does not underestimate the power of a turquoise jewelry, that would be Selena Gomez. Her features just went beauty overload with these gorgeous trinkets. You would think donning the same jewelry would be too much, but if you would accessorize in the same color, the results will be just as amazing. If you would accessorize heavily, opt for simpler clothes, a little black dress for example. In that way, your look won't be overwhelming. Be bold with your trinkets and flaunt your way to beauty. This would be a perfect look for spring or summer. Play with your colors and don't be afraid of them. They can be one of your fashion best friends. 


It is obvious that one of the most loved child stars before is a fan of the bohemian fashion, too. Selena Gomez was photographed wearing this loose, Aztec-print skirt and grunge-inspired top to channel the Bohemian vibe. I love how this worked on her; she's very pretty in just about anything. I can't get over her dream catcher necklace. This Selena Gomez jewelry fashion is soooo bohemian. I guess the necklace was the one that placed a bohemian exclamation point to the over-all look. Her brass bangles offered a touch of the rocker girl spirit. If you are planning to take a splurge for the next Coachella festival, then keep this look for future references. Keep your hair low for a more laid-back, free gypsy look. 


If you want to look regal and Queen-like in your party or an event, you don't need to throw in some cash for a fancy, long gown. All you need to do is to find yourself some exquisite gold headpiece, and you are good to go. Selena Gomez wore this gorgeous headpiece and immediately stood out. I like how she kept the rest of her look bare and just concentrated on her head design. This piece of jewelry gave a regal accent to her little black dress. It can give the same effect to yours, too. 


Aside from always giving us red carpet looks that totally engulf us in all sorts of envy, Selena Gomez proves that she can also provide us with some hardcore jewelry tips. Take this layering look for an example. This superstar is wearing a simple, I-woke-up-with-this gray dress yet she still looks so classy and well put together. I will attribute that to her noteworthy necklace layering tips. I love how she layered a major statement choker with a rope necklace with a bar pendant. She truly knows her essentials. Layering is such a fun way to transform a drab dress to a paparazzi-worthy item. She stayed on the safe (and beautiful) side by layering two jewelry of the same material, which in this case, gold. In layering, you can never go wrong with gold. Combine a loud item with a soft jewelry to create a complementing layer. We have a blog totally dedicated to the art of necklace layering. Read it here. 


How can Selena walk out from a car and look paparazzi-ready with tattered shorts and oversize top? Well, that's Selena Gomez. What else would we expect? Her style is something we should copy if we want to be as presentable as her at any time of the day. I love the fashion tip that she offers in this look. Even the most random clothes can be transformed into something special by an exquisite jewelry. Her jewelry of choice, geometric sterling silver choker. If you are a t-shirt loving person, and you want to achieve this blog-worthy look, throw in some fancy jewelry and prepare to sparkle. This Selena Gomez jewelry fashion will surely add a brand new sass to your everyday look.


The angel wears a radiant choker. 

When Selena Gomez was invited to perform in the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion show in New York, everybody knew she would kill it in the runway not as a model but as a performer. She did a commendable job! Aside from her spectacular performance, her look for the event made headlines. This sexy and fashion-forward dress is gorgeous. Not only is her outfit the only one that stood out; my eyes are glued to the exquisite choker resting on her neck. It transformed the dark outfit from having the rebel look to something fit for a high-class, fun loving, sophisticated chic. If you want to reinvent your wardrobe, pair your classic jewelry with edgy outfits and get a beautiful contrast. 


Selena Gomez is an icon worthy of our inspiration if we want to achieve and simple but glamorous look. I mean, I can't pull those two off. Simple and glamorous just do not go together for me. However, Selena Gomez jewelry fashion proves that yes, simple and glamorous can go perfectly fine together. Just take this look she wore in one of her red carpet appearances. She wore NO JEWELRY except for those two turquoise dangling earrings. Again, she showed her love for turquoise jewelry. That's all she wore but look at her! She looked stunning and elegant! The turquoise dangling earring added just the right amount of color to the look. A fashion tip from this fashion aspiration? Don't afraid to keep it low key. In fact, going simple is one of the basic rules of making sure you look classy and regal. Opt for a classic dress and put in some fun jewelry to complete the ensemble. Rule your red carpet appearances with the right kind of jewelry. The first rule, you can never go wrong with the simpler ones. 

Selena Gomez is, undeniably, one of the sought after stars of this generation. People love her not only because of her girl-next-door vibe but also because of her incredible talent and charisma. Of course, we should not forget about her great fashion choices that we can now take inspiration from. If you are looking for a style icon who knows her clothes and jewelry well, Selena Gomez is a perfect choice. You have come to the right place. 

Are you ready to impress now?

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