Push Gifts for Moms to Be

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Push Gifts for Moms to Be

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We first heard about push gifts when Kim Kardashian openly posted on Instagram about her request to Kanye West that he give her a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker as a push present for her second birth for their second child, Saint West. Although some eyebrows were raised when she made that statement because push presents seem to be an expensive, materialistic way to celebrate childbirth, some people became curious what a push gift is and what makes them so important for a mother-to-be. Even single girls are now thinking what their push presents are going to be.

So, what exactly are push presents? Well, they are gifts from a dad-to-be to his pregnant, expecting wife to boost her esteem and courage to face labor and childbirth. Although no amount of jewelry can ever remove the pain of giving birth to a new life, push presents help alleviate the fear and scary anticipation regarding pushing a new life out in this world. If you are a future dad who is going to see your child super soon and you want to thank your wife for all the sacrifices she has done, here are some of the best push presents you could bet your money for.

1.) Diamond stud earrings

 A diamond stud earring is a classic and there's nothing more fancy for a lady who just gave birth to a precious baby than this equally precious jewelry. Surprise your wife with one of the best push presents for moms. A lady can never say no to a diamond stud earring. Also, this is a fantastic way of telling her she looks amazing as ever and you can't wait to see her bloom more in the coming days. Not only is the diamond stud a perfect push present; it is a great boost to self-esteem, too. We're totally betting on that!

2.) Pearl necklace

Help remind your girl how much you are proud of her with this beautiful and elegant pearl necklace for a push present. Although some people may say that going fancy for your push present is not necessary, it will still be a total treat for the love of your life. Who wouldn't love a dazzling pearl necklace tucked under a sweet baby? Aww, I would surely bawl my eyes out. So, get this delectable pearl necklace; it is indeed one of the best push presents for a new mom! Indulge her! After all, she is worth it, isn't she?

3.) Initial pendants

Is there a sweeter way to celebrate the new addition to your family than by donning some matching initial pendants together? These initial pendants aren't just great push gifts for mom, but also a great push gift for dad! These initial pendants are getting a lot of fashion attention nowadays, and you can look like literal #familygoals with these initial necklaces on. Also, these pendants can also be a great fashion accessory for either mom or baby. The versatility of this pendant's look makes it an ideal push gift jewelry. Channel Kim Kardashian with these charming pendants on.

4.) Colored gems

Gem pendants are a fashion classic. These adorable trinkets can make anyone look charming and noticeable. These gems have an undeniable way of making anyone look beautiful, and who else needs this than a woman who just gave birth? Giving birth can sometimes make your woman feel unattractive and bland. Let her know that you see her still as your own goddess with this beautiful gem jewelry. Whether these jewelry pieces come in rings, bracelets, pendants, or necklaces, gems are always a great choice for your beautiful woman out there. Tell her you are proud of her with gem jewelry!

5.) Kids pendant

Moms are sentimental people. Anything the remind them of their babies would make their hearts tender and reminiscent. Touch the emotional side of a mom you know with this cute and oh so charming statement pendant. What makes this a perfect push present for moms-to-be? Well, every mom's wish is for their little kids never to grow up. However, since nature and society dictate that a child must grow up, moms have to face it. Although moms to have a long way to go before the growing up period strikes, at least, they can take comfort from this lovely pendant.

6.) Horizontal bar necklace

Like the initials pendants, horizontal bar pendants are not only great fashion gifts, they are amazing push presents, too! Stars like Rihanna, Madonna, and even Kim Kardashian are going gaga over these simple yet classy accessories. Ever think about a way to commemorate the birth of your baby and the birth of a mother in your wife as well? You can do it with horizontal bar pendants. You can inscribe the name of your baby, his or her birth date, or the loving nickname you address him. Nothing is ever sweeter than that.

7.) Mom pendant

Being a new mom is a great adventure and anyone who's blessed enough to get this honor just couldn't wait to start the journey. Celebrate the great journey ahead with your wife, mother, sister, or friend with an amazing push gift: mom pendants! Gone were the days when any other title would fit. Now, "Mom" is the greatest title ever. You would surely make your friend feel that you are proud of them with this Mom pendant. Surely, the new mom in your life will be thrilled to wear this amazing pendant ever. What an exciting time!

8.) Chain bracelet

Single ladies love Tiffany and Co chain bracelets. Well, it turns out that moms love chain bracelets, too! Surprise the new mom in your life with this irresistible chain bracelet with the pearl details with a little-personalized charm hanging there. This jewelry is a work of genius, and your mom to be is a genius to be lauded with love and honor. She will surely love this! What a great way to look fashionable after a grueling labor, isn't it? This chain bracelet is lovely beyond words!

9.) Fancy ring

If you plan to go all romantic for your push present for your wife, this beautiful morganite ring is a perfect choice. This is a great addition to your large expressions of love for her. Although push presents are considered a little bit over-the-top, there's nothing wrong with a husband giving his wife the best jewelry pieces to appreciate her for her months of sacrifices and hardships. (We're telling you, darlings, pregnancy isn't an easy journey. So don't hesitate to indulge on this magnetic ring. She will surely shed sparkly tears because of surprise. We guarantee that to you!

10.) Sentimental necklace

Ladies love sentimental things. By sentimental things we mean those pieces that remind her of the most special day of her life. Make her remember her motherhood fondly with this oh-so-cute pendant of a mom and baby elephant. This charming representation of motherhood is a sweet reminder for her now and forever. Also, she can use this jewelry whenever and wherever because of its versatile design. Dad would truly earn brownie points from the new mom with this beautiful pendant. One word for this necklace: irresistible. So hurry and make her laugh with glee with this lovely motherhood necklace.

11.) Trophy jewelry

Does your wife have a penchant for charm bracelets? Most women celebrate the most important events in their life with charm bracelets and charms. If your wife has an inclination towards these charming trinkets, then, this trophy charm is perfect for her. Remind her of the perfect memory of motherhood with this trophy charm. What's also great about this jewelry is that it also symbolizes how proud you are of her. This charm also sends a message to her that you could not be any prouder of all the hard work and sacrifices she did for you and your little one. Go for this; she deserves it!

12.) Something classy

Lastly, thrill your wife with this beautiful vintage pieces. No woman can say no to a vintage piece and that applies to a new mom, too! This time locket is a definite gift to merit you a big smile and lots of kisses from both your wife and your new baby. And hey, don't forget to add a sentimental note to accompany this jewelry because sometimes, a letter is more special than a jewelry. So get one of these lovely estate pieces as a push gift and you will receive the best new dad award, too. Now, isn't that a win win situation?

These best push presents for new moms will surely melt your wife's heart. Imagine that she isn't expecting anything from you and you come out bearing a push present with a sweet note attached; who wouldn't fall in love with that? Now is the perfect time to let your wife know how much you love her and how proud you are of her. Spoil her a bit with these amazing jewelry and she will surely be so happy she chose you as her husband. For more great push gifts, see IceCarats.com's collections! Hint, browse the charms and pendants collection; you will love it!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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