Pregnant Celebrities and the Style Inspiration they Bring

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Pregnant Celebrities and the Style Inspiration they Bring

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Gone were the days when pregnant mamas had to give up their personal style for pregnancy. With the help of Pinterest and other fashion publications online, expecting moms-to-be are now introduced to fashionable choices. We've gathered classy and fashionable celebrity pregnancy style photos that will surely inspire you to amp up your pregnancy fashion! From Blake Lively, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Anne Hathaway, and Chrissy Teigen, we bring you 15 photos of amazing celebrity pregnancy style and fashion! Enjoy the bump while looking world class!


Blake Lively Pregnancy Style - Blake Lively Fashion - Harper's BAZAAR:

This woman just got to be in the number one spot. She's the proof that even though you're expecting, and you have gained a few pounds here and there, you still can rock your pregnancy with too much sassy style. Yes, Blake Lively is the epitome of celebrity pregnancy style! Whether she's on the streets, or she's on the red carpet, or she's simply glamorous for an appointment, she knows how to style pregnancy! I am head over heels in love with the street style look she had here. Who says you need to give up heels when pregnant? Nope! Transform the basic leggings look into a sophisticated ensemble with a pair of high heels and a long chain necklace.

Five times the charm: For the 5th outfit, Blake showed off her cleavage in this classy navy blue and white outfit: 44

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, there's always room for a classy dress to try on. Oh, no, don't mind that the whole pregnancy experience can sometimes make you feel that you don't have time for beauty necessities like this one, but believe me. If you want to feel sexy despite the growing bump, looking classy is the key. Take it from Blake Lively's pregnancy style! Early in her pregnancy she rocked this vintage-inspired dress and paired it with an elegant string of pearls and equally sophisticated pointed shoes. Can we hear a chorus saying "Oui, tres chic," yeah?

EBlake Lively's latest pregnancy outfits are MUST-sees:

Usually, pregnant women are afraid to rock unusual dress cuts when they're pregnant because they feel that the style can make them look huge and big. One has even mentioned that wearing a flowing midi skirt can sometimes make her feel like a walrus. But while you're on the mood for wearing fabulous dresses, try out this cute dress pattern that Blake wore for her show. She donned a powder blue dress that made maternity look good. We also love the turquoise statement necklace and baby pink pumps! Both charming colors added beauty to this look. When you're pregnant, don't be afraid to rock them pastel colors!


gold & black is classic but I think a long dress needs to be broken up a bit with that big of a bump... like a belt:

Are you a mom to be who's not really a fan of patterned clothes and you just want something that's loose? But then, you worry that loose clothing will make you look like you're wearing a sack bag! Oh, worry not, Mamas, you're not alone with that concern. Perhaps Anne Hathaway felt that too when she chose to wear this aesthetically elegant gown for the Vanity Fair's Oscars After-party. She chose a hanging cloth but look at her, isn't she a vision to behold? With the right color and the right accessories you can stand out with your personal preferences!

Anne Hathaway Nailed Her First Pregnant Red Carpet Appearance  - <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>:

A short dress with fun design is still one of the best options! Are you worried that you can no longer pull off the short dress fashion? Take some notes from Anne Hathaway's red carpet pregnancy style. She opted for a short, fun dress with adorable circle patterns on it. The dress is both chic and pregnancy-friendly because it doesn't bring too much focus on the bump. Pair your ensemble with sparkly shoes or a good set of diamond stud earrings and you're good to go!

Pin for Later: Anne Hathaway Was Totally the Queen of the Maternity Maxi:

And when it comes to street style, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Sometimes, mommas-to-be get conscious with their weight gain so they opt for darker colors, and it's always a great idea! If you're planning to have a complete relationship with black fashion pieces with your street style, get some tips from Anne Hathaway's pregnancy street style. I love how the black color with the little white details made her look elegant without trying so hard. Add on some gold accessories for a more basic but gorgeous ensemble for your pregnancy fashion.


Model, writer and chef extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen&#39;s enviable pregnancy style... get her look, bump or no bump!:

But despite the weight gain that inevitably comes during pregnancy, black is not the only color option you have. Like Chrissy Teigen, you can still rock nude shades despite the growing bump. The great thing about nude shades is that they can be paired with almost anything. Whether they are layered with another item or alone, they always look classy to the wearer. So for your pregnancy outfit, try preparing some flesh or beige themed clothes. Also, you can prepare some gold choker necklaces or gold hoop earrings; they always go so well with nude outfits!

Chrissy Teigen (pregnant) style:

Own your street style, Mama! Bathe in the sign, taking fashion glory in your baby bump with navy blue items. Chrissy Teigen looks absolutely fascinating with this navy blue number. I am also in love with her golden choker. The contrast that is in this ensemble is on point. Navy blue is also perfect for layering so you can get more outfit options with this color. Find a dress that really compliments your figure and your growing baby bump. Surely, this look will carry you through in your nine months of pregnancy! Grow with style, Momma!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend:

A strong, bold color is a pregnant woman's best friend! If you're going to a romantic dinner date with your husband and you want a break from the usual color palette you would always wear, a new striking color would be the best option. I love the terracotta number from Chrissy here. It complements her skin tone so well without making her look trashy. If you want to make a "pregnant statement" don't hesitate to try the bold color aisle in the supermarket. This time in your life is the best time to experiment with fashion! Go free with colors!


Candice Swanepoel is a gorgeous Victoria&#39;s Secret model and looks so good in a striped summer dress.  There&#39;s more photos of Candice and her bump in this blog post.:

To complement your baby bump, you need to get familiar with layers and symmetry. The best way to style your bump is to look for a dress that offers a bit of symmetry to it. This asymmetrical dress worn by Candice Swanepoel is the best example; it's chic, it's not too restrictive for pregnant women, and it flaunts your awesome figure. If you still want to look sexy without compromising your beloved pregnancy style, embrace symmetry and style perfectly. It will do wonders to your fashion, believe me! Also, it can make your bump look oh-so-chic, too.

The Best Celebrity Maternity Street Style Looks - Candice Swanepoel, May 2016 from <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>: \

Pregnancy can absolutely bring up our body temperatures, and when you're hot and sticky, it's no fun. But, there's a good thing that can come from the increase body heat brought about my being pregnant: you can wear summer dresses! I remember when this photo of Candice first came out. I was like "Oh my, she's one hot mom-to-be." Then I figured out that "Hey, every pregnant woman can be a hot mom-to-be!" Try on some cute summer dresses with an off shoulder cut. It will make you look fancy and refreshed, too! Don't forget to add some pendant love to your ensemble!

Her boy: The outing comes after the beauty announced the gender of her baby on Tuesday...:

They say that a baby bump is a woman's greatest accessory. If that is the case then, hurrah! You go flaunt that growing belly of yours, mommy! This time is the perfect moment to go bohemian! I am so in love with this look from Candice! She basically put an exclamation point to her fashion sense with her belly bump! She looked like a bohemian goddess with this cream number which she paired with a cute braid and some gold necklace with an adorable pendant. For your pregnancy street style, don't be afraid to go bohemian!


Behati Prinsloo:

Another Victoria's Secret model is pregnant and she's been giving us a lot of pregnancy fashion inspiration for the past weeks. Yes, Adam Levine's sweetheart, Behati Prinsloo, is such a pregnancy style inspiration that we just can't get enough of the looks that she wears! Take this lovely satin number, for example. She paired it with a classic choker and she gave off some serious 90's vibes! And we didn't notice her belly here, by the way. How cool is that?

Behati Prinsloo pregnant baby bump:

And just in case you're wondering what kind of fashion staple you should get for this pregnancy, we have the answer for you: denims! Yes, store them denims because you may come in handy! 

Being pregnant is a glorious time to be fashionable! So don't sulk in one corner and think that you will be trapped in a fashionless prison for the next nine months. Enjoy your bump, gear up your style, and take fashion inspiration from these celebrities who surely carried and carries their pregnancy with grace and lots of style. For pregnancy-friendly accessories, visit

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, mom-to-be!



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