Popular Kinds of August Birthstones

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Popular Kinds of August Birthstones

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Are you one of those people who was born in August and who has always felt there's a jewelry out there for you? Well, dear, you are in a luck because not only is the lovely green gemstone peridot assigned as the August birthstone, other kinds of beautiful gems are meant for August babies as well. Read through this blog to find out the meaning, the history, and lore, and the other types of August gemstones such as topaz, moonstone, and alexandrite.

PERIDOT - The Gentle August Birthstone

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The luscious, lime green gem, Peridot, is the most popular gemstone for August. This lovely stone, thanks to its mysterious and enchanting color, earned the name "The Evening Emerald." 

This August birthstone's history began in the land of the ancient Egypt when people saw tiny specks of green, vibrant stones which they eventually called the "Gems of the Sun." During that time, Egypt has become one of the main sources for the peridot stones. Interestingly, even the famous Queen Cleopatra favored these gemstones. In fact, contrary to what is popularly believed, Cleopatra did not really wear emerald stones but instead, she loved it's lighter counterpart, the peridot. Even the Egyptian priests had a high regard for the said stone, using it for their communion with their deities. 

Other interesting facts about the peridot birthstone came from Hawaii. People from this place believed that the peridot  was a goddess' teardrop, evidenced by the hint of yellow on the stone. 

This August gemstone is popularly associated with prosperity, love, and dignity. It is also believed to be used as a talisman, warding off evil spirits and misfortunes from the life of the one owning it. 

Peridot is also the stone for couples celebrating their 16th anniversary. IceCarats.com has a huge collection of peridot jewelry pieces like the peridot  anniversary rings, peridot necklace and pendants, and peridot chokers. 

Even though the Peridot is considered as the most popular birthstone for August, there are also eight other gemstones that are recognized in other places as the other birthstones for the month of August. These gemstones are also very popular and has some interesting meaning. The first among the other eight gems is


Sardonyx Chalcedony

The next birthstone, Sardonyx, is a popular stone which known as the Stone of Valor. Interestingly, before peridot was listed as the official birthstone for August in the United States, it was Sardonyx who owned the spot. Up to this date, this special gemstone is considered August's gem in the British calendar. This stone is also associated with the Zodiac Sign, Leo, which happens to fall in the month of August. Before 1912, Sardonyx was recognized as the month of August's official gemstone. However, after 1912, it was removed  from the list.

Sardonyx is called "The Stone of Valor" because it represents the god of war, which is Mars. It was believed that Roman Soldiers wore talismans with these stones in order for them to be braver and more fearless during the seasons of war. As a red stone, this gem does not only make one bold and fearless; it can also ward away the gloomy feelings and unwanted emotions of the owner. Sardonyx are often given as souvenir stones for soldiers, navy, and other fighters to help them in their duties and their responsibilities. One of the most famous jewelry associated with this stone is the sardonyx bracelet.


Carnelian: energy, protection, sense of humor, calming, boosts creative energy, guards against poverty

Another traditional birthstone jewelry for August is the Carnelian. This was the birthstone for the Roman, Hindu, and Italian calendars. Not only is the carnelian a famous August birthstone, this stone was also popularly associated with Virgo and Leo which both falls in the month of August. Like the Sardonyx, the Carnelian is a lovely red stone. This stone is known as the gem for passion and desire. It is believed that a person who owns the carnelian stone can have an increase in self-confidence and self-mastery. Once his passions get ignited, he can even win a debate. How amazing is that?

People of the ancients had a high regard for the said stone. Public speakers in Rome, and even the Prophet Mohammed himself wore the famous carnelian gem. It is believed to drive away the many negative emotions that can come up to someone. This stone is an ideal gift for people who are on the shy side, passive, and hesitant to speak in public. If you are also looking for a gem that can ignite passion and love in your life, this is the gem of choice.


Excellent color change alexandrite oval weighing 1.77 cts, from Andrapradesh, India

Only discovered during the 1830s, the Alexandrite stone has soared to a level of popularity that is unprecedented. Considered as the August birthstone in the Russian calendar (in honor of their Czar), this unique and rare gemstone which changes colors during the day and the night has become quite a favorite by many. Also known as "Friday's child," Alexandrite is often associated with feelings of serenity, balance, and clean disposition. It is also a symbol of good fortune and good luck to many people.

The luscious blue color of this gemstone for August has captivated many royalties, that it was officially made as the gemstone of the Russian Militia. People believe that this famous gem from Russia also helped many people welcome romance once again in their lives. It brings renewed strength and encourages the light to once again enter a person's life. This gemstone is perfect as an anniversary gift to people celebrating their 55th anniversary.


Sapphire - Psychic abilities, inspiration, love, meditation, peace, dealing, power, prosperity, protection

Although in the modern times, the sapphire is a birthstone of another month in the US calendar, traditionally, it has also been associated with the month of August. This popular blue stone, which belongs to the "elite class" of gemstones, is considered not only a precious gemstone but as a stone that brings wisdom and knowledge to the owner. It is also a stone of beauty, as it is closely associated with the Zodiac sign Virgo. Sapphires take up the list as one of the birthstones that can bring a lot of benefit to whoever owns it.

Priests, prophets, royalties of the ancient swear their lives to the sapphire stone. It was believed long ago that in order  for you to decide clearer, you need to have a sapphire stone by your side. If you are a high ranking official, having the sapphire stone will serve as a talisman for you to be able to discern fraud, treachery, secrets, hidden agenda, of the people that you are associated with. It can also put balance and peace to a budding relationship.


A perfectly preserved c1925 moonstone ring.

if you are looking for a rather unique birthstone for August, there's something you can turn to: the moonstone. Moonstone is a traditional gemstone recognized as a gem officially associated with the month of August. This rare and one-of-a-kind stone is an attractive piece as it radiates the look that it seems to glow from within. The glowing effect of the stone is brought about by the elements called orthoclase and albite. One of the most popular tag names for the moonstone is "Stone of Security." Ancient people believed that this stone was brought about by the moon's rays.

With its tag name, the moonstone is believed to be the gemstone to use if ever you want to drive away anxiety from your life. Because it is believed to originate from the moon's rays, the moonstone is an efficient companion for travelers especially at night. The stone, they say, can protect those in journey from misfortune and discouragement, insecurity, and disbelief for the future. If you are feeling quite unsure of yourself, this stone is especially for you. 


London blue topaz ring, oval gemstone, sterling silver halo ring, engagement ring

The last of all the birthstone jewelry for August is topaz. Quite ordinary compared to the other gems listed in here, topaz is a traditional birthstone gem. Considered as one of the most beautiful transparent, and iridescent jewelry, topaz is a birthstone for August that symbolizes balance. According to gemstone believers, the meaning of this birthstone involves bringing balance to the person owning it. People believe that owning a topaz in your life can bring a new sense of peace and serenity. 

It is also believed that topaz can bring love and romance to the life of a certain individual. The love story may not be as adventurous as it may seem, but the topaz stone is guaranteed to bring you a love that is true and sure. if you are  feeling weak both physically and emotionally, just grab some topaz because it encourages both strength and optimism. It is also a great medium to awaken your creativity and individuality.

With these eight stones  from the peridot August birthstone down to Topaz, you can have a wide variety of choices which gemstone for August you will use to not only emphasize your fashion style, but also bring great fortune, balance, good luck, understanding, and love to your life. IceCarats.com carry a huge collection of birthstone jewelry for August. Check it out!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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