Nature Inspired Earrings, Pendants, Necklace and Charms

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Nature Inspired Earrings, Pendants, Necklace and Charms

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One of the most captivating accessories that one can wear is nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Not only are they charming and very girly but they are also very versatile; you can pair them with any outfit and fashion style. You can wear them anywhere and with whatever season. Also, very special meanings lie behind these nature inspired jewelry. From beach jewelry, tree jewelry, sea shell jewelry, leaf jewelry, and the very famous tree of life jewelry, these jewelry pieces inspired by the beauty of nature should be in your fashion staples. Take a look at our collection for these nature pieces you will love for sure.


First on our list is these lovely shell jewelry from These beautiful pieces remind me of a relaxed day on the beach. If you are a fan of the summer and season, and you want to carry summer with you all the time, then these shell jewelry is for you. These shell earrings and pendants can make you look like you enjoy the beach a lot. If you consider yourself to be a lover of the beach and ocean adventures, this jewelry is a perfect representation of you. Look super sophisticated while staying true to the things you truly love with these shell jewelry. These beautiful trinkets also come in sterling silver and white gold (if you are not a fan of gold). Have that little mermaid vibe in you with this charming shell jewelry pieces.


If you are a great fan of butterfly charms, then we have the perfect collection for you. The best thing about butterfly charms is that they can be worn by anyone from 4 to 100. These charms are fun and very bright and pretty that you will find a hard time to say no to it. One of our best charms in the butterfly category is the one with green gems all over and this sterling silver butterfly charm. What does a butterfly charm mean? To many, a butterfly charm means a messenger from the spiritual world, but butterfly charms mean more than that. These charms are a perfect for change, for letting go of old cycles, and for creating a new life from an ugly, troubled one. If you or someone you know is starting to do it over again, this charm is perfect!


Dragonflies, without a fail, often reminds us of childhood; especially the moments when our greatest happiness comes in running the fields and catching these little dragonflies. If you want to reminisce the past, these dragonfly charms are the very trinkets you need. If you have a niece or a nephew or perhaps a little child, these dragonfly charms can be a perfect gift for them. These charms can also be given as gifts to adults. These dragonflies represent maturity, wisdom, and deep thinking. Owning a dragonfly symbol means you are one person who does not delight in shallow things, rather, you always look beyond what normal eyes can see. If you feel this is a total representation of you, then get this charm! 


Every time we see palm trees, we immediately remember summer; the time where we enjoy the beach the most. We can imagine in our minds the cool breeze of he Caribbean seas and the crystal clear waters of tropical islands. Ahh, the beach is truly a perfect haven here on earth. Unfortunately, we don't always get to see the beach as often as we want. We have a solution for that. Live the summer spirit with these palm tree pendants from These palm tree pendants will also show people how much of a beach babe you are. Carry with you the taste of summer with either this silver pendant with a touch of green or this gold palm tree pendant. Either choice will truly delight the beach lover in you.


Flower power! When we talk about nature-inspired jewelry, it is impossible not to mention the floral jewelry pieces that are so loved by many. also make sure we have the most sophisticated and most versatile flower jewelry pieces that you will also love. We have these elegant dangling earrings made of little flowers embossed in a white gold material. If you are not a fan of white gold nor sterling silver, you can go for the gold four-petal flower earrings that look so dainty and elegant on anyone. Nothing can make a girl look more girly than a pair of floral earrings, or a set of floral jewelry. So get your hands on these great pieces and you will never regret it for sure!


Every jewelry lover knows this: a four clover leaf is a symbol of someone who wants to invite luck in his or her life. But, the four leaf clover's meaning isn't only limited to that. In fact, Irish people had high regard for this symbol because Druid priests used them before to heal the sick and to cast evil spirits lurking among people. Each of the leaf in the clover represents something. The four leaves stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. The Irish also believe that if one is found possessing a four-leaf clover, he or she will receive good fortune in every aspect of his or her life. Now, are these not enough reasons for you to get one of these charming and very useful four-leaf clover charms? I'd get one in a heartbeat! This nature-inspired pendant is so worth it.


If you are a child of autumn, and you carry with you this hard-to-explain fascination with everything related to this cold season, then you will love these next nature-inspired jewelry pieces. With a touch of color that truly represents autumn, the maple leaf, and the pine cone pendants are some of the season-appropriate jewelry pieces that you can rock during the holidays. But, don't get us wrong. You can still wear these beauties even without the holiday season. Did you know that owning a maple leaf jewelry symbolizes that you are a big fan of cooperation, unity, and wisdom? This symbol means that you are a lover of wise things. The pine cone, on the other hand, symbolizes the ability to see beyond what other people simply see. You thrive on deep things.


If you have a girl in your life who adores everything that is nature related, then she will surely fall in love with this flower bracelet from These bracelets offer a look of sophistication and class without compromising the genuine nature-inspired design that the designer wants to achieve. if you are giving this to your little girl, or your fashionista girlfriend, or your wife, we guarantee you that they will loves these floral pieces from The all-gold bracelet is a look of total perfection while the one with the amethyst and diamond absolutely describes jewelry goals.


For me, there's nothing more interesting than a woman who wears a leaf necklace. Why? Well, just my two cents, I think that when a woman wears a leaf necklace, it reveals something about her. Leaf pendants are not popular with women so it tells that she must be a nature lover. She must have this deep attachment to all that mother nature has to offer. And is there anything more charming than seeing someone rocking a leaf pendant shamelessly? This leaf pendant is the type of trinket Taylor Swift would wear (because Tay Tay is also a deep person). So if you want to stand out from the crowd, get the accessory that will make you shine: the leaf pendants. We guarantee you will stand out 100%.


If you are someone who loves to gain wisdom and knowledge in every aspect of life, then the tree of life pendant is for you. What makes this tree of life pendant so popular? Well, the tree that is in the pendant signifies a bodhi tree, a special plant in Buddhism that is attributed to life, wisdom, knowledge and endless learning. To some, the tree symbolizes a fountain of knowledge. So if you are someone who has goals to pursue and dreams to reach, let this tree of life remind you never to give up until you get there. What a wonderful, meaningful pendant.


Last but not the least, where else would you perfectly fit all your nature-inspired jewelry pieces than in a jewelry box with earth designs? This nature jewelry box is an elegant way to keep your jewelry pieces organized. We have a dainty pink jewelry box with two lovely bird paintings on it, and we also have another carrying a design of prairies and horses. Both are totally representatives of nature. Any nature lover will surely love this jewelry box whether they are a young kid or an adult with an ever living love for nature. Do you want to thrill someone? Get this nature-inspired jewelry box for them!

Jewelry pieces inspired by nature is truly worth the money. Check out to see more of this ethereal products!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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