Most Stylish Looks from the AMA 2016 Red Carpet

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Most Stylish Looks from the AMA 2016 Red Carpet

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The 2016 American Music Awards has just ended and boy oh boy, what a way to honor the different singers and music figures that continue to shape our music world. Big names from Ariana Grande, to Selena Gomez, to Lady Gaga, dominated the said event. But, it's not only the music that was the main highlight of the awards night; the style, jewelry, and overall fashion choices of the stars were also thrown into spotlight. We gathered thirteen of the most noteworthy looks from the famous awards night and we gave particular focus to their jewelry style. Take inspiration from these ladies who made it to the 2016 AMA best-dressed list.

1.) Ariana Grande

Let's start the ball rolling with Ariana Grande. The "Side by Side" singer astounded the crowd with her red carpet style. We can't really put a finger as to what made this look so irresistible; it could be her long sleek hair, or perhaps her fashion ensemble which is a cross of girly and manly, or her matured look that made everyone wonder "Where has that little girl gone?" Perhaps we can't really tell which takes the cake but we're putting our bet on her glittery jewelry style. The "Dangerous Woman" crooner added pop to her look with some diamond stud earrings and an eye popping diamond choker. No wonder she shone that night.

2.) Bebe Rexha

Her name might sound new in the block, but this woman right here is starting to make waves not only in the music industry but also in the fashion scene. As a proof, we show you this photo. Her style may be unique and a breath of fresh air, but it sure shows a huge statement. She came into the 2016 AMAs looking fierce with a dress with tiger prints on it. The bright orange eye shadow also did its magic. When it came to jewelry style, her red carpet fashion featured layered bead necklaces and a personalized jewelry. Her ensembles are totally on point, it's not so hard to tell!

3.) Bella Thorne

Although we feel that Bella Thorne took inspiration from The Joker for her look, we cannot say that her look did not make a statement because in reality, it did. Bella Thorne's red carpet style for the 2016 American Music Awards shows a cross between modern day flair and 90's fashion eccentricity. Her all black ensemble, paired with her weirdly colored hair, did their trick. Also, let's not forget how this originally-blonde beauty still gave an indirect nod to her famous boho jewelry style. Whatever her fashion ensemble, Bella Thorne's red carpet jewelry style is going for the win.

4.) Chrissy Teigen

Oh my, Teigen. Surely, a lot of people had that expression when the supermodel went out to the red carpet to accompany her husband, musician John Legend. It looks like Mrs. Legend is indeed a legend as she looks downright stunning, just only sometime since she gave birth to her first child. We love how her fashion style is perfectly complemented by her jewelry style. Her fierce dress looks extra dashing with those layered gold bangles and layered gold necklaces. She is such a gem and there's no wonder that people go gaga over her fashion sense.

5.) Danica McKellar 

Danica McKellar Shows us that cute is sexy on the red carpet. The Wonder Years star looked absolutely fantastic with this black and white number on. It may look simple, but Danica knows how to add some popping effect on the look. The actress wore her heart out while having fun and she surely brought back the sassy vibe with those hoop earrings. We can absolutely say there is no better jewelry for her look than the pair of hoop earrings. They're sophisticated, and they are event-appropriate. Hands down to this look right here.

6.) Gigi Hadid

Now we come to the host of the show (and one of the most talked about personas during that night). Gigi Hadid, without the slightest of doubts, took home the bacon for the best-dressed list during that night. The supermodel (and Zayn Malik's girlfriend) looked surreal in this white classic number. She looked fierce with every outfit she donned for the night and we can't blame some people if they can't take their eyes away from Yolanda Hadid's beautiful eldest daughter. Gigi sure looked classy with this dress and with her breathtaking diamond choker on. Good job, G.

7.) Hannah Davis

And while we are at the subject o totally classy AMA ensembles, can we take a minute to discuss this jaw-dropping ensemble from Hannah Davis? She looks like a spring queen in the middle ofall with this majestic looking royal purple see through gown. Hannah Davis also looked spectacular enough to conquer that night's best dressed list. And why can't she? She's classy, she looks neat to a T, and shall we ever forget to mention that she was wearing the daintiest jewelry ensemble for that night? Yes, those diamond stud earrings were indeed there for a purpose (and purpose has been served).

8.) Janelle Monae

She brought black and white again to the spotlight. Although some have said that this fashion ensemble of hers was quite over the top, we just need to say here that we loved it! AMA is a time to be eccentric, and I think this woman right here aced it. She took the unique fashion style of hers to the next level when she paired black and white rings to her fashion ensemble. Oh, and can we forget the funky white hoop earrings? Of course not. Janelle Monae may have been ruthlessly ridiculed because of this look, but we love her for it! You go, girl. 

9.) Janine Shields

Ms. America Janine Shields graced the red carpets of the 2016 AMA and we can truly say that she looked every bit of regal royalty. The blonde beauty queen walked the red carpet in a fiery red number which accentuated her slender figure. We also cannot get over how she gave more life to this look by opting for gold pieces. We are in love with her gold heels! The dangling earrings and the bangles she wore are also sophisticated looking gold pieces. She is indeed gold, literally and fashionably speaking. *winks*

10.) Rebecca Romijn

Just when you think that only the young ones have it, Rebecca Romjin comes to the scene. The fashion model looks oh-so-glamorous with this see through blue number that features an assymetrical touch. We love how regal she looked in this ensemble. Also, let's not forget how she steals the spotlight continuously. We also love her choice of accessory here.  A pair of chandelier earrings is a good way to go if you are wearing a dress a sassy and luxurious as this one. We have to take major notes from this lady!

11.) Taraji Henson

Who can make a baggy white top look extra classy? Count on Taraji Henson to do just that. The star looked confident and cool in this unique ensemble of hers. I am impressed she ain't afraid to get comments such as "Is she going to the bedroom anytime soon?" Well, like what we always say, as long as you are confident with your fashion choice, no need to listen to naysayers. Besides, she looks glamorous still even though some may say she wears a last minute ensemble; she's got the shiny diamond choker on! Who can beat that?

12.) Teyana Taylor

It looks like Teyana has indeed prepared for her red carpet fashion. The AMA presenter looked sophisticated down to a T with this black sparkly number. Needless to say, we can tell that this star is one o the most noticeable member of the red carpet crowd. And we just can't pinpoint any flaw in this look. She totally nailed it. Her black gown and her winking diamond choker necklace are indeed a perfect combination. We know there's much more to see from this lady and we can't just wait for it.

Needless to say, the AMA is a great avenue here we can see more glamorous fashion inspirations. Browse through our previous AMA articles to see the looks that stood out from last year. This list of best dressed ladies can truly help you amp up your jewelry and style game. If you are looking for amazing jewelry pieces, check out's collection. You will be impressed. 

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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