Jewelry Tips for Bohemian Style Lovers

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Jewelry Tips for Bohemian Style Lovers

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Have you seen those ladies in their long flowing skirt with their flower hair in a braid? Aren't they just too intriguing to the eye? My friend, you have just been served with the Bohemian style.


The bohemian style is one of those fashion trends that you just can't resist. With this fashion trend already entering the mainstream fashion scene, it is safe to say that this style has already captured the heart of many people.


Personally, I consider the bohemian trend as one of my favorite styles. I don't know why but the tribal touch to the fashion seems so mysterious and enchanting at the same time. The looks often shout freedom and relaxation without ruling out the beauty and aesthetic quality. What also stands out it the jewelry. Bohemians love to hoard and layer jewelry; it often results in a gorgeous combination.


Of course, I'm sure everyone has been curious about this Bohemian style that everyone seems to want to try it. In this article, you will read some tips that are essential for making sure that the Bohemian jewelry you will wear is noteworthy and impressive, not messy and disorganized. Read on and feed your style.


1.) The secret of the layering


Gypsy-inspired bohemian looks are popular for their love for layering jewelry. Combining two kinds of jewelry work well for the layering technique. The primary rule to remember if you want to try this style is subtlety and fun. You have to make sure you are combining pieces that are not both loud or both subtle. The pieces should complement each other. For example, if you have a multicolored rope necklace, you can layer it with sterling silver chains. Avoid layering too many colors if you do not want to look like an ornamental tree. Again, one should be on the subtle side and one on the zesty side.


2.) Looking Good in Groups


What is fantastic about the bohemian jewelry style is the freedom of the person to wear multiple pieces of jewelry together. Look at their hands and you will see a considerable amount of bangles ranging from silver to black, to leather, to multicolored beads. Make sure you arrange your bangles in an orderly fashion if you want to stay on the safe side. Achieve the Bohemian style by pairing all similar-themed jewelry together. Rock the beads with the pearls if you want to go for a messy, edgy look. Have fun with bangles because they are a favorite bohemian accessory.


3.) Make a Statement


You don't only make a statement with your clothes; you also make one through your jewelry collection. One distinct quality that I like when it comes to the bohemian style is that it allows the wearer the freedom to express herself. Do you want to support piece through your jewelry? You can very much do that. Do you wish to be loud and proud? Wear those bright dangling earrings and pair it with your neon geometric bangles and you are good to go. There is a variety of Bohemian jewelry to choose from that will allow you to express yourself freely.

4.) Remember the Theme


Traditional Bohemian fashion revolves around an Earth-themed color scheme. Pick out your browns and greens, your lime and moss, creams and beige, and dark earth colors. I just love this color scheme for it permits me to enjoy the freedom of layering whatever color I like. If you are a newbie to the style, opt for the cream colored clothes. They are gentler and more versatile. Choose jewelry that make a cream colored ensemble pop. Turquoise is a great choice when it comes to bohemian clothing. If you want to go a level higher, opt for the silver and gray color themes.


5.) Don't You Dare Forget the Hair


The Bohemian hair is, hands-down, one of the most gorgeous hairstyles I have ever seen. It is like a combination of romantic and sexy. You know the popular line "let your hair down"? Yup, suits the bohemian style well. More than the clothing, the hair can make or break the outfit. What shouts "bohemian" is usually the hairdo. Emphasize the bohemian touch to your hair by creating big, loose curls and adding a chain crown to it. You can be playful with whatever chain crown to use. Silver is a great option since it just goes with any outfit. Go for gold if you want to go for the regal look. Opt for the popular flower crown if you want to look dainty and sweet. One of the fun things to do is the hair, so, go and be crazy with your bohemian tresses!


6.) Bring In the Dangling


One jewelry common to the Bohemian look is the dangling earring. This sexy trinket adds a hint of sexiness to the already sexy style. Go for the sophisticated look by donning a pair of sterling silver or bronze dangles. If you love fun and adventure, put on the colorful earrings. If you love wearing a scarf on your head, this accessory is the perfect pair.


7.) Show Some Ankle


If you are going to a Coachella event or a festival celebration, how about you show some ankle? Every time I choose a look for a Bohemian-themed event, I would always remember the ankle. This accessory is not too popular when orchestrating an outfit, but the anklet is one of the most useful accessories to wear. I love the freedom of going barefoot while walking. What better way to emphasize my feet than to attach some anklet to it? There is a wide range of designs and colors you can choose. My favorite of all is the bronze anklet with toe rings. It makes me feel like a gypsy princess


8.) Frills, Frills, Frills


The frill is a staple in the bohemian fashion sense. I love crop tops with frills on them. I can layer it with an oversized coat or kimono, and I feel dressed to kill. You can also incorporate frills to jewelry. I love chokers with a frilled design to it. The frill is already a loud design, so it saves you the effort to put on more pieces of jewelry. The frill itself is a statement. There are also frilled earrings and bangles you can add to your look. Just always remember that the secret to looking good is an excellent combination.

9.) Print Necessities


One side of the Bohemian look is its love for the printed and the loud. Models mix two printed articles together to create a tribal-inspired bohemian look. Stick to the rules by also opting for jewelry with printed designs. I was browsing one day for printed trinkets, and I saw this leopard print design on a ring and I fell in love with it. Who would have thought that animal prints looked dazzling on jewelry? Match your animal prints with your clothes. These printed accessories often go perfectly with cream colored shirts and tops. Pair a printed bangle with an animal-themed head scarf and look like a bohemian goddess.


10.) Put a Touch of Vintage to it

Bohemian and vintage, is that a really good combination? I'd say yes. I'd say these two styles are like sisters. They belong to the same color scheme; they look unique, and they are a fan of layering. If you want to incorporate the classy side to the bohemian style, pop in some pearls to your ensemble. Opt for a wide vintage hat to go with your style. Combine silver and pearl bangles together for a regal look. For the makeup, keep it simple and laid back. Add a hint of red lipstick for the finishing touch. Tie your hair into a bun and add a brooch to it. Finish off your look with your favorite vintage bag and you are ready to conquer the world.


11.) Do not ever overdo it


Although one staple of the bohemian fashion is layering, we should be conscious that we are not overdoing it. Don't hoard too many loose-fitting clothes. Still keep it classy and well put. Consult your friends on what looks good on you. Remember, Bohemian is a pretty style, but it is not that easy to pull off. Layering does not mean hoarding so make sure your style is still on point. Have fun but don't forget to be beautiful still.


12.) Your Closet is a Treasure Box


One thing that the bohemian lovers know is that their closet is a perfect place to search for the next gypsy-inspired piece to wear. In there you will find that loose shirt you thought was drab. You'll discover that skirt you can convert into a maxi. Your closet is a wonderland. Do not ignore it when looking for a bohemian find.


The bohemian fashion is amazing, and I am a big fan of it. Even though the festival seasons are yet a long way, it is great to be prepared early on. We hope these tips will help you embrace the bohemian fashion more. Conquer the next Coachella!


Don't just be sitting there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings!



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