Jewelry Pieces that Remind us of Disney Princesses

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Jewelry Pieces that Remind us of Disney Princesses

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Everyone loves Disney! It seems as though it is a fact that is undeniable. You would think that the love for Disney fashion and Disney jewelry is only limited to the kids, but it turns out, even the adults enjoy it, too! Starting from Pocahontas' necklace, to an Elsa-inspired jewelry set, it's hard to ignore that these pieces are definitely Disney-inspired jewelry! Here are some of the trinkets that bring back so many Disney memories to us. If you're a fan of the princess-inspired  fashion so lovingly made popular by the famous company, take a look at these beauties.

1.) Cinderella's Necklace

This is something we just have to admit: before Elsa came to the scene, all the cool blue colors always remind us of Cinderella in her one-of-a-kind Disney fashion of a stunning crystal blue ball gown. That's why when I first saw  this blue crystal pendant, I was immediately reminded of the poor-girl-turned-princess Cinderella. Just like this sweet lady, the necklace is dainty and simple and was made extra elegant by the gorgeous aquamarine stone embedded on the pendant. 

The next jewelry on our list is one that reminds me of a strong, brave, and vibrant Disney character.  Yes, she is not a Disney princess, but she has the attributes that make her worthy to be considered one. By now, you might probably know we are talking of the great female warrior, Fa Mulan. Since she is Chinese, and her grandmother was quoted saying "beads of jade for beauty, you must proudly show it," we figured out that one of the jewelry pieces that best suit this girl is this simple, unadorned, but definitely beautiful jade pendant on a gold chain. Just like Mulan, it is unassuming but  beautiful.

No, we did not have to go under the sea to find these trinkets that perfectly suits the Disney princess who knows how to chase after her dreams. If you consider Ariel as your favorite fictional character (and her attributes seem to remind her of yourself, because you're also a mermaid), then you will love these jewelry pieces. To rock that unique Disney princess look, you can add this gorgeous gold shell pendant to your accessories. It's a cute representation of the world of the sea. However, if you are as creative and unconventional as Ariel, you can wear your mermaid heart on your sleeve with this intricate gold chain shell necklace. You rock, mermaid!

For this Disney Princess, it should only be the beauty and the best. She is smart, fearless, and has a heart of gold, and she pretty much is the embodiment of a female who sees beyond the physical appearance. Yes, that's the beautiful Belle. So, if Belle did wear a jewelry casually, what would she wear? Well, we stumbled upon these two trinkets that are just so like Beauty and the Beast's leading lady. The first jewelry is this gorgeous canary yellow statement necklace. This accessory reminds me of Belle's stunning gold gown she wore for her date with the Beast; it also represents her bright, charming persona. The other accessory we found is this deep red statement necklace mainly because her story revolves around a magical rose. A magical rose brought true love for her and her significant other, so we're putting this eye candy necklace on the list.

Now we come to a princess whose Disney fashion and jewelry are inspired by her country's love for gold and sparkly things especially in the era which she lived. It's safe to say that Princess Jasmine was one of the Disney princesses who lived an extravagant life. Daughter of a sultan, and gifted  by many suitors, we believe that this Princess had a treasure cave filled with gold. Some of the Disney jewelry we have found online that would surely fit the taste of the exotic Sultan's daughter is this gold chain necklace and an enormous set of dazzling gold earrings. Not only are these two considered popular jewelry pieces during her time, they also suit a royal beauty perfectly.

Ancient, tribal, but certainly holds a unique kind of beauty. The next princess on our list is Pocahontas. Pocahontas is one of the most spectacular and amazing Disney princesses ever because she just rocks. I mean, she is one of those princesses who don't need fancy ball gowns to look amazing, right? In connection with our love for Pocahontas, we have found two lovely pieces of jewelry that remind us of this Indian princess' fashion. The first one is a nature-inspired gold necklace. It looks oh-so-fancy and the leaves just offer an intricate and special design. The other jewelry we found is this leather necklace with a feather pendant attached to it. It stays very true to Pocahontas' Indian roots. Perhaps  the waterfall-jumping royal will love these, too.


Pink or blue, which one is for you? Judging by the color, you may now know the Disney princess that we're now referring to. Her fairy stepmothers went into the full magical argument as to what color would be perfect for her 16th birthday. Even up to the end, the concern wasn't solved. Aurora had to deal with the pink and blue situation. In connection with this very significant scene, we are inspired to pick out two jewelry pieces that would have looked lovely on Aurora if she is in her pink dress and blue dress. The first piece we found was this stunning floral choker necklace in soft pink. The second one is this stunning, vibrant blue floral statement necklace with pearl details on it. Both remarkable creations are worthy to be worn by a princess.

These next two pieces of trinkets are just some of the blings we just couldn't let go. Yes, just because you love the concept of being an Ice Queen does not mean that you're going to go your way with some cold, boring jewelry. Na uh. the fun thing about enjoying winter fashion and winter-inspired  jewelry is that what you have to deal with often are crystals. And honestly, who could resist a crystal necklace? If you want to channel Queen Elsa, here are some of the jewelry pieces that will suit you best. First, we have this ethereal dark blue crystal pendant that would look so good for your winter parties. The second one is this sterling silver ensemble with little crystal pieces on it. Queen Elsa would be proud with these choices.

Esmeralda may not have been a Disney princess, but you got to admit it, she is one heck of a Disney leading lady. She's beautiful, charismatic, fun, and has the unique sense of fashion (oh, she's a gypsy, too, AKA Boho Chick). How cool is that? That's why every time we  see stunning unpolished gems, beads, turquoise items, and other bohemian jewelry, we are always reminded of this one-of-a-kind gypsy. Channel Esmeralda with this stacked rings and gems ensemble. If you love the necklace, you can go for this unpolished rock pendant with an iridescent touch to it. So, chic, so gypsy!

We  have a feeling that this next princess on our list may just shrug these blings off. But we're sure Merida will  soon dawn to herself and would love these accessories. The Scottish princess inspired us to look for stunning jewelry in bright, stunning, contrasting colors and this is what we have found. The first one is a pair of dazzling emerald crystal earrings. The emerald color reminds me so well of the green gown Merida wore. The next item is this pair of earrings that has a deep green and orange crystals in it (kind of resembles Merida in one jewelry). They're both so gorgeous.

Amethyst may not be as popular as the sapphire, the ruby, the diamond, and the emerald but it's one of the most stunning stones out there. And this color pretty much reminds me of the fun, quirky, adventurous princess Rapunzel. Oh, how these pieces would look out-of-this-world against her beautiful lilac gown. The luscious amethyst pendant with little diamond pieces with it is perfect if you want a simple looking piece. But, if you want to create drama, you can opt for the eye-popping amethyst dangling earrings. You will look so royally fine.

The last Disney Princess jewelry ensemble on our list is composed of the stunning turquoise gem necklace and peridot pendant in gold chain. Do the colors remind you of someone? Yes, exactly, we are talking about Princess Tiana. The first African American Disney princess would look lovely with these baubles. The colors of this jewelry also give honor to where she came from. And well, there's no denying that they're really stunning.

Looking at Disney Princesses' fashion is such a great source of inspiration for clothes and jewelry. If there's a particular princess that is close to your heart, you can look at this guide for insights. If you're still looking for a place where you can shop affordable and high quality Disney inspired jewelry, you can go check The jewelry store that makes magic happen!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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