Jewelry Fashion, Jewelry Gift Ideas for Graduation

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Jewelry Fashion, Jewelry Gift Ideas for Graduation

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For most students, graduation day is one of the most important events in their lives. During this day, they get to have the prized diploma -- an evidence of the struggle they have had for the last couple of years. If you're planning to celebrate it with them, celebrate it with style by giving them jewelry graduation gifts. Jewelry for graduation is a unique and special way to help them welcome their new life in the real world. Still planning what graduation gift to give? Here are 13 jewelry gift ideas for graduation that would surely suit the taste of any graduate out there.

1.) The Travel the World Pendant

What is a great way to tell a university grad that this is now the best time to enjoy life? As a jewelry graduation gift, choose something that will somehow represent what life is after the hectic schedules that come with university life. If you are planning to give jewelry for graduation, why not this pendant made after the icon of the earth? Encourage your grad to explore the world, have fun, feel her freedom, and conquer her fears. After-graduation life is the best time to achieve dreams; fuel her dreams with this lovely pendant!

2.) The Rose Gold

Sometimes, we have to also let our dear graduates face the truth: after graduation, there's this short phase called unemployment that awaits them and they have a journey to take to fight it. And for new yuppies to feel confident in their job interviews, they have to be and look their best. Boost their job-hunting confidence with lovely and classy rose gold pieces; she can even wear them for her graduation jewelry. Rose gold has proven to be total hit these days and there's no denying it's one of the most favorite of jewelry consumers. Rose gold for graduates, go for it!

3.) Pearls

We know enough already how pearls are the great addition to any wardrobe because of the way they make any outfit look perfect. Although the classic pearls are still top notch choices, they don't work for young professionals anymore (unless they're going to a fancy party). If you are a firm believer of pearls and you feel that they still make the best jewelry gift ideas for graduation, then add a little twist to your gift. Instead of going for the traditional beauties, why not go for a more modern looking one like this gold choker necklace embellished with pearls. It keeps the classiness of the pearls while introducing a more cosmopolitan touch to it.

4.) Birthstone Jewelry

Did you know that birthstone jewelry items all have meanings? The reason that they have special messages in them makes it one of the most special graduation gift you can give to anyone. Not only are these birthstone jewelry beautiful complements to any outfit (at any day), you can also send your encouragement through them. They are perfect as presents for those who are about to venture into new phases of life, and who else needs them most than the newly graduated students who are about to face the many challenges of adulthood? Send a special message to a friend with these birthstone jewelry pieces.

5.) Diamond stud earrings

Jewelry gifts for graduation need not be extremely expensive, but if you want something that will last a lifetime, go for this diamond stud earrings. What makes this jewelry a perfect gift for graduation day? The reason is because young professionals don't always have enough money for fancy stuff as they would eventually spend their first paychecks paying their college loan, or checking off the mortgage of their apartment. So, this jewelry is a real treat as it can be used in casual events, job interviews, a night out with friends, and sophisticated parties. Your friend will surely love you forever.

6.) Boyfriend Watch

Gone were the days when pretty watches occupy almost every watch of every lady out there. One of the biggest hit in the fashion industry nowadays is boyfriend watches. You may wonder what boyfriend watches are and what makes them great jewelry gifts for graduation. Well, these boyfriend watches have become a staple fashion accessory. These are the over-sized watches you see that are usually in gold or rose gold and paired with gold bangles. Obviously, they serve two purposes: to make someone know what time it is, and to make them look good. Now, isn't this what every graduate needs to have in their life? 

7.) Key Chain

Graduation gifts can sometimes be pretty rad; I remember a friend of mine receiving a car from his parents, and another one got an apartment under his name. If you don't have enough bucks to serve those kinds of expensive gifts, you can still extend your congratulations by giving your friend something personal, handy, and she could surely use for her other fancier gifts. You can give her a personalized key chain. I love how these key chains look sophisticated and regal no matter how simple they may look. Sure, you can't give them a car or an apartment, but this sassy key chain can be used with both.

8.) Dream Catcher

What's a jewelry gift for graduation ideas list without including a dream catcher on it? A dream catcher for your dream catcher? Graduates fall in love with these kind of charms and pendants because it reminds them not to feel discouraged in going for their dreams. Sometimes, after-school life can be tough and very intimidating but when our friends get the support they need the most, their focus get clearer. If you want a gift that will serve as a reminder and an encouragement, don't forget the dream catcher.

9.) Horizontal Bar Necklace

Horizontal bar necklace, enough is said about this beauty. But we can't deny adding this to our list because if I were a student who is about to graduate right now, I would beg my friends to give this to me. The rationale is, it's like a symbol of my transformation from a university chick to someone ready to take over the world. University would often demand weird looking jewelry and nothing would look good on a corporate fashion. This accessory is perfect for a young professional who is still exploring the fashion of the corporate world. She will love this!

10.) Sterling Silver Jewelry

When it comes to looking classy and fab, the first metal that comes to our mind is always gold. But, who ever said we are taking away sterling silver jewelry pieces away from the equation. Gifts for graduates can sometimes include a ton of stuff but this is something you should not forget. When a person gets a job, a basic wardrobe color, black, becomes part of her daily fashion. Help her elevate the look of her black ensemble by giving her a gorgeous set of sterling silver accessories. The contrast of the black dress and the silver jewelry is always phenomenal. We guarantee you your friend will be delighted with this.

11.) A colorful accessory (just in case)

A whole array of colorful jewelry pieces isn't a bad idea, too. There will be times that your friend will also break free from her typical work schedule and commitments. Help her feel beautiful on rest and relaxation days with this jaw-dropping statement jewelry in popping color. Also, if your friend wants to upgrade her fashion at work, your jewelry can always come in handy; that's what makes a perfect jewelry graduation gift.

12.) Bead Jewelry

If you're looking for a graduation gift for guys, you're in for a luck. One of the best jewelry gifts you can give on graduation is bead jewelry. Sure, you might say that bead jewelry is so middle school, but that is not the case when it comes to male fashion. They're born luckier than girls because even if they are in their suits, they can still rock the bead jewelry. So, if your male friend is about to bid goodbye to his dear alma mater, welcome him to the real world with this rustic but attractive bead bracelet. You will never regret it!


Last but not the least is this tree of life jewelry. This unique and special pendant carries with it a very special message. It talks about life, and our individual journey with it. It reminds us of hope, that no matter how hard it is right now, there will always be blooming opportunities along the way. The tree of life can be worn as a pendant or a brooch, helping others hear the same message simply by being worn. If you want to give something meaningful and sentimental, attach this tree of life pendant to your gift.

Graduation day is truly an event to look forward to and there's nothing better to celebrate it with the people who will soon face the real world. If you want to give jewelry, go through this list and you will have pleasing results. To see more of the amazing jewelry you can give as gifts in a commencement exercise, check out's Graduation jewelry collection. You will surely see something cool, gorgeous, and affordable.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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