Jennifer Lawrence Jewelry Fashion

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Jennifer Lawrence Jewelry Fashion

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Katniss Everdeen. One of the youngest winners of an Oscar for Best Actress. Versatile Actress. These are just some of the few fitting adjectives that describe the prodigy and the inspiration that is Jennifer Lawrence. Since she started her career in Hollywood, she has been non stop in winning the hearts and admiration of viewers of different ages. She is an inspiration to many.

Aside from her acting prowess, Jennifer is also known for her amazing red carpet looks that were proven through the years. It was also expected that Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet style always stands out. She looks chic in whatever she does. Remember how she tripped over some steps towards the stage when she accepted her award for Oscar award for Best Actress? Despite the mishap, Jennifer handled it coolly without losing her sophistication. 

She has become a household face that it was reported that Dior gave her a multi-million deal to become the new face of Dior. Aside from Jennifer Lawrence's fashion tastes, she also shines in the jewelry of her choice. We have found some of her most beautiful jewelry fashion that we can surely take some inspiration and idea from. Read on and shine like Katniss.

Our first stop would be Jennifer Lawrence's bracelets. 

We all know J. Law and her undeniable ability to make an interviewer feel awkward. I remember a few of her fashion interviews where she would deliberately make an interviewer feel like she just asked the most stupid question. Because, sometimes, they ask stupid questions. Who can forget the Oscar scene where she was asked what processes she went through to prepare for the Oscars. Her answer was hilarious, and I guess people could tell she's not that fashion diva even though she looks like one. So, it is quite a surprise to us that Jennifer Lawrence loves bracelet layering. Take the gorgeous example on her first photo where she layered some of her chunky bracelets together. I am usually used to mixing and matching bracelet layers in different sizes but usually plays around the gold and silver material. However, Jen seems to be really on her adventurous side with her chunky bangles that look superb together. This bracelet layering style looks, so spring/summer appropriate. I shall get my hands on those bulky bracelets when the layering season begins. 

She also showed us some of her Jennifer Lawrence fashion when she included a turquoise bracelet in one of her event appearances. Notice in the photo how the turquoise bracelet is the only jewelry she is wearing? She still looked immaculate and funky with the lone accessory. When all else fails, let us take some notes from Jennifer Lawrence's style and jewelry fashion. When a long white dress seems too difficult to accessorize, settle for a bold color like turquoise. 

Or if you are planning to go ultra-chic, bring out your sterling silver bracelets. I loved J. Law's look when she attended the Golden Globes. She deserves to be Hollywood's A Girl (which, I am sure, she would not really like). Her bracelet complements the dark theme of her look.

But gold bracelets suit her perfectly well, too. Her gold, wire-work cuff bracelet is a classy addition to her beautiful gown. I just love it!

Contrary to old fashion beliefs, you can look amazing with mere bracelets. Rock it like J. Law!

Next stop, Jennifer Lawrence jewelry fashion when it comes to her earrings.

Would you agree with me when I say that Jennifer Lawrence is not your typical red carpet princess? I can only recall her red carpet antics that actually made her stand out more than those prim and proper actresses. Who could forget when she video-bombed Taylor Swift's interview? Yes, that is one of her crazy antics. We may call her one of those crazy red carpet chicks, but we just can't rob her of the title "One of the Most Stylish" because, without a doubt, she is. When the first movie in the Hunger Games Installment came out, I was so mesmerized by her looks for her premiere nights. Through the years, Jennifer Lawrence's style has changed and evolved for the better. Her jewelry choices are topping the games (no pun intended) too! Let's take a look at some of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence earring fashion!

Geometric and sparkly. These are the two words that came to my mind when I saw this lovely ear trinket. It is not just that, ladies and gentlemen. Did you know that geometric jewelry are making a storm in the fashion world right now, and I can't help but fangirl over her lovely geometric pairs? They complement her face shape a lot making her look sophisticated and powerful (which she is, on and off screen.)

Jen also left us at awe in her stunning look during one of the premiere nights for her latest and hit movie Hunger Games: Mockingjay. The leading lady swooned everyone present with an elegant electric purple gown. She looked like a romantic character. Her chandelier earrings are the bomb not only because they are silver, but they look like a pair fit for royalty. Well, since Jen plays the role of the victor, it explains why this suits her so well.

The third photo is my favorite since I am not a huge fan of dangling earrings. I love ear cuffs because they are so sought after right now! She looks so classy yet edgy with this look. Certified and proven, ear cuffs just blend perfectly with the little black dress. Thank you for the free tutorial, Jen!

Lastly, who would have thought of this look? She combined all tiny hoop earrings together and instead of making her look like a rocker chick, it made her sophisticated all the more. How can she do that? I must try it anytime soon!

Maybe I was too judgmental and did not trust J. Law's taste that much but I did not figure her as someone who would also go with the necklace layering trend. However, it turns out that she can pull off this jewelry look with ease. She is always effortlessly chic, so it is no longer a surprise. If she can rock a flaming gown in the Hunger Games, she can pull off the necklace.

Our dear Jennifer went grunge-like in the premiere of the Mockingjay movie. Look at the bold lip and the bolder face. The talented actress took a fashion risk with this black number. She paired the look with sterling silver jewelry and layered them together. She seems to be a pop star from the 90s!

But our favorite Victor can also rock the classy layering style. In one of her LA late nights, she was photographed wearing sassy pearl necklaces of different lengths. A+ pearl necklace layering on the loose!

She doesn't only wow in sterling silver and pearl jewelry. She can also enchant us in crystals. In one of her posh portraits, she dazzled with layered crystal necklaces of pastel colors. I love the cool colors and how it blends well with her pastel top!

J. Law can also look fashionable even without red carpet appearances. Thanks to the paparazzi, we can get a glimpse of her cute layered gold necklaces. Can you see that super cute crown pendant? I can't get enough of her unique style!

Because of Jennifer Lawrence's fashion taste, she has every right to be called "The Girl on Fire" because she is smoking hot all the time. Not only dies she leave us with mouths wide open whenever she acts, she continues to leave us in awe with how fashionable she is.

Just take the first photo as an example. When life gives us photos, we make it a sassy fashion accessory. Jennifer Lawrence's jewelry fashion slays it just whenever. She jumped into the spring fashion bandwagon with this cutesy lemon choker. This pop of color made her look fancy.

But the lemon necklace got nothing compared to the sultry sparkly necklace that extends to the back. She dazzled in the Oscars red carpet with this diamond embellished long necklace.

The diamond streak doesn't end there. In the SAG awards, our resident cool chick wore a whooping 32-carat diamond in the red carpet. Are your jaws not dropping yet? Together with the necklace, she also wore an emerald cut pendant that weighs six carats. Wow? Wow.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the queens of fashion. She is an unconventional fashion icon because she is unlike those immaculate, posh fashion royalties. She laughs loudly; she is hilarious, she just doesn't give a care on what people would say as long as she is happy. You, go girl. Jennifer Lawrence's jewelry fashion is truly an inspiration! Now, let's find some of the pieces ourselves

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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