Interesting Facts About Emeralds That Will Make You Love Them More

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Interesting Facts About Emeralds That Will Make You Love Them More

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One of the most popular gemstones today is the emerald. In fact, this precious green stone belongs to the four most valuable gemstones together with diamond, ruby, and sapphire. Emeralds hold such a striking color that makes people drawn to them. From religious icons to celebrities, they have earned special admirers, thanks to the emeralds' beauty. However, aside from emerald's eye-catching beauty, what else makes this such an irresistible stone? Here are some interesting facts about the emerald that will make you love it more. 

First and foremost, where did the name "emerald" come from? The word tagged on this precious gemstone is actually from the Greek word "smardagos" which means "green." Today, this name's origin is also thought to have come from another language: Semitic. Wherever its origin may be, one thing is for sure: the name emerald will forever be embedded in the hearts and minds of those that love it most. 

For many emerald lovers, the question "will there be enough emeralds for us in this lifetime?" may have already crossed their minds. Since emeralds are a rare stone, it is expensive. But despite its high price, a lot of people still get their hands on it. Fortunately, this stone does not only come from one place. It can be found in places such as Colombia, Afghanistan, and Brazil. 

There's a basis as to why the color of emeralds is such a sight to behold. Although it seems as though all the emeralds come in the color green, its valuation is not the same. When it comes to pricing, the stone that has the deeper green color earns the top price tag. Those that have lighter green shades don't get the same valuation as the darker ones. 

No matter how perfect-looking an emerald is, a real one would always have some inclusions or imperfections on it. It's like representation that some beauty has flaws, too. This emerald fact is a useful one when examining the authenticity of a stone. If someone promises you of a green stone that has no imperfections at all, that could be fake. 

Almost 90% of emeralds in the market are treated ones. This is usually done to remove the all too obvious signs of emerald damage on the surface. It's like cleaning the emerald without removing the imperfections that are included inside. But no need to worry. Usually, only oils and resins are used in treating these precious gemstones to perfection. 

The emerald came from the family of beryl. However, the stones that has the lightest green color should not be called as "emeralds." Rather, the right term to use for it is "green beryl." So what makes an emerald an emerald? Take the time to look into its shade and color. The greener it is the more possibility that it is an emerald stone. Isn't this fact about emerald so interesting?

Since the 1960's, it was decided in the United States that gemstones that contain chromium will be considered as emeralds. Not only that. Gemstones which also has the component vanadium will also be considered as a part of the precious gemstone, the lovely emerald. The gemstone containing vanadium are popularly known as Colombian Emeralds in the US. It is not called emerald in the UK though.

Today, the house that offers the most emerald cutting services is the company Jaipur. 

Stories From The Old

Like any other gemstone, emeralds also have significant history and backgrounds. Ranging from religious uses to royal significance, these history and other stories make our love for the emerald stone more significant. What are the mysteries and powers that surround this green gemstone? Find out here.
Because of the emerald stone's luscious green color, many people associate this stone to spring and abundance. They say that honoring the emerald stone will bring prosperity in agriculture. The Romans also hold the emerald as a tribute to the Goddess of Love, Venus. This precious gemstone is the queen of all green crystals making it worthy to be used as a symbol of deity.
It is a common fact that Egyptians adore gems and all sorts of crystals. It was not only their way to add aesthetic to their looks; it was also a way to show other people their social status and financial capacity. The Pharaohs of Egypt ranked the emerald as one of the most special. They even said that the emerald is a gemstone which is the gift of the earth. Cleopatra was one of those who adore emeralds and all sorts of green gemstones. 
Pompei was one of the richest cities in the ancient times. In this place, all sorts of riches were found raging from intricate pottery to crystals, to gold. One of the crystals that were found in this place was the emerald. It is safe to say that people from Pompei also loved this green gemstone.
Aside from Venus, there is another Greek deity that also marks the emerald as his stone. The Greeks believed that the emerald was also the stone of Hermes. They believe it was the stone that helps one to speak the truth always. Those who find it hard to speak in public can also use the emerald to be more eloquent when it comes to public speaking.
Surprisingly, one of the most heartless man to exist in this life had a deep fascination for such a precious, delicate item. It was rumored that emperor Nero used to watch gladiator matches through his emerald stone, an action perceived by others as a ridiculous form of bragging. But who knows? Maybe he just love the stone that much. Perhaps he used the stone to see clearer and to not distract him from the gruesome color of blood?
For the Aztecs, the emerald wasn't merely a symbol of beauty, it was an emblem of fertility as well. The people from this civilization call the emerald as the Stone of the Earth. In fact, when you visit their statues that symbolizes fertility, you would often see emeralds embedded on them together with other green gemstones. 
However, the emerald did not always get the great impression we now have for it. In fact, during the medieval times, the emerald was regarded as the stone of the devil. They believed that the sparkling green stone in truth came from the crown of Lucifer. But fortunately, not all people bought this story. They still connect it to things positive and beautiful. They even believe that emeralds help children behave more. There were several accounts as well that connected the stone to Jesus. They say that the stone symbolizes what the Christian faith and Deity believe in: faith, hope, love, and charity. Truth, as well, was part of it. 
Emerald also played a great role in alchemy. In the medieval times, the alchemist looked to emerald as a source of new mixture discoveries. They believe that the emerald contributes to the creation of the Philosopher's stone, a stone believed to bring back the vigor of youth and immortality. 

Modern Fame

Nowadays, the beautiful emerald no longer has strange meaning attached to it. In fact, it is one of the most sought after piece of gem by celebrities, rich people, and royalty alike. The stone symbolizes beauty, elegance, class, and timelessness. Emerald engagement rings have become such a hit because of its beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary look. Many people still dig the idea that emeralds contain meaning and they use this significance when gifting emerald birthstones to other people. 

Aside form its aesthetic qualities, emeralds are believed to have different significant symbols. One of this is that the said stone is the Stone of Truth. If you want people to speak truth to you always, you have to wear this stone. When one wears it, it is believed that he or she will easily attract love and abundance in his or her life. They say that wearing an emerald gemstone also helps you become more connected to your surroundings. Show more appreciation by wearing the emerald gemstone. 

Among the most popular emerald jewelry pieces nowadays are the emerald earrings often seen in the red carpet, emerald engagement rings, and emerald necklaces. 

If planning to buy emeralds, remember that this green gemstone is not like the diamond. It is not as sturdy as the clear crystal so when you own it, you must take good care of it. It is prone to scratching and chipping so make sure not to wear them in events that would require bumping or scratching. Always keep them moist free to avoid clouding. 

It's no wonder why emeralds have become so popular. These gemstones have the power to make beautiful things happen to your look. It is also a strong example of class, luxury, and elegance. In fact, people often perceive that emeralds are more expensive and more valuable than diamonds. In most cases, that is true. If ever you want an emerald, you need not look far. Whether you are looking for a real one or for an emerald dupe, you can all find it at's collection. Come on now, give it a look.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling, 



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