Fashion Inspiration and Jewelry Choices for Above Forty Women

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Fashion Inspiration and Jewelry Choices for Above Forty Women

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"Nothing makes a woman look old than by trying to look young." Embracing age has become the new trend lately, and most of our beloved ladies in their forties have accepted age wholeheartedly and beautifully. Fashion for older women has become a hit, making trendsetters ladies over forty and fifty. Some of these ladies are a proof that indeed, a woman can age with style. We have found thirteen breathtaking, classy women over forty who has defied fashion rules, and made their own statement with their clothes and jewelry. Are you ready to age with class, too? See these looks!


Pixie cut and monochromatic colors. Can it get any better than that? This woman in her 70s rocked the high-class trend of going for the short hair. Aside from that, she also added a touch of elegance and spunk with her sterling silver statement earrings. She proved that she can keep up with the young fashionistas but donning for a lip color that's bold and electric. Oh, and don't get us started with the statement choker that she is rocking in this photo. I don' t know why, but I feel that this woman who ages beautifully can beat me in the fashion game any time. She looks lovely beyond words!


If you're over forty, is it possible to keep up with the youngsters? Yes, of course. The best thing about aging is that you can always tweak your style and make new looks that are not only suiting for your age now, but also can make you look extra vibrant and elegant. I  love the street style of this youthful looking royalty right here. A bohemian-inspired top, a gypsy skirt in a cool blue tone, and bohemian jewelry make a sassy ensemble for the 40-year old woman. Her look is definitely one for the books: elegant, sophisticated, and effortless. And the fact that she is still rocking those jewelry pieces is priceless!


The young fashion mavens may tell you that they hold the age advantage over you but you can sure tell them you can beat them in the fashion department anytime! If they don't believe you, show them  this photo of a fashion of a woman over forty that can surely sweep anyone off their feet. An all black ensemble, paired with gold jewelry pieces and a statement necklace is something you can't miss. What I love about this look is that it offers confidence and comfort  to anyone who'll wear it. I just can't get over this absolutely stunning fashion!



But not because you're now in the golden age of forty and above it means that you will already hide your love for the vibrant, young colors. Of course, you still can! With the right dress cut and jewelry, you are sure to stun! I am in love with this candy pink color that suits this lady oh so well. This is perfect for a garden date, or for a formal event that happens in daytime. The color will surely make you look fresh, youthful, and eye-catching. Also, keep your jewelry on the fun, fiesty side. Look for jewelry pieces that complement the color of your dress. Be adventurous with colors!


But you shouldn't be adventurous with colors alone, you also should experiment with styles and trends that you are comfortable with. If it suits you, wear it. Nothing can tell you otherwise. I am in love with the style choice of this woman in the photo. Though obviously in her late years, there's no stopping her from donning a style that even the youngsters can't pull off. Who can ever beat her bright orange lip, the beauty of her turquoise eye glass, and the sassy effect of her aquamarine and turquoise jewelry pieces? This ensemble is the bomb and amazing!


Is there a chance that we are going to miss Cindy Crawford on our list? Of course not. This stunning face that occupied many billboards and fashion photography during the 1990s is still here to mesmerize in a way that even younger models can't do. Through the years, Cindy's "over forty" style has evolved from basic, classy, and downright sophisticated. Who can miss this amazing street style she wore before going to an interview? The color blocking she did with the white and the black, plus the accent given by the statement necklace, are perfection in every way!


One of the greatest fashion accessories that you can wear when you reach the age of fort is a crown of graying hair. Some would freak out and say "Gray hair? No way!" But yes, gray hair is the thing nowadays! Can you just say no to this look by this breathtaking, golden-age woman in the photo? Her unique hair says it all. Although we can't deny the fact that her top and her hoop earrings also take the cake here, there's no stopping us from saying that the best thing about her fashion style is her old age wonder. Now, are we  ready to toss them hair dyes aside?


The more you age, the more you will realize that indeed, gold is forever. When it comes to jewelry pieces and accessories, nothing can beat the appeal and the fashion usefulness of gold jewelry. Not only is gold such a versatile metal, it's also age-appropriate for women who are no longer comfortable with bright, loud colors. Just throw in some gold earrings, necklace, and bangles to your look and you  are good to go. If you do want to go the extra mile in the name of fashion, don't forget to pin in some gold brooch. Gold is synonymous to sophistication, so don't hesitate to try it out.


If you are not a fan of gold, that's totally fine. You can always have an alternative (yay, good news!) And that alternative is called the pearl necklace. Yes, when all else fails, and if you feel like every accessory makes you look overbearing, go for a long string of pearls and you are sure  to look complete and made up in no time! Also, if you are a fan of black outfits, the pearl necklace offers a star, stunning contrast that will make you look effortlessly beautiful! Take it from this woman right here!


Perhaps white pearls aren't your thing, do you still have an option? Oh yes, you do have one; and we're telling you, it's a really pretty second choice: grey pearl necklace. In the market and in the fashion scene, all we see majority is the white pearl necklace. But have you ever tried the grey ones? I love this accessory on this woman right here. It matched her top, it matched her undertone, and it even complemented her other jewelry. So sophisticated, don't you think? I think that's the fun thing about being forty and above; you can always be adventurous with whatever style you want!


When you're over forty, and you are still into fashion, you slowly realize that colors are becoming your best friend. Color blocking has become so easy for you, and you become more creative as the years pass by. Since color is already in your favor, you need to take advantage of it. Take advantage of the chance to discover what color works with what color, and build from that. Don't be afraid to complement and contrast because colors are now kinder to you. Be crazy with jewelry, match red with purple, like this lady did. Keep it classy still by going for sassy jewelry pieces!


Seriously, don't forget to have fun! Life can be tough, yes, but aging does not mean you stop yourself from having the time of your life especially when it comes to rocking your fashion. Wear your favorite material, experiment with color contrast both in your clothes and in your trinkets, rock jewelry pieces that are considered unconventional by some middle aged ladies. Explore your creativity when it comes to mixing and matching your jewelry and clothes. Age is just a number, and you're not going to be a boring member.


Lastly, don't forget to work it! Embrace your age with pride and the best fashion clothes and accessories. I love the spunk of the woman in this photo; she sure knows how to rock her age. Now that you've seen so much because of your age, now is the time to be fearless with your fashion taste. Go on, don that black top, wear that statement gold necklace, let those gray hair loose! This is the perfect time to work your age and make everyone consider you their fashion goals!

With the right fashion pieces and jewelry for middle aged women, you can surely feel that aging is just such a breeze. Nope, age wont and shouldn't stop you from looking like your best fashionable self. After all, you deserve it so much. For more classy jewelry pieces for the more-than-forty woman like you, check out's collection! You'll love it.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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