Engagement Ring Styles Based on Her Personality

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Engagement Ring Styles Based on Her Personality

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Going shopping for an engagement ring can be one tough ride especially when you have no idea what to get as an engagement ring for her. With rings ranging from the princess cut, emerald cut, to the more complicated engagement rings with halo in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, you can get into a weird state of confusion, But, fortunately, there is a way for you to make the engagement ring search easier. One of the best ways to find the perfect band is to look for an engagement ring based on her personality.

Here is a guide to finding an engagement ring by personality. Knowing first hand what she loves, how she lives, and the way her lifestyle works, you can easily find the ring that will suit her, and that will make her weak in the knees. Read on!

For the Classy Girl

This type of girl is your signature Ms. Sophisticated. This classy girl is someone who always looks her best, and always arrives looking so well put together. Think of Audrey Hepburn kind of classy and you will surely picture this girl, in her high stilettos. If you are in love with a classy girl, here are some of the engagement rings that will suit her the most.


The first ring on the list fit for a classy girl is this teardrop-shaped ring in rose gold. This charming crystal and color combination of the ring is a clear representation of your favorite classy girl: sleek, spot-on, and sophisticated. The little diamond details on the side of this ring creates an illusion of a classy touch. You can go for a diamond ring or a clear morganite one. Don't shun the rose gold as it stays true to the characteristic of being classy. We're sure she will love this engagement ring!



If you want an engagement ring fit for a princess, this moissanite engagement ring with an extended band is the ring fit for her. Delicate, dainty, and extremely pretty, the moissanite ring is a perfect (and not to mention cheap) alternative for the diamond crystal. Also, the said stone has a pinkish touch to it, making it look like the rock that would truly fit a very lady-like person. We love the little rock details on the extended band; they make the ring look like it has its own crown, like a crown for a princess. If you see your lady as the number one royalty in your life, this ring is perfect for her.


If you are thinking of eschewing from the traditional engagement rings, and you want to choose a colored engagement ring by personality, one of the best ring choices is the ruby ring. Ruby signifies beauty and royalty, as ancient royals love the color of ruby, and they have found an increased love for rubies on their articles of clothing. Let her channel her inner royalty with a beautiful ruby engagement ring. Nothing serves a classy lady more than this luscious, sophisticated color of red.


Are you planning to make her feel like a real princess on the day that you will propose? Why not choose an engagement ring that represents one that has been truly worn by one princess? Sapphire engagement rings were not that popular before but thanks to the royal engagement of Prince William to his ladylove Kate Middleton, the value of these sapphire engagement rings has risen to a new high. So, if you're eyeing that precious sapphire engagement ring, go on. She will love to flaunt it to everyone, for sure.

For the Go-to Modern Woman

Dates with this woman can often be interrupted by phone calls, emails, and immediate meetings. You can't keep her in one place; she's the go-to girl. She finishes her tasks on time, and she values efficiency and effectiveness in her work. She can sometimes demand high performance and perfection in every aspect of her life. Choosing an engagement ring based on a personality like this can be quite daunting. But, here are a few suggestions that could help you.


For a woman whose career is always on the move, the subject of fashion should never be taken for granted. That is why you need to search for a proposal ring that can go with her everyday fashion style. Surely, this woman wants an engagement ring that does not only look romantic but, also can fit with every look she wants to wear. This gorgeous sparkle of a ring can be a top choice for your go-to woman. Chic, romantic, and fashionable and beautiful, this is the best choice.


Beaded and brilliant, this emerald cut ring in beaded sterling silver beauty is a wise option for someone looking for a versatile engagement ring. White gold fits well with women who always opt for modern-looking clothes for everyday wear. Whether she is going to rock a little black dress, or her favorite corporate fashion, the white gold and crystal beauty combination can work just fine with any of her looks.


I can still remember the episode where Mr. Big proposes to Carrie? Well, it is safe to say that the episode stuck in my mind of ages, not because of the romantic air that absolutely stood out in the entire proposal but because of the lovely black diamond ring he decided to give her. Unconventional, yes, but elegant in all its form. Black Diamond might be a unique and new engagement ring, but it is surely one of those rings that will merit a lot of stares to your girl. So, for a stand out an engagement ring, go for the black diamond.

For the Adventurous Girl

She's the girl who loves the thrill of adventure, the fun of traveling, and the rush that comes with conquering mountains. Perhaps the reason why you fell in love with her is her remarkable personality that is not like any other. If you want to give this adrenaline-seeking girl the thrill of her life by proposing to her, here are 3 rings that can make the cut on this girl's extremely adventurous tastes.


A diamond solitaire ring that looks rustic and solid may intimidate the normal girl, but for someone who enjoys the company of the not-so-traditional looks of nature, this is a diamond in the rough. This diamond solitaire ring, enveloped in tungsten metal, represents the nature she is so deeply in love with. Also, you can't risk giving her over-the-top posh jewels as she could crack them with her activities. Choose an engagement ring that she can still wear with whatever activities she has in mind and on her list.


A well-constructed ring like this diamond stone in a metal halo is quite an unconventional ring when it comes to the ring proposal department. But, if your girl is the adventurous woman, this is a perfect choice. She will surely love this clean, steady design of this ring. Also, the metal halo of this ring is a protection from her breaking the crystal. Protection, beauty, and love, aren't those things a perfect combination for a perfect proposal ring?


Is she a huge fan of Game of Thrones, too? Does she relish in the medieval pieces that she sees on television? If you want her to shriek with delight because of your choice of engagement ring, you can go for this often overlooked band: the medieval-inspired engagement ring. Make her feel like she stepped out of a Game of Thrones featurette, prioritize this choice. She will surely flaunt this engagement ring to all her adventurous-loving friends!

For the Vintage Loving Girl

So, who is this vintage loving girl? She is the one who is a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn's fashion. She loves midi skirts, pastel tops, floral fashion items, and the classy fashion ensemble. She loves pearls, diamonds, and dazzling beads. She is dainty, beautiful, and lovable. When it comes to this girl, what engagement rings suit her? Here are a few examples:


Since this favorite girl of yours does love pearls, why not eschew the traditional diamond rings and go for the lovely pearl engagement ring in a rose gold setting? This ring with a vintage touch will tickle the fashion delight of your favorite girl. This ring will also prove versatile for her because she can mix and match this with her other pearl jewelry for a total vintage ensemble. Fall in love with this ring because she will surely fall in love with this, too!


Last but not the least is this vintage inspired engagement ring. Art deco rings have become increasingly popular for the past couple of years and for a good reason. Hollywood stars go crazy for these vintage engagement rings. They are precious, beautiful, and they carry with them remarkable stories of love and life; two things that clearly magnets vintage-loving girls. In the engagement ring department, the art deco inspired rings are a number one choice for the vintage lovers.

Now that you have an idea on what to choose, make sure you are going for the perfect engagement ring for your proposal. Basing it on her personality can make the ring more personalized and more meaningful for her. She will surely appreciate the ring as it is her brand, it is her style, it is something you took a time to think. For more beautiful engagement rings, you can check IceCarats.com's engagement ring collection. High quality and affordable rings await you here.

Don't sit there waiting. Good luck with you and your darling.



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