Easy Ways to Find Your Lost Diamond

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Easy Ways to Find Your Lost Diamond

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Nothing feels more terrifying than having to realize that the diamond sitting on your engagement band is nowhere to be found. Double that sudden fear if you realize your rock costs more than a thousand dollars. You search, you scramble, and you suddenly lose all hope. You just wish everything is a bad dream. We understand how awful it is to lose your expensive sparkly rock. Honestly, hope is not gone once you do some simple steps in finding your diamond. With a little patience and help from household basics, you can find your expensive rock again. Here are some easy ways you can find that missing diamond from your ring.

Since a lot of people has already lost their diamond at some point in their lives, there are basic steps which you can start from. Steps like taking deep breaths, regaining concentration, retracing your steps, and starting the search with areas you visited, are great for starters. However, if these things don't work, don't fret. Here are seven efficient, and time tested ways to reunite with your diamond again. 

1.) Fluorescence is a great tool.

When placed under ultra-violet light, most diamonds will give out a signature colored luminescence. Though this light from the diamond is normally easy to see and very visible, you can increase the chance of finding the diamond if you use black light in a dark room. This will make the luminescence more defined. For example, if your lost diamond has strong blue luminescence, it will stand out more when searched for using blue light in a very dark room. Using fluorescence makes a lost diamond easier to be identified in your surroundings. 

2.) Your Hands and Feet Can Help

When no matter how hard you open every area and explore every corner, when your eyes can't find the diamond you are looking for, you can always use your hands and your feet. Yes, sense of touch helps a lot in your diamond hunt. Although diamonds have see through properties, remember that they are one of the hardest stones out there. That means you can immediately feel them once your hands or feet go near them. Take the time to "feel" every corner and area. Who knows, the diamond that was not found by your eyes can be found by your hands and feet. This is especially useful if you think you lost your diamond on your carpet. 

3.) Starting on the very place where you think you lost it isn't a good way to start.

Somehow you'll say "Well, I think I have an idea where my ring could be. I remember the very spot where I could have possibly lost it!" If you go to that place, you may not have that much luck. Although diamonds don't bounce, thank goodness, they still have the possibility to transfer from that exact same spot to another nearby area. All thanks to their uneven shape! Don't spend lots of your energy on the spot you think your ring fell. Instead, focus around the nearby areas where your ring could have rolled around.

4.) Use the grease!

For diamond owners, one of the greatest enemy for their sparkles is grease. Diamonds are such grease magnets that you need to clean them thoroughly every now and then. However, it's a different story when it comes to finding lost diamonds, grease is a friend. You can use grease in two ways. One, apply grease on a cloth and gently swipe it all around the area where you think your diamond is. Second, if you have a feeling that your diamond ring went down the sink, don't lose hope yet. Gently open the sink; who knows your diamond may just have luckily stuck with the grease.

5.) Don't forget to check your purse.

Yes, diamonds can sometimes be in places where you lease expect them to be. One place you should give a look is your purse. Since diamonds are small, they can be inside the folds of your purse. carefully check every area of your purse. Don't be in too much hurry; you could all too fully lose a diamond with that. Start with the most hidden crevices then proceed to bigger areas of your purse. To make it easier for you, bring your purse in a dark room and use fluorescence to easily see where your diamonds is. 

6.) Use the flashlight.

One of the main reason why we go crazy over diamonds is the fact that they have a beautiful sparkle. That sparkle, as a matter of fact, is something you can use to your advantage. If you're looking for a diamond that you have lost, treat its sparkle as your friend. Get the brightest, most reliable flashlight you have and scan it all over a room where you think you've lost your diamond. If you think you lost it outdoors, wait for nighttime to come. The flashlight's ray can make a diamond sparkle. Be keen and concentrate so you'll easily find that unmistakable glint only a diamond can give. This is most effective especially if you're looking for a diamond on a hardwood. 

7.) Try Sweeping the Floor

This is also one of the ways to easily find a diamond on hardwood floor. Believe me, you can explore every area with the hopes of finding your diamond only to no avail Diamond searchers have found out that using a broom to sweep on the suspected areas can actually gather lost gemstones. However, make sure you sweep with care. You may not know, you can sweep a diamond away from you. That's double the work. But still sweep the floor, you may not know you can get the diamond among the dust.

8.) Gather Your Friends

Unfortunately, there are areas in your place where you can possibly have lost your rings. One of those areas is your swimming pool. If you think your ring is buried on the deep waters of your pool, you got a tough job to do. How do you find a ring that could possibly be in the pool? Of course you can't use the traditional methods like using flashlight or grease. The best idea is to have a pool party with friends. Invite them over to your "Find the Diamond" pool party. It's a great way to spend time with friends while easing in the search for your glittering rock. You can borrow an underwater flashlight just to make the search easier.

9.) Sift some ground.

If you have a feeling that you lost your ring while you were gardening, you can try sifting the ground. You can focus on a certain area and you can gently sift the ground in there. Use a fine strainer to sift properly through the ground. Remember to remove the ground gently as you can. Your ground scraper may be sharp and it could chip your diamond hiding underneath the ground.

10.) The car could be the culprit

Sometimes, in our busy schedules, we forget that our diamonds are delicate and can easily be detached. If you had just spent a busy day, perhaps it is wise to check on your car. 

11.) Did you check your pet's poop?

Yes, this suggestion may sound icky, but this is one of the best shots you can do. Pets tend to eat whatever sparkly things they see. Your diamond might have fallen inside your pet's diet so better check those. 

12.) Post an Ad

When all of these things fail, and if you have a feeling that you lost your ring in a public place, don't hesitate to post an ad either on Facebook or in your community. Did you know that some places have rules that people who fail to return the diamond they have seen can be sued for criminal charges? Ask the help of your community for a quicker search. 

Things to do to avoid losing your diamond

1.) Make sure the prongs of your diamond ring are not thin enough. Some rings have very thin prongs that cannot hold a stone properly. If you just got a jewelry, have it appraised. The jewelry appraiser will point out to you some of the things to look out for in your ring. 

2.) Limit the use of vibration cleaners as they can make the setting of the ring loose. 

3.) If you recently had your ring resized either one size or down check your diamond's setting. Diamond settings get a gap when you have your ring in a new size. 

Losing a diamond is no easy task; it requires your concentration and lots of creative ways just to find it once again. However, these few simple steps can help you get started with the difficult and often nerve-wracking task of finding your expensive rock once again. Trust us, we have known a lot of people who found their lost diamonds in the most unexpected places. Breathe in, relax, and know that not all hope is lost especially if you try these simple tips. But if luck isn't on your side, it won't hurt to purchase another one, right? Check out IceCarats.com's affordable diamond collection!

Don't sit there waiting. Start the search, darling.



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