Cara Delevigne Jewelry and Accessories

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Cara Delevigne Jewelry and Accessories

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If there is a person who can be rightfully called as a Wonder Woman, that would definitely be Cara Delevigne.

One of the most loved Victoria's Secret Angels, Cara has established herself as one of the sought after models of our generation. I couldn't really put a finger on what made her stand out (because the reasons are many) but it is undeniable that Cara Delevigne's fashion is to-die-for. 

Cara Jocelyn Delevigne, popularly known as Cara Delevigne, has taken the fashion world by storm ever since she stepped out of the red carpet on 2011. She brought a different vibe on the red carpet. Since her, the boyish side of fashion for women appeared to be reinvented. Her influence has reached many.

Aside from being a dashing model, she is also known for her long string of talents including acting and singing. Her opportunity to act brought her to different red carpet appearances that we can swoon over. In this article, you will find Cara Delevigne jewelry and accessory that we surely want to imitate.


One of the most iconic red carpet appearances of Cara Delevigne was during the Cannes Festival when she graced the spot with her enviable long, laced, black evening gown. She looked as ravishing as before. Her make up spoke the 1920s so loudly. I cannot get over that dramatic eye makeup and that bold red lip to compliment the overall sophisticated look. Lastly, who could ever forget this sparkly jewelry set that is totally red carpet worthy. I love how she bravely wore this sparkly accessory set. The diamond-studded choker gave the classy 1920s feel to the gown. The choker emphasized her sleek look. The earrings added a gorgeous hint of glamor. The rings that match the choker and earrings sealed the deal to the overall look. This sparkly ensemble is one of my Cara Delevigne red carpet favorites. She looked like a goddess here. Well, she always has and will always be. We just adore this Cara Delevigne jewelry.


If black is your happy color, and you are more of the rocker chick than of the feminine diva, you should be grateful. Resident edgy-slash-rocker chick Cara Delevigne can offer you with fashion tips for the dark side in you. Take this dark, ultra-sexy ensemble that Cara is rocking. I love how the dark eyebrows emphasized the brooding vibe. That saucy cat eye is the bomb. Cara teaches us here that being a rocker chick does not always mean heaping tons of leather chokers and necklaces. You can still be that edgy with classy pieces. A single leather necklace with a statement pendant does the trick. To amp that mysterious vibe, stack some sterling silver rings. Cara Delevigne's jewelry and accessories are so on point and so worthy of copying. Add a shade of black to your nails to cap the overall ensemble.


Whoever said it is a fashion mistake to hoard so much gold accessories must not have met our dear Cara Delevigne. She always breaks what is de rigueur in fashion by donning pieces that are considered fashion unacceptable but she always looked good in. Complement your loud, floral prints of yours with gold accessories. Do not be afraid of fierce jewelry like chunky gold bracelets and rings. 


I think I have found the rebel version of the 1950's Audrey Hepburn. She is like the classy vintage fashion icon with a different twist...her own twist of breaking fashion rules. It is incredible to me how Cara Delevigne can rock both classy and goth in one look; that seems to be a difficult feat to master. But, Cara is Cara and she can rock whatever she wants. I am impressed with how she incorporated vintage and modern look in this ensemble of hers. I can't take my eyes off her gorgeous leather and pearls choker. It showed a crisp side yet it retains the daintiness, thanks to the pearls. She looks so prim and proper with her updo and her hoop earrings, but then look at that bling on her lips. It's like sending a message that a classy girl can have fun, too. Well, sounds like Cara. She looks incredibly classy with her random looks but she still knows how to find and enjoy fun.


This look was no red carpet appearance, but since Cara is paparazzi's favorite, we caught a glimpse what she wears when she is not in one of her modeling appointments and my oh my, she never disappoints. She looks spectacular with her crop top, jeans, and dark coat. This English beauty, who is always so busy, still took the time to make herself look beautiful even in the hustle and bustle. This look, ladies, and gentlemen, is something we should strive to copy sometimes. Personally, I don't have the time to look like a model, I just take a bath and leave, that's why I kind of look like a wet fish. Anyway, Cara opted for some necklace layering here. She used some of her fancy and fun pendants. I love her sterling silver necklace layering.


Cara is starting to teach us another fashion tip: if you are running out of red carpet ideas, refer to your boyfriend's (or ex's for that matter) style. For sure, it will come in handy as seen on this look Cara Delevigne wore in the red carpet. The Harry-Cara fling was too popular we can't help but associate this hat style to, well, Harry Styles. Cara looked gorgeous as always. She always has her way with pulling off boyfriend-inspired fashion. Nothing can beat her in that game. I love the necklace layering idea she gave us here. Use some initials pendant if you're looking for a different style in layering. Fearlessly combine sterling silver necklaces with gold ropes for a more dramatic effect. Opt for dangling pendants to seal the deal. We are totes learning from this Cara Delevigne jewelry and accessories choice. Now, let me call my ex so I can steal his style. :)


One of the trendiest jewelry style this fall 2015 involves the return of the baroque to the modern day fashion. No, we may not be talking about crowns and scepters here but we are surely raving about the chunky necklaces and oversize stones that embellish every jewelry. They are truly a beauty but they are also risky. We love this baroque-inspired jewelry by Cara Delevigne. It goes so well with her vintage hair and her bold red lips. If you want to go for a jewelry dare, this would be a perfect choice to try. 


Can Cara Delevigne be the last to know about the hottest trends of this season? I don't think so. That's why when she stepped out with this gorgeous ear cuffs for her fashion accessory, it was already expected. Cara can rock this huge, rock-embellished accessory with confidence and attitude. Her black dress blends perfectly with this intricate earring. Her sleek hair with little framing hair ruffles complements the accessory perfectly. Cara Delevigne's jewelry choice for this one is scores an A+ for me. I could not get over how it made her look regal and intimidating at the same time.


If glamour comes with bold lips and statement earrings, then, let it begin. Cara has once again slayed the red carpet with this bold red lip and sexy locks. I am in love with her make up and her hair; they are totally on point. Those statement earrings are also the bomb. What a perfect accent to her sparkly, monochromatic gown. The earrings emphasize her make up more making her look stunning in every aspect. This Cara Delevigne jewelry is to-die-for, undeniably.



Can Cara Delevigne get any classier? This photo of her from Vogue makes us fall in love with her even more. Her beautiful curls and those classy pearls make her look like a duchess in her country house. She truly knows how to rock any look from different style spectrum. We just cannot get enough with her accessories. This is a dainty but absolutely beautiful look. If you want to achieve a look that is graceful and laid back, throw some pearls on.


One of the first acting roles of Cara Delevigne was to be Princess Sorokina in the movie Anna Karenina. No wonder she was cast as one; she is regal and princessy in every way. Her fashion choices are classy and sophisticated. We will take this ensemble as an example. Her sheer, flowing, white gown contrasts perfectly to the gold choker she is wearing in the photo. The gold choker alone brings out the classic cut of the gown; she does not only look like a princess, but she can also even pass for a goddess. Gold against white is always a beautiful contrast. Gold chokers are always a topnotch choice. 

There are so many reasons why Cara Delevigne's fashion is unbeatable; she is a breath of fresh air in a stern fashion world. She truly knows fashion and we ought to take some fashion tips from her. 

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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