AMA Red Carpet Fashion and Jewelry

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AMA Red Carpet Fashion and Jewelry

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If you love looking at red carpet appearances of your favorite actors and actresses for fashion inspiration, then be thrilled! Last November 22, 2015, stars from all departments of the industry gathered at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the greatest contributors in the music industry this year. Included in this great event are awe-inspiring performances, tributes, and a lot of humor on the sides. Needless to say, it was a night! One of the greatest highlights, of course, is the red carpet appearances.
Like all other red carpet appearances, the stars of this year's AMA dazzled and glimmered with their fashion-forward clothes and elegant ensembles. Although we honor musicians' talents of never failing to wow and amaze the crowd, we also commend them for their high-fashion taste and impeccable style. There is a handful of looks we just want to steal, and the jewelry is just as amazing. 
We had identified seven lovely ladies that definitely stole the spotlight and the camera lenses when they appeared on the red carpet. Stay tuned and read on for some of the latest, hottest fashion inspiration.


All hail, the power of a diamond stud! Giuliana Rancic, one of the main members of the controversial Fashion Police, started the sparkle and glitz at the red carpet with her sparkly sheer gown and a chunky diamond earring.
Guys, seriously, to be fair here; one of Giuliana's jobs is to comment on a star's fashion choice to the very last detail and perhaps she has done so much, she already knows a fair amount of the Do's and Don'ts of red carpet arrivals. She looked dazzling in a semi-sheer dress by Gabriela Cadena. The gown features a teasing taste with its peekaboo spots. I am in love with Giuliana's show-stopping Swarovski (ahh, that explains why it sparkles like a superstar) clutch. She finished the look with a romantic updo, a bold lip and, yes, diamond stud earrings. She deserves to be the first one to grace the red carpet. Giuliana does not disappoint.
Fashion tip: One of my takeaways from Giuliana's look is if your gown already has an intricate detail, don't overwhelm the look by another chunky jewelry. Keep your jewelry choices simple yet classy. Jewelry needs to complement the gown and not overwhelm you.


Julianne Houghs does it again, owning the red carpet like it comes naturally to her. We can't get enough with this talented, lovely lady.
Like what she usually does, she totally ensured her place in the best-dressed list. Julianne Hough's hairstyle in the AMAs is something I like to make for myself; her hairstylist does magic always. I was surfing the net last night, and when I searched for Julianne Hough hairstyle, a bunch of DIY videos popped in front of me, as always. Her updo that features a zigzag part is a fresh and edgy hair look. We've seen enough of those messy buns, spiky ponytails, and whatnot. This updo is a new hair inspiration.
Aside from her sophisticated hair, let's not forget about her beautiful printed gown. It offers a stark contrast to the bedazzled gowns and black dresses often seen on the red carpet. I love the intricate details of the prints. Now, who could ever overlook that humongous chandelier earrings she has on. It blended so well with her gown. The subtle sequin materials and the chandelier earrings make a good partners-in-crime tandem. This girl rocks it. We can't wait to see Julianne Hough on Grease!
Fashion tip: Wearing prints gives you a lot of freedom with jewelry. Add a pop of color that blends in with the prints on your gown for a fun and flirty look.


For the past years, Miss Nicki Minaj often caught our attention with revealing clothes and statement ensembles. However, ladies and gentlemen, her wild antics when it comes to red carpet numbers are long gone and forgotten. For this year's AMAs, she stepped out incredibly classy and elegant with a Michael Costello gown. This form-fitting, pink bedazzled gown with gold floral design on it helped the "Anaconda" singer land a special spot on the best dressed list. If Miss Minaj is finding ways to get our attention, she found one that did not only garnered attention but our admiration as well. The classiness in this ensemble is amazing.
Her jewelry choices has also became subtler compared to the previous years' seriously loud blings. The matching diamond ring and earring are on point. I love how she kept everything low-key and let the gorgeous gown do all the talking. Nicki MInaj's diamond jewelry added more touch of sophistication to her look. And can I just start raving how I love her hair?

Fashion Tip: Like Giuliana Rancic's style, find a more subtler jewelry for a bedazzled gown to avoid the overwhelming look. 


Ariana Grande surely knows how to make people focus (sorry for the pun) on her. This petite star has incredible skills in donning some stellar, steal-worthy, red carpet looks. Although Ariana skipped the red carpet appearances in the AMAs because she was not feeling well, she still let us see her dazzling, gorgeous mini dress perfect for the night of music and partying.
For the AMAs, Ariana Grande rocked a mini dress with touches of pink, white and black. Its dainty looks were emphasized with floral embroidery with little sparkles on it. Its length is perfect for Ariana's petite figure. She shined like the star that she is with her gorgeous leave earrings, a perfect complement for her floral-inspired dress. 
The singer looked sassy and cute when she accepted her award for Favorite Female Artist in the Pop/Rock genre. The "Focus" singer gets our thumbs of approval. 


The new angel has turned to the dark side.....and she looks as captivating as before. Just after her Victoria's Secret debut, the baby sister of Kim Kardashian showed how grown up she is with this enviable little black dress. Kendall looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated in this Orriett Domenech short number. The internet dubbed her "the girl that brought sexy back to the AMAs".
The supermodel debuted her new fierce bangs in the red carpet. This new look, that made her unrecognizable at first, jived with the edgy and fierce effect of the little black dress. The exclamation point of this look was the back part of her LBD. Sexy back is sexy back. That's Kendall Jenner anyway.
I am on the moon for her gold snake spiral dangling earrings. It is a perfect accessory for the little black dress she is wearing. It is a unique jewelry; it is fierce and beautiful.
Fashion Tip: Statement earrings bring additional drama to your little black dress. Choose an accessory that will complement the theme you are trying to exude. Keep your choices on the classic side. 


Can anyone call the judges of the "Too Hot to Handle" category so we can urge them to put Gigi Hadid in there? But I'm changing my mind; I think she is already in there. Gigi Hadid in this sexy white ensemble just could not look any hotter. 
Gigi Hadid, one of the newest Victoria's Secret angel, showed some serious change in the red carpet. Like her best friend, fellow model Kendall Jenner, she stunned everyone with her gorgeous chopped hair. We are so used to and have greatly admired G's lovely long locks but we also don't say "No" to this incredible hairstyle. She looked radiant and beaming. The sexy haircut made the edgy outfit stand out more. Can we just take some hair and fashion notes from this girl? And oh my gosh, I won't skip the jewelry part. Remember the fall 2015 trends on jewelry? The one that featured a unique trend of uneven earrings? Well, Gigi's a trendsetter and by the looks of her jewelry, she plays the part well. She donned sparkly uneven earrings and stacked some rings on her fingers. The overall looked glamorous.


The queen of country music did it again! Carrie Underwood literally sparkled with her peach gown and bedazzled cape. This look is worthy for someone who shines wherever she goes. She swooned in the red carpet looking sexy like nothing has changed after all these years. The sparkle of her elie Madi dress was so captivating and dainty, it doesn't overwhelm us at all! We love how she threw in some serious diamond rings and diamond rope earrings to complete the ensemble. It was truly a dazzling night for Carrie Underwood.

This year's AMA fashion is truly breathtaking. All the stars that attended were in their best dressed and looked spectacular. The jewelry was absurd, in a good kind of way. I can't wait to browse through other looks and see some fashion inspiration. For now, let us bask in the beauty of these stunning ladies.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darlings. 



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