Through the Years: Red Carpet Fashion and Jewelry of Oscar Best Actress Winners

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Through the Years: Red Carpet Fashion and Jewelry of Oscar Best Actress Winners

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Just 24 days to go before the 88th Academy Awards where Hollywood's A-listers will once again flaunt their designer clothes and hot red carpet styles. People who are attending the prestigious awards night just can't help but be on the lookout for five or six women who are not only vying for the Best Actress Award but also for the red carpet spotlight. It is a fact undeniable that all eyes will always be on the best actress nominees of the year. The likes of best actress winners Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, and Hillary Swank, have graced the Oscar's red carpet with so much sass and sophistication which proves to us best actress nominees always are the ones wearing the trendy and the fancy clothes.

Before we go gaga over these outstanding Hollywood actresses' trendy fashion and style, let us take a look back at the women who won the coveted Oscar trophy for Best Performance by an Actress in a lead role. From their designer gowns to their expensive Oscar jewelry, these women don't only win in the acting game, they also know how to look like big fashion icons, too.  These are the best actress winners for the past ten years. 

2005 Reese Witherspoon "Walk the Line"

Vintage designer gowns are a favorite of Hollywood leading ladies in and out of the red carpet scene, and Reese Witherspoon was no exception. In the 2006 Academy Awards, the Walk the Line female protagonist walked the red carpet in a vintage 1955 Christian Dior gown. This classic creation was spotted by Reese, herself, in one of the fashionable French Boutiques. Reese mentioned she had a hard time convincing the owner to lend her the gown as it has been owned by a royal. Fortunately, though, Reese's charm won, and she paraded to the Oscars looking every bit a princess. As for jewelry, her choice of diamond dangling earrings was perfect for the classic Dior gown. She was a vision to behold with or without the Oscar trophy.

2007 Helen Mirren "The Queen"

"The Queen" isn't just one of Helen Mirren's exceptional movies; it is a title fit for her, too. Who would be thinking that at the age of 57, the British dame can still slay it when it comes to red carpet style. She's a perfect reminder that age is just a number. In the 2007 Academy Awards, the multi-awarded English star walked home with the golden trophy and a unanimous recognition that she is one of the Oscars 2007 best-dressed stars. With her Christian Lacroix gold gown with a lace embroidered top, she looked like royalty. Her accessory included a set of diamond earrings, bracelet, and ring, and a 62-carat diamond brooch from Choppard. Truly, her wardrobe is like one that can please a queen.

Marion Cotillard's ivory gown from Jean Paul Gaultier 2008 Spring collection was a big standout in red carpet style in the 2008 Academy Awards. Hailing from the fashion powerhouse, Paris, people was in high expectations for her wardrobe, and she did not disappoint. The mermaid-like number earned her a rightful place on the best-dressed list for 2008. She looked so romantic when she added a pop of color to her gown with a long gold chain necklace and a beautiful statement ring. Her side-swept hair gave off an old Hollywood vibe. When she won the award for Best Actress that night, she delivered a heartwarming speech that, I think, made everyone fall for her. She is sweet, sexy, and French; who could beat that?

2009 Kate Winslet "The Reader"

If walking in the red carpet is not new to you anymore, there's no way to go but to shine bright in the best gown you have. Kate Winslet's Oscar appearance in 2009 was breathtaking. She wore an Atelier Yves Saint Laurent Gown designed by Stefano Pilati. The sheer, silk-like texture of the gown emphasized Kate's slender figure. As for her trinkets, she did not let down when she chose to wear gorgeous Choppard diamonds from her ears to her wrists. It seems that the ensemble was the star's lucky charm as she walked home with the Oscar win under her name. Kate proved once more than she was an A-lister who has an A+ grade when it comes to red carpet style and jewelry. 

2010 Sandra Bullock "The Blind Side"

For the 2010 Oscars, Sandra Bullock's dress was all about class and sophistication. Some may say she looked dull and ordinary, but boy, she did stand out on the red carpet with her hair down and a bright red lipstick. The ethereal gown that wowed the crowd was a creation of Marchesa, which featured a silver streak pattern and an illusion embroidered bodice. She channeled old Hollywood glam with this number. She paired the elegant awards night dress with a dainty pair of diamond drop earrings while keeping everything low key. The greatest accessory for the Blind Side actress that night was the gold trophy, evidence that she has once more proved she wins in every acting game. And fashion games, too. 

2011 Natalie Portman "The Black Swan"

2011 Oscars was a tad bit special to Natalie Portman not only because she looked glowing in her purple Greek-inspired Rodarte dress, but also it was her first time to attend the Academy Awards looking all glowing in a beautiful baby bump. As for her 2011 Academy Awards dress, Natalie turned to Rodarte, the same on the set designer for the Black Swan, to design her gown for the awards night. I am sure she was not disappointed because the gown and her baby bump made her stand out. She paired her purple dress with a chic pair of plum dangling earrings from Tiffany and Co. She was a nominee for an Academy Award for Best Actress that year for her role as a disturbed ballerina. She bested five other women and took home the coveted Oscar trophy.

2013 Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"

Meryl Streep made jaws drop once again and this time, it was not because of her acting. The veteran star who is a frequent Oscar nominee and winner sashayed in the 2012 Academy Awards red carpet with her bold gold Lanvin draped gown that made her look beyond stunning. To emphasize her figure, Streep wore a Lanvin studded belt and Ferragamo sandals. As for her jewelry and accessories for the dazzling night, she chose to wear an eye-catching, pear-shaped dangling earring. She looked like a Greek goddess with this ensemble. Meryl Streep's red carpet fashion is getting more and more excellent. It could be that the gold ensemble was a message that the gold trophy was meant for her in the 2012 Oscars. She won her third Oscar trophy for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady."

2013 Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

The young but absolutely talented Jennifer Lawrence earned her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role. For the lavish event, the Silver Linings Playbook leading lady graced her way to the red carpet in a Christian Dior couture gown. The gown came with a dainty cut and huge layers. The star even pointed out that walking in a big gown caused her famous Oscar fall. As for her bling, stylist Rachel Zoe created a new trend by bringing the Choppard necklace backward. The effect of the unconventional necklace trend gave a rather sophisticated touch to Jennifer's overall ensemble. I guess Jen's fall made her look more interesting; well, if you fall, you better fall in Dior. 

2014 Cate Blanchett "Blue Jasmine"

When I first saw Cate Blanchett's dress, the first word that came to my mind was "ethereal." If the dress alone can make a woman win an Oscar trophy, then Cate Blanchett's expensive ensemble to the 2014 Academy Awards would be enough to make her bring home the gold man. Her outfit and gown were priced at a total value of $18.1 million. Her Armani Prive gown, the one that reminded me of spring and elves (weird, I know), costs $100.000 while all of her jewelry -- the earrings with 62 opals on it, the brown diamond bracelet, and a dainty diamond ring-- are priced at a whopping $18 million. The jewelry that she wore are considered one of the most expensive trinkets ever worn to the Oscars. It seems all the fancy getup was worth it as she won her second Oscar award during that night. 

2015 Julianne Moore "Still Alice"

Always the best for the most talented stars. As a primary competitor for the lead actress category, Julianne Moore made sure she stood out in the red carpet. With her richly embellished Chanel gown that took 927 hours to make, she floated like a goddess in the red carpet making everyone see the reason all people seem to be rooting for her to win the Oscars. She paired her lavish gown with Choppard rings and earrings. 

As the 2016 Oscars draw near, our anticipation to see the new best actress is increasing. We also can't wait to see the bedazzling gowns and the hypnotizing jewels they will wear as they pose and smile for the camera. It will be worth the show and I just can't wait. Few more sleep and our fashion senses will be delighted once more!

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Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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