Pia Wurtzbach Chicest Pageant Jewelry

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Pia Wurtzbach Chicest Pageant Jewelry

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All hail, the most beautiful woman in the world, the Universe rather.

When Pia Wurtzbach walked the stage wearing such stunning gown, chic jewelry, and impeccable walk, it was very easy to see that the future Miss Universe was strutting her stuff. All guesses came true when she was eventually announced as the new 2016 Miss Universe. Pi Wurtzbach's style, grace, and wit won her the crown (although a very controversial win, that is.)

But aside from her obvious Miss Universe attributes, Pia's style both in her fashion and jewelry are not one to be taken for granted; this girl got the game! One of the strongest contenders even before the competition began, Pia sent a fierce message: she will win. And she did. Here are some of her insanely beautiful jewelry style that surely caused the photographers, interviewers, and eventually, the judges, to go gaga over this beauty-and-grace woman. 

Pia Wurtzbach:

Pia has somehow already left her trademark in the is Universe pageantry: Bold eyes, nude lips, and extremely dramatic eyes. But what also stood out from her looks are her stunning jewelry. Nope, Pia isn't popular for being the simple girl; it seems like this girl from the Philippines came to compete, and competed she did. She always looked stunning in every official Miss Universe appearance. She donned the biggest of pearls and the brightest of gems. One jewelry that particularly stood out in one of her Miss Universe events is this gold earrings designed after the pattern of --wait for it-- punctuation marks. Is she making a particular statement here? I'd like to assume she's saying "You're questioning my abilities? I am so showing you big time what I can do!" Now, isn't just that bright enough for jewelry? We certainly love this Pia Wurtzbach's jewelry style!

Miss Universe Philippines 2015- Pia..>!:

We are betting our respective Miss Universe crown that if jewelry choices led to the crown, this jewelry "fanned" the way, get the pun? But in all seriousness, though, this pageant jewelry is an excellent choice; its fierceness just added a little something to Queen Pia's signature intimidating look. The fan pattern totally complemented her hair and made up here. Also hailing from a country that considers the fan a part of their folk and modern culture, this jewelry is a beautiful representation of the country Philippines. Pia knows her stuff; perhaps that is why she bagged the crown without contest (sort of).

Miss Universe 2015 : Contestant Potrait  Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach:

In one of the official photo for the Miss Universe competition included the glam shot of each contestant's personal gowns. How did Miss Philippines win the said pictorial? Well, she beamed sans her signature Alpha female look, and she looked spectacular. With the kind of Miss Universe ready jewelry, who could go wrong? The lovely Pia wore a blue sparkling gown with a sweetheart cut. For her accessories, she dazzled in a floral-inspired statement earrings that are heavily embellished with diamonds. She also wore a diamond bangle to give the final complement to the sizzling gown. At this point, many could already tell this girl isn't stopping her shine in the pageant. And she did shine ever so brightly in the contest proper. Well, it seems like shining is a major part of Pia's overall pageant look. 

Pia Wurtzbach:

If you think that the hoop earrings are only applicable to the street and Bohemian fashion, think again; Pia Wurtzbach and her jewelry style proved us wrong. She looked oh-so-classy in an Aubrey Hepburn way with a high ponytail, ultra dark eye makeup, a chic turtleneck top, and you-are-so-seeing-this hoop earrings. We know, darlings, of the tags that the hoop earrings often receive; many people say they are not classy, that they are too loud for a dainty look. But look, if the future Miss Universe can so rock this unconventional jewelry, we can, too. Mind you, this is one of the classiest women in the world, and she rocked the hoop earrings with an undeniable class. Are you starting to change your mind about hoop earrings now?

Filipina Beauty, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach - Miss Universe 2015:

Before Pia nailed the is Universe 2015 competition, she was defeated twice in the Binibining Pilipinas contest. For a pageant veteran, you'd say she would be very risky and adventurous with her style and her jewelry. But Pia knows how to stick to the basics and add her personal flair, and she succeeds all the time. Take this diamond teardrop earrings for example. These earrings were the only accessory she wore yet she looked as regal as a queen. The quote "Simplicity goes a long way" seems to prove true to this natural beauty. Even after bagging the coveted Miss Universe crown, she continued to be dainty with her jewelry choices. Ohh, we love this sweet, down-to-earth Miss Universe.

Miss Universe 2015-Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach:

But the New Miss Universe has a very strong and fierce side, too. With those almond eyes, Pia can get away with any crime just by making them eyes smile. But we hope we don't reach that point. Ahh, we just can't get over with this sultry photoshoot of Ms. Pia Wurtzbach. She exudes such a remarkable aura that even all those shadowy eyes can't hide. If someone is evidence that the eyes can truly speak, that would be Pia. We can't put a finger on what made her look so ultra sophisticated in this photo. Maybe it's the tousled hair, or maybe the black clothes, or is it the edgy necklace piece with a sexy gem pendant? I just love that necklace; it made Pia look like she just came out from an ethereal-themed novel. We so hope to break Pia Wurtzbach's jewelry style!

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015:

She is all that flowers! Well, flowers fit for the beautiful new Miss Universe. She is a symbol of grace and beauty, and I don't think that I'll ever get tired of saying that. Well, quick trivia, did you know that during the pageant gaffe in the 2015 Miss Universe competition, Pia's flowers were only that of the first runner-up? Miss Colombia, Ariadna Guttierez, was too shocked to give even the crown back to Miss Philippines. So Pia just lets go of the flowers perhaps thinking that, at least, the crown was already hers. Such a humble woman. The floral-inspired jewelry in the photo is just right for a blooming flower like Pia; she blooms wherever she is!

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach - Google Search:

Those were the days when Pia would compete non-stop for a ticket to the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, the universe rather. After all the battles that she went through, Pia went on her way to Miss Universe to win the most aspired crown by all eighty women from all over the world. But before we go to her enviable pageant jewelry, let's take a look back of her previous trinkets from her beauty contest history. We found this tiered style teardrop earrings that she wore in her first pageant appearances. Aww, she already looked sweet as an angel here with great fashion sense, too. Way to go, Pia. We can't wait to see more of you!

Pia wurtzbach:

The way I see it, our favorite Miss Universe has not yet gotten over the tier-style earrings, yet. We saw her sashaying down the line once again with a new pair of bedazzling diamond-shaped, three-tier earrings which she paired with the official dress for the pageant's preliminary competition. Perhaps the pair of earrings is her good luck charm since she killed it on the preliminaries AND the finals. Have you seen how she walked on the stage like she's the hottest beauty queen there is? Well, Pia topped in almost all the categories both in the prelims and finals, and it is not pretty much hard to see how she did that. This girl got grace and style and the drive to win; you can't easily beat that.

Know What Brings Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach The Honor Of 'Miss Universe 2015' - http://www.movienewsguide.com/know-brings-miss-philippines-pia-wurtzbach-honor-miss-universe-2015/132483:

Now, who could ever forget the infamous blue gown and humongous diamond earrings Pia Wurtzbach wore during the pageant's coronation night? I think it will continue to live in history for a long, long time not only because they are drop dead gorgeous designs but because the night Pia wore them, a major pageant gaffe happened. The crown was originally given to Miss Colombia only to be declared the wrong winner and the crown were given back to the Philippines. Yes, it was a major awkward moment but surely, an event that would make Pia one of the most memorable Miss Universe winner ever. And with that, the blue gown and the enormous diamond statement would also live with that memory. What luck for this pageant jewelry!

Need we say more why Pia won the Miss Universe 2015 crown? We know that her beauty, talent and intelligence helped her get the crown, but her fashion sense and impeccable jewelry style did a huge help, too. 

Now, let's go steal some Miss Universe style. Go on, check our collection!

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