15 Stylish Athletes in Olympic History

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15 Stylish Athletes in Olympic History

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Just when we thought that Olympians only excel in sports, we get the surprise of our lives when we learn that there are stylish Olympians out there who still looked sassy and sophisticated even when they're already on the battlefield. Check out 15 of these stunning and stylish athletes and how they took the Olympics and the style and fashion game by storm.

1.) Florence Griffith Joyner

Nope, this runner is not just known as the woman who can conquer anyone with her physical prowess; she's also the woman runner who still wore gold jewelry pieces while competing for the Olympics. Griffith-Joyner is notably known for her fashion antics while on the track. There was one occasion where she wore diamond stud earrings, gold bangles in a competition. She loved wearing neon unitards, coloring her nails in patriotic colors, and letting her jet black, luscious locks bounce while she's on the track. Yes, you can say she's synonymous to stylish.

2.) Peggy Fleming

Sports Illustrated described this slender figure skater as "pretty and balletic, elegant and stylish." Even though it is a given to figure skaters that they should look stylish and fascinating when it comes to performing in the ice rink, this brunette stands out because having a pretty face comes so naturally for her. Being extremely talented also increased her being stylish. She would be seen wearing diamond dangling earrings and dazzling pendants in her competitions. Even up to now, she is one of the fashion icons in the world of ice skating.

3.) Johnny Weir

Aside from his phenomenal skating prowess, this Olympian who wowed (and caused quite a stir during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics) also made a name for himself with his stylish skating competition clothes. He never lacks in sass and eccentricity, and it can be very evident in his fashion choices. What also makes him stand out is his love for jewelry whenever he competes. In this photo, he's seen wearing a couple of sterling silver necklaces with iconic pendants. This style components mixed with his fierce persona on the rink made him an iconic skater that he is.

4.) Venus Williams

When it comes to the world of tennis competitions, one thing is for sure, we all know who Venus and Serena Williams are undoubtedly two of the best women players out there. These two sisters share a passion for the sport they love, which is tennis, and also to style and beauty. Aside from the fact that Venus Williams is an Olympian who can kick butt inside the tennis court, she is also noted for her unique sense of style. Who can rock tutus and diamond jewelry while on the game like her? She is unique, that's what makes her sports style stand out.

5.) Serena Williams

The other sister in the equation is Serena Williams, hailed as one of the most fashionable tennis players out there  and one of the most stylish Olympians ever. When she's off the court, she is busy with her fashion line Aneres. Inside the court, she is known for her unbelievable bats and serves. Outside, she stands out from the rest because of her unique sense of style. Like her sister, she has a thing for gold jewelry, and loud outfits. No one can beat the eccentricity and the talent that this girl has.


At 6'3, it is easy to tell why this woman can always steal some stares from the crowd. But it's not just her height that made her so appealing; it's way beyond that. Gabriel Reece, it is safe to say, is one of the most beautiful volleyball player to ever play the game and one of the most stylish Olympian from the United States. This athlete turned supermodel had graced many glamor magazine covers, and has become a sporty fashion icon even until now. Isn't it amazing how sporty girls can still inject some style in their wardrobes?

7.) Michael Johnson

Just when you thought that only female Olympians are considered style icons, Michael Johnson proves you wrong. This track and field star is a certified record holder, too, keeping the title under his name up to this day. When he was still an active player in track and field, two things can easily be noticed in this man: his shoes and his jewelry because they're always in gold. Nike made him gold shoes every time he participates in a running competition. As for his jewelry, well, a man can still compete with a gold watch, right?

8.) Dorothy Hamill


Another figure skater who made to our list is Dorothy Hamill. Though this petite girl has a sweet face, she is a bomb in the ice rink. A winner during the 1976 Olympics, people noticed her not only because of her figure skating skills; she was a quite a looker, too. In her purple and pink dress, she won her gold medal. Don't forget that she also wore stunning jewelry pieces with that equally vibrant dress of hers. She is a phenomenal, undeniably.

9.) Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is definitely the Queen of Winter, given the fact that she looks stunning and breathtaking even though she's been exposed to the cold is a proof that she's just stylish as that. Known for being the first woman who won a gold medal for the downhill skiing event, Lindsey is known for her blonde locks and her knit caps. Off the ice fields, she is a style inspiration, gaining followers for her routines and her fitspiration. She is stylish, sporty, and she makes cold look good. Can anyone beat that?

10.) Nastia Liukin

She's strong, she's slender, and she's stylish. This blonde gymnast beauty was a crowd favorite when she was still active in the sport. This Russian American Olympian won the overall championship in the 2008 Olympics. It was not only her talents that made her stand out from the crowd; her charisma and evident physical beauty was a total package. It was not only the audience who noticed, but Nastia was also a favorite of beauty brands, even ranking as a spokesperson for the makeup line, Covergirl. She also has her own clothing line of athletic apparel.

11.) Andre Agassi

Without a doubt, one of the most stylish male tennis players out there, Andre Agassi is noticeable because of his tennis performance and his competition outfits, hairstyles, and color choices. His preference for fashion went a bit overboard when he refused to attend and participate in the Wimbledon from the years 1988 - 1990 because of the rule that players should wear apparels that are strictly white. Andre Agassi also did not hesitate to wear some fancy jewelry while he is in the game. There's nothing to lose with that, right?

12.) Chris Evert

Can anyone ever look like a doll when participating in a tennis competition? Why, yes! Chris Evert gave proof to that. This tennis queen set the fashion rules inside the tennis field even before Serena and Venus Williams. She had a penchant for wearing doll-like dresses and fancy jewelry during a match. This love for fashion earned her the title "Ice Maiden." Her hair ribbon also became her trademark. She would look sophisticated and elegant with her dangling earrings and hoop earrings while she is fiercely batting the ball back and forth. Now, isn't that attractive?

13.) Michelle Kwan

In the world of figure skating, one does not simply forget to remember the name of Michelle Kwan. In fact, this Asian beauty right here is one of the most decorated athlete in the history of figure skating. If you have seen this Olympian's beginnings in figure skating, you must have noticed that she always wore a dragon pendant. The said gold pendant was given to her by her grandmother for good luck. Well, I have a feeling that the dragon charm does its job because Michelle is unstoppable and incomparable when it comes to performance in the ice rink!

14.) Wilma Rudolph

Being called the "Fastest Woman in the World" is one thing. Being considered as one of the most stylish athletes is another. But can one person be both? Yes, of course. Those things can all be attributed to Wilma Rudolph,a track and field Olympian and a style icon. Because of her grace and sophistication even on the track, she was considered the black beauty of the sport. How amazing is that?

15.) Nancy Kerrigan

Last but not the least, we have Nancy Kerrigan. Perhaps it's safe to say that this brunette beauty was one of the most stylish figure skaters in Olympic history. She always wore stunning outfits designed by Vera Wang! Jewelry-wise, she always sparkles. She would either wear a stunning diamond necklace or a pair of diamond stud earrings. She was indeed a vision to behold on the ice rink thanks to her remarkable talent and impeccable sense of style.

These 15 athletes did set the bar high when it comes to Olympic fashion. Although we are in awe with their fashion choices and style, we also can't wait to see more this 2016 Rio Olympics. Surely, sports-inspired and sports-appropriate jewelry will be the trend. We can't wait to see them all!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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