15 Signs You're a Jewelry Addict

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15 Signs You're a Jewelry Addict

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Diamond stud earrings, rose gold bohemian jewelry, a pair of statement earrings, you seem to have all of these inside your jewelry box. You may call yourself a jewelry addict or a big jewelry fan because these names seem to suit you very much. But how can you tell if someone is a jewelry addict? Is it based on his collection of costume jewelry pieces? Or perhaps her wide range of fashion jewelry? We've rounded up fifteen signs that can help us tell whether or not a person is a jewelry addict. Are you one of them? Find out here. 

1.) You know the 4C's of Diamond Grading

Perhaps the first sure sign and giveaway that can make you tell whether or not a person is a jewelry addict if he or she already knows the 4c's of diamond grading. While most people may scratch their heads and wonder "What in the world are these 4c's," the jewelry fan already knows what they are: cut, clarity, carat weight, and color, the factors that will determine the true value of the diamond. This jewelry addicts  can walk up a physical store or visit an online jewelry store and can confidently purchase a diamond; they know what they are getting.

2.) You know all cuts of diamonds

Are all diamonds created equal? While some may nod their heads, the answer from a jewelry addict will be totally different. Nope, not all diamonds are created equal. Not only are you going to consider the 4c's of diamond grading mentioned above, diamonds also come in different cuts (emerald, pear, princess) that actually makes a lot of difference in the appearance of the diamond itself. The diamond's cut shouldn't be taken for granted. If you're looking for a diamond with a good sparkle pay off, the cut should seriously be considered, and a jewelry fan knows that very well. 

3.) Engagement Rings are Your Forte

If you have friends getting engaged anytime soon, you would probably be one of the first persons who would be consulted when it comes to engagement rings. You seem to know it all: dupes for diamond engagement rings, the best gemstone for engagement rings, the best diamond cut for engagement rings. You know a great deal about proposal rings that people need to consult you to get a good idea of what they want to buy. This skill may seem out of this world, but it comes in handy for a jewelry fan.

4.) You Know Your Birthstones

To a big jewelry fan, gemstones are not just mere stones; their meaning go beyond that. To one who loves and is associated with jewelry, gemstones are also birthstones. Birthstones that are not only there for aesthetic purposes but also for very special functions. Every birthstone (and birthstone jewelry for this matter) have special meanings. They have interesting history, their uses are numberless, and they hold a very special place in the jewelry world even during the ancient ages. The jewelry addict knows this very well.

5.) ... and your friend's birthstones

The jewelry fan does not know about his or her personal birthstone; they also know about the stones that are specifically assigned to a particular person's birth month. Born on April? Diamond is your stone! Your birth month is November? Topaz and citrine are your gems! Without a doubt, the big jewelry fan would know these things! So the next time you become curious about your gemstone, don't hesitate to ask the jewelry addict friend of yours and they will surely have an answer!

6.) You are a fan of jewelry blogs

One thing that you probably are obsessed with is a good jewelry blog. There are so many fun and educational jewelry blogs around and one of the total giveaway if you're a jewelry addict is if you are head over heels attached to these blogs. There are always new trends to learn, new fashion inspirations to follow, and where can you find stuff like these than in great jewelry blogs? You are always on the lookout for great jewelry topics perhaps that is why you're such a know-it-all.

7.) You know the rules of jewelry layering.

Whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall, you are armed with the knowledge on how to layer jewelry like a pro. Necklace and jewelry layering is your forte and you know just how to layer pieces without looking like a ridiculous Christmas tree. You know the length that's appropriate, the best gem to use to complement a look, the metal to wear for different occasions, you name it. People are looking up to your expertise on how to mix and match long chain necklaces. 

8.) You know how to color coordinate your jewelry with clothes.

When everyone else is having problems matching their clothes with their jewelry choices, you seamlessly fit on your dazzling ensemble composed of matching jewelry and outfit. Needless to say, your looks are effortless because you just know what jewelry to pair with your clothes. Donning a little black dress? You have a statement necklace ready for that. Planning to look great on a bohemian outfit? Your bohemian-inspired jewelry pieces are on the ready. You can be the star of the crowd with the right jewelry ensemble.

9.) Latest jewelry trend? You know it!

Latest trends in jewelry are not new to you because you easily know all about the new jewelry trends, thanks to your addiction to jewelry blogs. Every year, a new kind of jewelry trend emerges and it's always a surety that you are one of those folks who will get ahead of everybody by knowing the trends early on. How do you do this? Well, simply by taking note of the jewelry pieces that are flaunted on the fashion runways and on the red carpet. You don't settle for the ordinary things; you always need to know the new.

10.) You know who to take jewelry inspiration from!

The Instagram profiles of Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, and all other Hollywood fashion icons are always your favorite hangout spot. You enjoy looking at the latest fashion and jewelry trends made popular by these stars. People often wonder how you're so fashion forward on your looks. The simple knowledge of knowing who to take inspiration from when it comes to fashion and jewelry trends is doing wonders to your own fashion game.

11.) You know the best jewelry pieces to use

Despite the stack of jewelry you surely have now (hello, you aren't called a jewelry addict for nothing, right?), you have am the impressive skill of knowing exactly what to wear on different occasions. You just don't get jewelry confused. You know exactly what to wear with a little black dress that will emphasize its features more. You know how to bring life to a rather boring outfit. You are a total fashion and jewelry inspiration! You probably get a lot of "Can you help me with my jewelry choices?"

12.) You have visited a number of online jewelry stores

Aside from famous stars' Instagram profiles, there are other websites that you enjoy visiting: online jewelry stores. Yes, I'm sure as a jewelry fan, this is a nirvana, a heavenly place for everyone. You enjoy looking at sparkly things, you take advantage of the discounts, you even know every single promo that is popular in the site. Online jewelry stores are also a where you can learn new stuff about jewelry. Your knowledge about different online jewelry shops are too wide already that you can even make recommendations to your friends.

13.) You know your gems

While everyone else would look at a clear topaz and say it's a diamond, you know better. You can totally distinguish between a moissanite and a real diamond. While everyone else think a citrine is the same with topaz, you know the difference. Gems aren't just sparkly, colorful rocks for you; they're individually unique and remarkably beautiful. The very reason that you know gems personally makes you love these stones even more. You hold such a special talent, there's no doubt about that. 

14.) You have a pair of diamond studs ready.

Like every woman owns a pair of killer black shoes and red lipstick, you are a certified jewelry addict if you have a pair of diamond stud earrings ready. You know enough that a pair of diamond stud earrings is like a fashion first aid: when you have tried everything and still couldn't find the perfect jewelry, turn to diamond jewelry. You are wise enough to invest on a pair of sparkly studs because not only are they always appropriate, they are also forever fashionable, we are sure of that.

15.) You just can't leave the house without your bling.

What's a good fashion ensemble if there are no jewelry pieces to brighten up the look? As a big fan of jewelry, you just can't leave your home without those favorite bling to help you look more fashionable. Yes, for you, a look is not complete without sparkly things. Because of your love for jewelry, your expertise in matching trinkets to clothes, your fashion inspiration from Hollywood's greatest fashion icons, and your fashion taste, you always look spectacular. Now, who wouldn't want to become a jewelry addict? Indeed, jewelry is life. 

So, are you a jewelry addict? Can you relate to the fifteen signs that you are indeed a big jewelry fan? Keep up that jewelry addiction and shine wherever you go. You deserve it.

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