14 Jewelry Pieces To Celebrate Your Weight Loss

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14 Jewelry Pieces To Celebrate Your Weight Loss

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All of us want to achieve great body goals! With sheer determination and discipline, most of the people get what they want in terms of fitness goals. If you are one of those who has reached their fitspiration, the you have the right to celebrate it! No matter how little you think you have achieved, fuel your drive with a reward. One best thing to give yourself is jewelry. Simple jewelry pieces not only makes you feel good but can make you look fashionable. And hey, you can also do more when you feel rewarded. Here are 15 jewelry pieces that you can use for a more fueled fitness goals!

1.) A Good, Versatile Bangle

Let us admit it, it's not easy to look beautiful when you are in full game with your fitness. With sweat and exhaustion, the next thing you would want is to fall back into bed and never go back to that track again. That is why having a little fashionable item on your fitness ensemble can boost your pretty mood a little. Choose a bangle that isn't too distracting. Make sure it's lightweight and won't get in the way of your workout. If you are opting for metals, make sure they don't tarnish easily with sweat.

2.) A Cute Trophy Charm

A common thing fitness lovers do is they have tangible symbols that celebrate their accomplishments. According to one study, having the symbol of your accomplishments remind you of what you have done and what you can do. It's not just a design, but it's a great pick-me-upper when you feel like you are already so done with your workout. Be more encouraged with your goals by rewarding yourself a cute gold trophy charm. 

3.) Or A Cute Trophy Necklace

If charms aren't too appealing for you in your celebration of your weight loss successes, you can always turn to pendants. If you have an exercise necklace, you can have this one and use this as your inspiration to do more. Plus, a good fitness pendant does not only remind you of your body goals, they also help you feel good and look good. Looking for jewelry that really serves its purpose? Then, this is the one. Grab one and feel ready for any workout. 

4.) Diamond Stud Earrings

Even though you may have turned into a fitness buff now does not mean that you will completely stay in the gym. Of course, you have to spend some time socializing, too. The gym makes you feel empowered, like you can do anything. However, you also need something that makes you feel beautiful and in control. A great reward for yourself is a pair of diamond stud earrings. Show the world your new found confidence and don't be afraid to strut your diamond stuff. 

5.) A Reliable Watch

If you're an exercise buff, one of the things that you will find very important is a versatile, sports-ready watch. This watch is not only for telling time but also for telling you how much you have lost, how many calories can a 30-minute run eliminate, and so much more. Save this watch as a gift for big achievements like losing that 20 pound excess flab. This reward is sure to boost up your fitness morale more and more. 

6.) A Statement Midi Ring

when you engross yourself in working out, its not only your body that's going to lose weight. Also, your fingers begin to shred off that fat you did not even consider as flab at all. In the long run, your fingers will look more slender and more lady-like. what fun way to make you feel like a million bucks than by wearing a midi ring that will make your friends notice that you're starting to lose them silly fats. Is there anything more encouraging than "Hey, you lost weight?" I don't think so, buddies. 

7.) Dainty Choker Necklace

How else can you decorate your new found secy neck but with a dainty choker? Flourish the beauty with the help of this sexy number. This choker necklace will help turn the focus to your neck and your collarbone which people will eventually notice. It's time to put the supermodel  vibe to your everyday fashion with the help of your jewelry pieces. Go for gold as a reward for yourself. You deserve it. 

8.) A Personalized Pendant

How about getting a pendant that represents who you are? Having an iconic pendant is good, but having something that is truly for you is even better. While other girls get pendants bearing their own names, get one that represents what you want or what you have become thanks to your fitness journey. Names like 'Winner! or 'Survivor' can help boost up your desire to break more limits and more barriers. Who thought jewelry could empower like that? 

9.) A String of Pearls 

Pearls are a no fail item for those who exude the oh so classy vibe. However, when you have a round face, you can't look as good on pearls. Since pearl necklaces are meant to settle along the collarbone, it can make a face look even rounder. That may prove like a bummer to someone who loves pearls so much. However, if you have achieved your weight loss goals and you are able to lose some facial fat, then a fashionable way to celebrate is to don that pearl necklace you have wanted to flaunt for so long. 

10.) Belly Button

One great motivator, especially when you're targeting spectacular abs, is by going for a belly button. Although not really an everyday thing, belly buttons can be great reminders of the hardships you reached to get there. All over Pinterest, you can see belly button challenges to encourage you to do more. Belly buttons are a great reward in alternative for food (which we are all guilty of). So, if you have reached your ab goal and you're bold enough to do it, get a belly button piercing!

11.) A Key Chain

If you are not a big fan of jewelry pieces, you can still go for trinkets that will boost you up and your fitness game. Since you are carrying a gym bag with you, you can attach that reminder on it. One great option is a key chain. Yes, you see those cute gold dangling stuff that either has icons or words on them? They can be great motivators to keep you encouraged to keep doing what you are doing. Aside from that, you make your gym fashion look extra chic, too!

12.) Sexy Belt

When you are on the heavier side, wearing a belt can be quite a challenge and a blow to self esteem. You would feel like you're all to wrapped up and you look like you're about to blow. So many fashion looks on pinterest but you just can't wear the belt of your dreams simply because when you are on the stouter side, it emphasizes the size of your hips more. However, when you start working out and when you reach your weight goals, you can finally don a belt. Make it more worth it by opting for a shiny, sparkly belt. You so deserve that new shine, girl. Now you can look chic, fashionable and beautiful with that sexy, sassy belt on. 

13.) Bangles

Ready to wave your hands and let the worl know that you have conquered your weight challenges? Do so in a most fashionable way -- by getting bangles. Bangles may not be as popular as a jewelry gift for fitness successes, but hey, bangles can really let people notice how much weight you have lost. Remember, when it comes to family members, they can only notice your weight loss after 4 weeks. Your friends, 8 weeks. So no matter how small the hit goal was, celebrate it with beautiful gold bangles. It will be worth it, girl. Shine on!

14.) Ankle Bracelets

Among other parts of the body, the feet is the most active one when it comes to working out. Whether you are doing strength training, or cardio, the feet does not stop moving. So, why not give your feet the gift of fashion, because hey, it deserves it. For prettier looking feet, opt for a fancy yet stand out pieces of gold anklet bracelets. You may not be able to wear them to the gym, but you can most definitely wear them for street style, or for hanging out with friends. Ditch the old accessories. Go for this special fashion reward. Nothing makes one feel m empowered than looking good with the help of jewelry. 

Working out is not easy. You can get tired, you can be worn out. However, the results will be so worth it. You just have to persevere, and you should not lose your desire to continue. However, you can't do this with effort alone. You also need some inspiration to get you going. No, you don't need food. All you need is a beautiful jewelry to remind you of the real goal of your fitness journey. Check out IceCarats.com's collection for your choice of versatile but breathtaking, high-quality jewelry.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling. 



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