13 Looks that Stood Out in the 2016 Tony Awards

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13 Looks that Stood Out in the 2016 Tony Awards

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The 2016 Tony Awards has just concluded, and the red carpet has seen a ton of Hollywood and Broadway's most talented and stylish stage actors and actresses. It was not only a night to celebrate the talents and prowess of the theater world, it is also a night to notice their fashion skills, too. We've been brought to see amazing fashion trends and choices from Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee, Michelle Williams, Sara Bereilles, and the big winners of the musical Hamilton. Here are thirteen of the best-dressed stars of that night!

1.) Ellen Blankenbuehler 

Although it is true that a woman's greatest accessory in every red carpet arrival is a hunky, handsome fellow, we just can't stop raving about Elly Blankenbuehler look for the 2016 Tony Awards. The red carpet audience was all eyes to this gorgeous lady's ensemble which can be clearly defined in one word: sparkly! We are in love with the embellished bodycon dress that emphasized her slim and toned figure. She also spared none with jewelry as she shimmered in brilliant diamonds from her diamond earrings, diamond necklace, and diamond bangles. She is surely one of the dazzling stars of the night.


She did not only light up the red carpet with her infectious laughter and dazzling smile, she also astounded everyone with her charming style and her unique take in giving honor to her heritage. Akosua Bosia was the picture of ethnic elegance during the awards night with her black and white gown. What made her stand out more was her superb choice of accessories! Who would have thought turquoise necklace and bangles would make amazing accessories? But well, this talented theater star is just as funky as her jewelry and fashion choices. Oh, and nothing shouts more "ethnic" than the turquoise and beads!

3.) Nicolette Robinson


There's no denying that Leslie Odom, Jr. truly emerged as a big winner during the 2016 Tony Awards. The Hamilton star was a vision to behold not only during the awards night but during the nights he performed as Aaron Burr. What added to his long list of achievements is his wife, Nicolette Robinson, who, without a doubt, looked stunning in a white and cool blue ensemble. I love how she opted to be different from the crowd in the red carpet by attending with her hair in weaves. Nicolette kept her look simple yet elegant as she went for dainty diamond dangling earrings for her red carpet jewelry. Talk about one power couple right there!

4.) Anna Villafane

If there is someone who embodies the famous line "pretty in pink," that would be the "On Your Feet!" star Anna Villafane. The Cuban actress looked mesmerizing as she went out of the red carpet, inviting loads of stares, thanks to this beautiful and striking pink gown. She did own the night by looking every bit a princess in her Carolina Herrera gown. As for her jewelry, she made a lovely statement with two luxurious diamond dangling earrings. There's a reason why this girl is ranking high in the best-dressed list for the Tony Awards. We cant wait to see more from this beautiful woman right here!

5.) Zainab Jah

By now, it's safe to say indeed that the men and women who attended the Tony Awards truly pulled all the stops to make sure that they will look amazing in their designer ensembles. We talked about Anna Villafena's amazing look in pink, and we have found another charming pink number from the wonderfully talented British star, Zainab Jah. The star of the musical "I Love New York" stuns in this baby pink gown which overflows with frills and tulle. She looked like royalty with her luxurious gown and her abundant jewelry. We just can't take our eyes off her lustrous diamond jewelry pieces! She looks perfect in every way!

6.) Busy Phillips

If you are a fan of looking through fashion sites and magazines, you will know that one of the red carpet style that stands out from the rest is the one that takes risks with it. And one of those stars whose risk did pay off was Busy Phillips. This former Dawson's Creek star looks like a blushing woman in pink with this pretty floral gown with a pop of color (thanks to her turquoise purse). She increased the beauty of her ensemble by going for a colorful dangling earring, enough to add a much needed contrast to this striking dress. 

7.) Michelle Williams

In a sea of colors, Michelle Williams opted for the basic and the classy: a black and white ensemble with a bold lip. The stunning blonde actress looked sensational in her simple ensemble. I am so in love with the fact that she looks all cool and confident with this look. What more added to my interest for this look is the fact that she used a black bangle as her jewelry (not a typical choice for someone wearing an elegant piece). But, Michelle was able to pull it off smoothly, per usual!

8.) Bee Shaffer

Bee Shaffer, popularly known as Anna Wintour's daughter, was a flower of the night, together with her mom. This English beauty lit up the red carpet with her amazing Tony Awards style. She stepped out with matching outfit styles with her mom. Both ladies donned a floral-inspired gown. What a great way to pay tribute to spring and summer. All eyes were on her and her luxurious accessories. To match her outfit, she went for a colorful dangling earring and a lovely clutch that says "A. Ham." Seems like this young fashionista is also a great fan of Broadway's greatest!

9.) Sara Bareilles

If you are a fan of "The Waitress" and the phenomenal songs under it's list, you will know that those marvelous pieces are from the genius brain of Sara Bareilles. This talented musician has emerged from being just a singer to being one of Broadway's freshest talent. And by the looks of her during the Tony Awards night, she is also a fresh face in the red carpet scene. The singer-slash-songwriter looked dainty and very lovely in a salmon colored dress and braided hair. She accentuated her looks by using elegant looking dangling earrings. She looks every bit of royalty with this look of hers!

10.) Thalia

Oh, Mama! Is Thalia aging at all? The Latina beauty seems to be looking younger and younger through the years. Right now, we envy her Latina genes that are probably helping her retain that youthful glow. Or perhaps we have her stylist to thank as she looked regal in a body-hugging, camel-colored mermaid dress. She looked like a golden goddess with this look. She also did not spare some with her jewelry. To give life to her look, she opted for a statement necklace, hoop earrings, and a huge gold bangle. Lovely, Thalia! Lovely beyond words!

11.) Lupita Nyong'o

The next on our list is Lupita Nyong-o, the woman whose name has become synonymous with the words "Fashion maven." Lupita was among those who went for the floral designs during the 2016 Tony Awards. The black beauty made her look pop with this stunning concoction of colors. She truly is a red carpet master. She was the look of regal class with her stunning hair, jewelry, and dress combinations. I love how she kept it simple with her jewelry but still made sure that she is making a statement. Love, love, love this look of hers! No wonder she has remained a red carpet favorite since stepping on the spotlight.

12.) Marleen Matlin

If you want to achieve a stand out look in any fashionable event you're going, never forget to put black as your option. Black clothes have a reputation of making one person look stunning as before. Take it from Marlin Matleen who stunned everyone with this long black gown. What made this look more stunning is the fact that the gown was made fabulous by her diamonds. No one can ever beat a woman who has diamonds on her side. I am so in love with her jewelry. She rightly deserves to be in spotlight with this one-of-a-kind ensemble!

13.) Danai Gurira

In every red carpet event, we always need to see someone who would offer a remarkable pop of color on the view. Well, that was gracefully provided by Danai Gurira who confidently strutted her stuff with this luscious yellow midi dress which she paired with blue suede shoes. She seems to radiate the vintage vibe and fashion with her ensemble and her hair. I love how she kept her accessories simple, just going for a diamond stud earring and diamond ring. Simplicity still goes a long, gorgeous way!

Who ever says Toni Awards are for persons who only know how to sing? These talented beings are stylish people, too. We are blown away by the dresses and the jewelry pieces we have seen and we are sure there are more than these 13 lovely ladies listed here. If Broadway and fashion are close to your heart, you will surely love this.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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