13 Jewelry Pieces You Should Own by 30

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13 Jewelry Pieces You Should Own by 30

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They always say that fashion knows no age. No matter how old you are, you can always look sophisticated and oh-so-ready for the spotlight. With the right fashion and jewelry style, you can own your fashion game with ease. But now that you're gearing towards the big age 30, you may wonder "what are the jewelry essentials?" In this blog, you will find 14 jewelry pieces that a woman should own before she turns 30. These pieces are classy, beautiful, and totally worth the investment. Read on and own your jewelry style perfectly!


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The first jewelry on our list are the lovely diamond stud earrings. When we're already done with the crazy fashion experiments of the 20s, we tend to navigate towards the classy and the necessary. One jewelry you should get your hands on is a pair of diamond stud earrings. A single pair can go a long way, and you can use it in a number of events. You can wear this for a business meeting, you can throw this as an accessory for your night out ensemble, you can wear this to a romantic date. So many uses for one pair of earrings; it doesn't get better than that, right? 


Marni Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Details:

At 30, it's high time to make bold choices not only in life but in your jewelry collection as well. If you're planning to have a great fashion by 30, you need to go bold, too. One of the best jewelry options that you should consider is this gold statement bracelet. Like the diamond stud earrings, this can be a jewelry staple for you. Whether you are a working girl, a business woman, or someone who lives in the name of beauty, a piece of statement bracelet can be the accessory that you will always need. Learn how to accessorize with this gold statement bracelet!


Sleek statement rings; bold minimal jewellery // Malene Birger:

When you're a woman in your 30s, the last thing you want is to beat around the bush. Yes, you are probably done with the "I'm a sweetheart" drama and you just want to go down to business. If this is you in your 30s, you need a jewelry that speaks just like that. For your jewelry collection and style in your 30s, go for a bold statement ring. This ring is simple, yet very elegant, and does give out a bold statement. It's a no non-sense accessory for your no-nonsense style. Intimidate and impress with this jewelry style. You will never fail.


Up your long necklace game with this Druzy hex pendant. Details: - 28" - Lobster clasp closure - Gold plated metal chain:

A girl who hustles don't always need to look stern and strict, you also need to loosen up. If you plan to still look sweet and sassy with your style, there is a jewelry that you should get your hands on. This treasure is called "long chain necklace." What's great about this jewelry and why you should go for it as you enter the age of 30? Well, there are days when you just want to rock the laid back fashion, right? Perhaps you're in a boho chick mood and you want to try on some layering. This jewelry will surely come in handy when style impulses like these come.


Sterling Silver + 18k Gold Plated Rachel Large Hoop Earring - Urban Outfitters:

Contrary to what is thought of by other people, fashion by the age of thirty is not boring at all! Yes, you are already so done with the crazy fashion antics you did when you were still young, but that doesn't mean you don't invest on good stuff anymore. One great jewelry that every 30 something woman should have are a pair of gold hoop earrings. Yes, you've heard that right. Channel your inner Jennifer Lopez during nights out and parties. Unleash the sexy look in you with the help of these earrings. It's a perfect complement for a fierce, fun woman like you.


Not really in to the preppy look generally but I like this:

Give a woman a string of pearls, and she can surely conquer the world. At 30, there seem to be a direct need to always look classy in our fashion choices. And what else can make a woman more classy than a string of pearls? If you're not so much of a "string of pearls" fan, you can go and get a stunning pearl choker necklace. This jewelry is a need because you can pair it with almost anything! if you fancy wearing casual pieces, you can match it with this. If the little black dress is your fashion agenda for the day, the pearl necklace is always a good companion!


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When you have established yourself as a successful thirty-year old, you would definitely know the importance of having something that is efficient, effective, and useful. Inevitably, your style follows your personality, too. That's why for most of the women who has reached the beautiful age of thirty, a classy and beautiful boyfriend watch is a must have. Not only does it become your companion in your everyday hustle, it's a fancy addition to your day to day fashion, too. It's like hitting two deals with one stone, and isn't that something we always want?


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And what else pairs best with a classic gold watch that your very own statement bracelets. You may gape and say "But do I really need statement bracelets?" The answer is a big yes. You may not appreciate it now, but when you're in a hurry one day and you're in desperate need for adornment but you don't have time anymore, that's when you'll say "Where are my emergency jewelry pieces?" So yes, get these gold chain bracelets or a statement bangle of your preference and you will never regret it.


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Anything that sparkles surely is the name of the game here. So, isn't it that when you're thirty, your fashion choices become more mellow? Well, yes, but that doesn't mean you're going to miss out on looking fabulous. There's no room for boring fashion when you're thirty. That's why if you can, get your hands on a sparkly necklace and you can conquer the world. Look impressive all the way as you channel the jewelry style of Kim Kardashian. And who ever says its hurt to go to an office event with a sparkly jewelry on? *winks*


Make a statement crystal midi ring in silver or gold:

At thirty, there is great excuse for you to become the queen of the rings. If you feel that you're too busy for all the jazz that fashion and jewelry bring, you can opt for a simpler fashion style like these stacked rings. This jewelry style is perfect whether you go formal on your fashion, or you're just out and about with your friends. Another great thing about this is you can build on it. You can get ring one at a time. No pressure with starting with the stacked rings trend at all! 


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Having a pair of diamond stud earrings is one thing. Having a pair of sophisticated dangling earrings is another. There's always a reason why a girl should go for gorgeous gold dangling earrings. If you want to look sweet and cool, you go for the diamond stud earrings. If you want to look fierce and strong, you should go for the gold dangling earrings. It's the perfect accessory for a little black dress especially when you have your hair up. Bring out the ultra girl sophistication with these golden dangling earrings. You go own it, girl.


These amazing opalite necklaces plus great info on how opalite is made:

If you want a fancy something in your jewelry collection, there's one thing you have to have in your box: gemstone jewelry! Whether they come in gemstone chokers, gemstone bangles, or a statement gemstone ring, having a colorful gem in your possession can come in handy. if you are interested in meaningful gemstones, go invest in birthstone jewelry pieces. It's like having a personal touch to your collection! And more, there are also meaningful stuff that come with these gemstones, so it's really worth the go.


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Last but not the least, you need to get one the chicest and classiest trend of the season: personalized jewelry. If you're looking for a stunning piece of everyday jewelry, this is the necklace of your choice. It's classy, it can be paired with almost any outfit, it's trendy, and it's worth the investment. You can get yours in different metals like gold, silver, and rose gold. And by the age of thirty, you may already have that special someone in your life. Go ahead and make them feel loved by bearing their name on your jewelry. Nothing gets better than that.

30 is such a fun age to be fashionable, independent, and fierce. At 30, the fashion style and rules get concrete: you really have to know what you want. So splurge only on jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime and that will give you a whole sense of fashion experience every time you wear them. Still on the hunt for the best jewelry pieces in town? Search no more. Just go to IceCarats.com and browse through our collections. You will find pieces that fit you best!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling at 30, darling.



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