13 Hottest Summer Jewelry for your Beach Fashion

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13 Hottest Summer Jewelry for your Beach Fashion

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Undeniably, summer fashion is one of the best ones to rock. With the heat of the summer air, you can enjoy the beach with your summer jewelry and another style. Have always craved to display your mermaid hair? This season is the perfect time for you to exhibit your summer style! Here at IceCarats.com, we believe that every girl should have the best summer experience and summer fashion! So, we listed here 13 of the best summer jewelry you can rock whether you are on the beach enjoying a swim, or whether you are a part of a bonfire party. Scroll down and see 13 jewelry staples for the summer!

1.) Wear them Anklets

It seems as though everyone knows this jewelry for the summer but it looks like not everyone wears them frequently. Ladies, when it comes to beach fashion and jewelry, there is one item that you should not forget on the stands: the anklet. Although not as noticeable as other beach jewelry pieces, ankles have a way to make you feel and look sexy when you are hitting the sand in your bikini or your light maxi dress. If you want to channel your inner bohemian this summertime, don't hesitate to use an anklet. Sterling silver anklets are the best ones. 

2.) Dainty Jewelry

Are you planning to look ready for the summer with your beach fashion but you don't want a ton of jewelry on your neck and wrists? Don't worry, you can still look beach ready without them. Instead, you can opt for dainty stacked summer jewelry. Think of small rings and arm cuffs that are stacked together. These simple jewelry combinations are pretty, aren't they? Go for dainty gold jewelry for your beach fashion. Refrain from bringing your expensive gems to the beach (unless you want to cry like what Kim Kardashian did when she lost her diamond earring at the ocean).

3.) Garden Beauty

Summer is a time for perfect blooms, garden beauties, and making yourself feel like you are a nature goddess with your choice of dress and summer accessories. Embrace and incorporate nature into your fashion look by going for nature inspired items for your accessory. Do you want to feel extra fancy? Maybe it's time to get your hands on of the best summer accessories out there: the butterfly headband. This headband is a perfect summer accessory to wear on more formal parties and events. Still carry the summer spirit with you with this adorable gold butterfly headband. You will stand out for sure.


Next on our jewelry staples for your summer looks is the bling that, when you wear it, you are truly going to make a statement. The next jewelry staple for the summer is the statement sterling silver necklace. The reason why this accessory is such a favorite detail in beach fashion because it's both fierce and feminine. The necklace will also tell a lot about you: you're not only going to the beach to frolic in the water, but you're also there to make sure you're giving fashion inspiration to fashion goers. Also, these sterling silver necklaces can complement any beach look you want to don.

Are you looking for a versatile, affordable, yet beautiful jewelry that you can use during the summer season? Go for knitted jewelry! What makes knitted jewelry perfect for the summertime? When we wear gold and sterling silver on the beach, their long exposure to the sun, salt, and heat can affect their quality. But, if you're looking for jewelry you can even take swimming, the knitted bracelets are the top choice. You can also be creative with these knitted bracelets especially as they come in a variety of colors and designs. Are you feeling the bohemian vibe? Go for knitted bracelets!

The summer season is the best time to be unique and creative with your fashion and style. Of course, jewelry should also be taken into consideration. Don't be afraid to go for simple, yet eye-catching jewelry like this cute pineapple icon pendant that looks so adorable with the gold necklace. Spice up your style with basic pieces that you can wear everywhere and anytime this summer season. Always be particular of the intense heat that summer brings, so you have to invest on jewelry that does not tarnish or discolor because of heat and sweat. Keep your summer style relaxed yet beautiful with this cute pineapple pendant.


Whenever we think of summer, I can only think about one thing: gold jewelry. I don't know why I am so drawn to gold during the summer time, but I have a feeling I could attribute it to the fact that since we often get tanned during the summer, the only jewelry that can make us look "popping" is the gold jewelry. It seems as though summer style and the beach look isn't complete with the gold pieces. These jewelry pieces are also versatile for beach use, and they can make you stand out. So, if you are still wondering what jewelry to buy for the summer, go for gold!


Beads, beads, beads, oh those remarkable beads do their job well. Whether you are hitting the road or just enjoying a night party with friends, or just celebrating the summer solstice together, nothing beats the beads in giving you that touch of summer to your look. Beads come in different colors; there are earthy ones and really colorful ones. Choose beads that you can wear with whatever summer outfit that you want. Beads are a fun and stylish accessory, so, if you're trying to search for the best summer jewelry, go for beads.

9.) Gems

If you want to achieve that dreamy-slash-bohemian-chick look this summer, there are only a few jewelry pieces you have to get, and one of them is gem jewelry. Gem jewelry is perfect for the summer because of their fun colors and their magnetic effect offered to the look of the jewelry. Fall in love with the beauty of the gemstone as you layer them with other pieces or you wear them alone. You can get a gemstone necklace, a gemstone ring, or even a gemstone earring. Be connected to earth with your summer style and you can never go wrong.

10.) Turquoise love

Turquoise jewelry as a summer accessory, yes, no words are needed for this anymore. Of course, who has not found a beach photo from Pinterest that does not feature gorgeous turquoise jewelry pieces? Since summer is the time to unleash the bohemian spirit within you, turquoise jewelry is selling like pancakes. These trinkets represent everything about the summer: cool, vibrant, refreshing, and absolutely beautiful. Plus, you can transform a simple frock into an eye-catching piece only with the help of turquoise jewelry.

11.) Colorful Accessories

One of the things that you should embrace this summer time is the colorful accessory collection. Come on; summer is fun, and so your fashion should be fun, too. Don't limit yourself to the basic pieces you love to wear all through the year. Inject something fresh to your wardrobe like a statement necklace of different colors or a statement bracelet that crinkles with rainbow pastels. Embrace unique jewelry because that is the only way you will stand out. As you hit the beach, go for a necklace that screams "I am color!" You will enjoy it! Make your outfit as colorful, too!


Ever noticed how every season seems to have a particular color scheme? Fall and winter often favor the darker colors and the neutral shades. Spring, on the other hand, enjoys the neons, the florals, and the bright shades. So how about summer? Well, the Beach season calls for the colors of the sea. Since summer is equivalent to the beach, stick to colors that remind you of the beach. Time to go for the turquoise jewelry, the aquamarine blings, and the deep green gems. Embracing the colors of the summer makes you feel more close to it, thus, enjoying its fashion more. So for the summer, make sure you have the colors of the season.


Let's all face it: summer is the time for necklace layering. Almost everywhere, you will see layered pieces whether they be sterling silver, gold, or rose gold. In the season where you can rock lightweight clothes and sleeveless tops, you got all the more reason to start layering your jewelry. Invest in basic gold or sterling silver pieces that you can build up. Then, start the layering style. Go for basic chain necklaces with cute pendants on them. Your layered necklaces shouldn't always be extravagant and all out. Sometimes, you just need the dainty pieces, and you're done.

Summer jewelry and summer fashion are fun and enjoyable once you have the right accessories to back you up. Be the star of the party or the beach babe with the help of your stunning blings. If you are looking for the best jewelry for the summer, visit IceCarats.com's collection and you will find items that can help you flaunt your bohemian side. Enjoy summer!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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