13 Charms and Pendants Every Kid will Love

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13 Charms and Pendants Every Kid will Love

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Sometimes, the cutest accessory that suits the adorable kids comes in the form of charms and pendants. Because kids can't sometimes own fancy jewelry at such a young age, you can start your kids' jewelry fashion using charms and pendants for kids. The best thing about charms and pendants for little boys and girls is that they come in a variety of cute designs like sports pendants, mother and daughter charms,  hobby pendants, and initial charms and pendants that are totally in-the-fashion right now! Browse through these 14 adorable charms and pendants that would surely suit your little kids!


Do you have a pilot wannabe in your household? Does your kid enjoy planes and other aeronautic related stuff? Does he have a passion for flying? Well, if you have this kind of adventurous kid, fuel his passion with this sterling silver airplane pendant from IceCarats.com. This unique plane pendant is for your little boy (or girl) who has big dreams of one day flying high. As a parent, you must be very proud of that. Support his/her dream by giving her this great pendant. I am sure his/her self-confidence will surely soar once you give this to your child.


Does your child a big fan of sports? Do you always hear reports of basketball in your household? Does your child go crazy with Stephen Curry? Or perhaps Tom Brady? If you answered yes to all, you definitely have a sports fan in your midst (must have gotten it from Daddy, eh?). How thrilling it would be for your child to receive this gold "Sports Fan" pendant from you? This pendant is a huge way to celebrate your child's love for sports, and when they know Mom and Dad support their passions, ah, that would be the greatest thing for them. Whether it's his/her birthday or not, this gold sports fan pendant is the perfect gift for your little sports lover.


Are you from California? Do you always want to showcase some state pride? Do you have with you a sassy but talented little chicka that can totally be called a "Cali Girl" because of her talents? The surely, this gold charm with Cali Girl on it in the shape of the state of California is definitely the one for your little princess. Nothing wrong with starting state pride a little early, eh? You can also have a huge variety of choices on what state you belong in. Check out IceCarats.com for more designs on gold state pendants.


Paris is every young adult's dream because everything fashionable and fancy is in this beautiful, historic city. But is it possible to make your child love share the same love for the romantic city at a young age? Well, there's no wrong with that. Share that Parisian soul with your daughter with this dainty Eiffel tower sterling silver pendant from IceCarats.com. The quality of this pendant can last forever and you can share this love with her until she has grown up. Quality and beauty-wise, you and her will love this sterling silver Eiffel tower pendant from IceCarats.com.


You may not be the richest parent in the world, but you can already give your child the world. Well, we're not speaking of riches here. This gold globe pendant from IceCarats.com is a beauty to behold. The world is indeed a beauty to explore and you can start making her love travelling and exploring with this gold globe pendant to remind her that she can indeed conquer the world. How great is that? She will surely love adventure and travel because of this gold globe pendant she can wear every single time.


It can sometimes be undeniable that as parents, you can get a child superstar under your care. You could have a singer, dancer, actress, that can conquer Hollywood anytime of the day! Give her her very first medal with this perfect gold pendant for kids with a name "Hollywood Superstar." Who knows, you might truly be raising a bright, future Billboard chart topper in the future. Giving her this adorable pendant for girls is also a sweet way to tell her that you support her all the way; and isn't that what parents and kids should do with each other?


What else describe a young girl perfectly than heart shaped pendants for girls with just the right amount of sparkles on it? Start your child early to the classy side with this gold heart pendant from iceCarats.com. She will surely feel like a princess with this pendant on her wardrobe.You can pair this pendant with a gold chain or a rose gold chain. This cute pendant for girls can also be worn anywhere as it can be paired with a pretty sun dress or a casual ribbon-and-lace fancy gown. Of course, a daughter can be as classy as mommy. Start her with this simple but versatile pendant from IceCarats.com.


If your daughter loves colors, then she will surely love the next cute pendant for girls that you should surely get your hands on.This aquamarine heart shaped pendant for kids is what your little girl would absolutely love. Is she a fan of "Frozen" and Ana and Elsa, then this will give her double delight. The best thing about this white gold and aquamarine pendant for kids is that this always looks age appropriate for children. Wearing this will not make them look like they try so hard, they would just look like dainty kids starting with fashion young.


Is there anything sweeter than giving a message to your child through jewelry and other fashionable stuff? Charms and pendants for kids are a great way to express your love to them. Not only does it give them a pretty jewelry, but you also give them a memory that lasts a lifetime. This "Bloom Where You Are Planted" sterling silver pendant for girls is a great way to remind your little princess of how much you want her to succeed in every aspect of her life. Your little girl would definitely bloom where she is planted now and forever. She can make you proud! 


When we speak about jewelry for kids, of course, the first thing that comes into our minds is that these jewelry pieces should be the cutest things ever. Whether they be gold or sterling silver pendants for kids, the designs should be both age-appropriate and alluring to kids. What else could be more alluring than this over-the-top cute sterling silver teddy bear pendant from IceCarats.com? No child can ever say no to the adorable features of a teddy bear, let alone one they can carry with them anytime. So get your hands on this charming teddy bear pendant and see your child smile with delight.


Speaking of memories, one of the most best-selling pendants for kids that are also considered the favorite of kids are pendants and charms that evoke memories. What else could invite memories more than this carousel-inspired gold charm from IceCarats.com? This fun, sweet charm indeed reminds anyone of childhood memories of fun, laughter, and colors. So, who could refuse this? This carousel-inspired gold pendant is a lovely piece that any child would like from age 8 to 18 years old! 


Initial pendants have become the big hit in the fashion world nowadays, and no one is saying this beautiful fashion accessory is only meant for the older ladies; even the little ladies-to-be are also welcomed to wear this, too. One of the greatest fascination by moms nowadays is getting personalized jewelry for their kids. Although simple, it makes any kid look regal, classy, and sophisticated, especially when it is a gold initial pendant. That's why this gold initial pendant is going to be a big hit with any little girl who has a taste for fashion. Go ahead, treat your girl!


Awaken your child's passion on his early years with the help of stunning jewelry pieces. I remember the first charm I got as a kid; it was a golden lipstick charm that I totally loved wearing. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why I am so all about make up nowadays. If you want your kid to discover his/her talent early on, you can do it with charms! If your kid's birthday is coming up, you can give them a camera with this beautiful gold camera charm from IceCarats.com. That way, you can awake the talented photographer inside of your child. Isn't that a great way to help your child discover their talents? 

Kids will always love charms. There is a certain degree of fascination for charms that only kids can have. Whether they are gold pendants, sterling silver charms, rose gold charms, charms made of animals and shapes, heart-shaped pendants; every kid will adore them. Also, charms and pendants carry a meaning with them. You're not only giving them something fashionable, but you are also sending them a message that they will remember wherever they go.

Don't sit there waiting. Make your kid sparkle, darling!



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