12 Facts About Red Carpet Jewelry

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12 Facts About Red Carpet Jewelry

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During the awards season, celebrities wow us not only with their luxurious designer gowns, they also leave us breathless with their sparkling, expensive jewelry pieces. With the recently concluded Golden Globes, we were amazed by Blake Lively's Lorraine Schwartz emerald and diamond clutch bracelets and Drew Barrymore's abundance of Harry Winston diamonds. But, did you know that so much preparation, effort, and protection go with these dangles? From diamond stud earrings, to designer choker and bangles, lending a bling for a celebrity's red carpet jewelry is no easy job. Here are the 13 interesting facts about celebrity red carpet jewelry pieces. 

1.) Big names, big games

When it comes to loaning red carpet jewelry to celebrities, it's like business. You go for the biggest names to get the biggest profits. That's why when awards season comes along, the hottest and brightest names in Hollywood receive numerous phone calls from costume and jewelry designers eager to dress them up for the big night. Stars like Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, parade the red carpet with only the best of brands. It's not only a celebrity thing, it's a red carpet business as well. It's like celebrities and A-listers provide live advertisement for big jewelry names. 

2.) Present the Jewels

For us ordinary people, when we see a celebrity strutting down their stuff in the red carpet, we immediately think that "ah, that's pretty." However, it doesn't normally occur to us that these dressing up process takes time. Yes, even when it comes to jewelry style, the process could take weeks, even months! Months before the big day, jewelry designers would knock on the door of every celebrity stylist and ask them if they would be interested to dress their celeb using their accessories. The stylist and the celeb work together to find what work's best for the star (and the demands are high, mind you).

3.) It's the Stylist's Word

If there is one person that jewelers never try to ignore, that is the stylist. At the end of the day, after all the samples have been shown, the stylist's verdict with the pieces seen will matter a lot. After all, she's the one who's going to dress up the actress or the actor. When it comes to jewelry displays on the red carpet, jewelry designers respect the stylists a lot. Never mind if some stylists have really awful tastes, what they say matters. In the world of jewelry display, designers have too woo the celebrity and the stylist. The stakes are too high to just simply ignore the other.

4.) Celebs Get Paid

No, celebrities don't just simply walk the red carpet feeling honored with a designer's jewelry on. Nope, they get paid. A lot. Since walking the red carpet wearing a specific designer's creation is like offering live advertisement, the celebs get paid for their service. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian receive payments starting at six figures. However, celebs that have long-standing contracts with jewelry houses (aka brand ambassadors) receive payment that starts at 7 figures. Some celebs, on the other hand, receive designer jewelry pieces as payments. 

5.) Celeb Borrowers Become Clients

Sometimes, actors and actress don't just simply remain models for those luxurious jewelry pieces. Some celebs actually become clients of these jewelry houses. One example is Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow paraded one of the most iconic jewelry pieces worn on the red carpet: Harry Winston's Princess Choker. When she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, Paltrow's father bought the piece for her. Afterwards, more celebs have followed the trend. Jennifer Lopez is one of the stars who found one of her favorite jewelry brands through modelling for them first.

6.) Celebs Are Insured

When a celebrity carries a jewelry piece for you, protection is necessary. We don't say regular or normal kind of protection. We are talking of a million-dollar kind of protection. Celebrities can often wear jewelry pieces that even reach the price of five million dollars. Right from the delivery of the jewelry, to the moment the star walks down the red carpet, to the return of the jewelry to the store, everything is insured. One jewelry designer even said that the process of ensuring the bling's security can even reach up to a six figure amount. Just a fair price to keep the safety of the celebrity and the jewelry as well. 

7.) Designers Prepare A Number of Collections

One designer from a jewelry house said that when they go to a celebrity's place to invite her to walk for them, or to showcase their jewelry, they often prepare a number of collections. These collections can range from the store collection, red carpet collection, and actual sale collection. The red carpet collection is meant solely to cater the star's requests. Some stars prefer different things and some stylists need the jewelry to match the gown. So the diamond stud earrings you may see a celeb wearing in the red carpet may not have the same design when you came to the store. That's how the game is played. 

8.) Some Celebs Have Lost Their Jewelry

One of the awful and sometimes scary part of loaning jewelry to celebrities is that some of them can and have lost precious jewelry pieces. Stars like Lindsey Lohan have failed to return the jewelry they have loaned. That is quite a risk some jewelry designers are bold enough to face. Fortunately though, before the jewelers allow the celebs and their stylists to borrow their pieces, an agreement is signed. This way, jewelry theft, although not explicitly mentioned in the press, will be effectively avoided. If you see your favorite celeb being so careful on the red carpet, you'll understand why once you know she's carrying a multi-million trinket round her neck.

9.) And Some Do Things with Them

One stylist assistant even confessed that there was a celebritybwho cut a designers necklace on purpose just so the jewelry will match her gown. Yes, you could imagine the horror of jewelry houses when these things happen!b Fortunaley, this case is a rare one and designers are now taking extra steps to avoid this from hapening but it is still sad that cases like this one happens. Let's just hope celebrity stars will learn better to respect a designer's creation. Or better yet, may designers find way to prevent jewelry alterations (without consent) from happening again.

10.) Celebrities Can Get Sued

Although Charlize Theron is one of the stars who has received a generous talent fee for walking on the red carpet wearing the most stunning jewelry pieces, she is also one of those celebs who got sued. Since this business is a rather tricky one, celebrities need to take extra care. Charlize was then signed as a brand ambassador for a certain comapny when she was flashed wearing a Carter watch when she should have worn the brand she signed in for. Celebrities get sued if they breech their contracts. So, even if you love another jewelry brand but your tied up with another, you have no choice. 

11.) Celebs can Make a Brand Popular Overnight

Some brands that we all now see as a staple in the red carpet fashion did not really start as a major star. However, with the right marketing skills, these previously unknown jewelry pieces experienced a brand new popularity overnight. That is because some celebrities like Kim Kardashian can make selling of products fast as hot cakes. One example as well was the emerald cuffs worn by Julianne Moore, Even before the awards night started, people began to call to inquire about the cuffs Moore was wearing. Even before the ceremony started, someone has already bought the esteemed cuffs. 

12.) Costume Jewelry and Imitations Are in the Scene

Never underestimate the talent of a great imitator. Whenever red carpet season begins and the jewelry pieces start to be paraded, jewelry imitators often begin their lookout. Before you know it, Anne Hathaway's diamond choker necklace replica is already available on Ebay. Yep, this is one of the nasty sides of celebrity jewelry business. However, there are some designers who are lucky enough to find rare materials to make their work from. These jewelry pieces are not easy to copy, thus, the authenticity and the rarity of the said jewelry creation is preserved. 

Now that awards season is in full swing, we can't wait to see which actor and actress will wear a popular brand's jewelry design. My curiosity is beginning to kill me and I just can't wait for Oscar's to come along. Not only will I be looking forward to each celeb's look, I will also be on the lookout for new jewelry designers who will surely get their esteemed break after the awards night. If you want to shine like a red carpet star but don't want to spend a lot of money on jewelry, visit our collection at IceCarats.com. We have high quality, affordable jewelry pieces. You'll not regret it.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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