11 Tricks and Ideas on How to Organize Jewelry

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11 Tricks and Ideas on How to Organize Jewelry

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Oh boy, how we love jewelry! Having these trinkets in our lives means that our wardrobe and fashion are always on point with their help. From looking classy with a pearl necklace to looking oh-so-chic with a gold chain necklace, and getting all glamorous with diamond stud earrings, there's no denying that jewelry is everything. So, it is important that we also take good care of our precious blings. Learning how to organize jewelry, and knowing that jewelry storage ideas that you can DIY can save you from a lot of headaches that come with disorganized jewelry.

Not only are our jewelry precious, they are also very delicate. If not placed in a jewelry box or a proper jewelry storage, certain things can happen to your jewelry. You can either get the dreaded jewelry scratches, chipped jewelry, gem discoloration, or chain necklaces crumpling with one another. Not a pretty picture, right? So here at IceCarats.com, we will provide you with jewelry storage tips and tricks that will help you how to organize jewelry. And yes, if ever you're wondering, a DIY jewelry box is included here. So ready your creative game because we have some jewelry organizing to do!

1.) Cork Boards

K, I did this before it was even ON pinterest! Also, I have several pieces of this Lia Sophia jewelry, which I love. #aheadofthegame:

Can you still remember how cork boards saved us from having cluttered lives? Yes, cork boards are organization saviors and this is the reason why they rank first in this list of tips and ideas for jewelry organization. Just like how you organized your scattered papers, to-do-lists, and bills to pay before, you can organize jewelry by placing pins onto the cork board. Afterward, you can use it to hang your necklaces, your chain bracelets, and even your hoop earrings. If you're feeling a little bit creative, you can also add fun designs all around your jewelry cork board. This will keep the jewelry from getting tangled up with each other. And who doesn't want to see jewelry pieces looking all so organized?

2.) Empty Bottles

how to make jewelry display for craft shows - Google Search

Are you constantly finding some used bottles all around your house, and you just want to get rid of those so you can de-clutter? Well, I have good news for you. You can now do a favor for your house, and for your jewelry because you can use  those empty bottles as a jewelry holder. It's like hitting two birds with one stone! To organize jewelry using empty bottles, you have to step up your recycling skills. Recycling is the name of the game in arranging your jewelry. You can either paint your empty bottles, or cover it with an attractive paper wrap, glue it to a piece of wood, make it stand, and arrange it whether horizontal or vertical. You can use these recycled bottles as bangle and bracelet holders. They will hold your baubles in place, for sure!

3.) Tree Branches

anthropologie-inspired tree branch jewelry display:

Nothing like having nature inside of your home. If you want to achieve a rustic look inside your humble abode, try to consider adding some varnished branches. You can use these tree branches in a number of ways in your jewelry organization project. How to organize jewelry using a tree branch? Easy. Get a branch that you consider of appropriate size. You can spray paint it with clear, white, or gold paint. Afterward, you can place it on the way. It's a great necklace holder and ring holder. Also, the branch does not just act as a DIY jewelry organizer, it also adds a unique design to your home! How fancy is that?

4.) DIY Jewelry Box

Hunger Games Book Jewelry Box Upcycled recycled by WreckedWritings:

The  next on our list is a DIY jewelry box. We all know how jewelry boxes make life easier for us jewelry owners. However, some of these boxes come at a really expensive price that we can often say "Oops, seems like a bit expensive for me." What's the alternative? Of course, you can use your DIY skills! Grab yourself a used box of shoes, or an empty carton of milk. Put your recycling skills to use by taking the box you found and spray painting it or covering it with fun, artsy paper covers. Once the exteriors are done, don't forget to add "compartments" inside the box. Adding little parts can help you use the box to its full capacity. In no time, you will have a happy home for your earrings, rings, and necklaces!

5.) Online Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box / Metal Filigree Velvet lined by HillsideHouse on Etsy, $16.00:

If you are not a fan of recycled materials, then there's nothing you have to worry. You can always turn to online jewelry stores to help you with your jewelry organization dilemma. Just go to any online jewelry store, search for a fancy jewelry box, and you will surely get one. The fun thing about shopping for these online is you can have an extensive array of choices. You can also customize your jewelry box for a more compact way to organize jewelry. 

6.) Glass Jars

A vintage inspired aesthetic was the perfect inspiration for these oh so pretty, and easy to make jewelry cloches.:

Have you discovered that you have an abundance of empty apple jam jars lying around? Coincidentally, it seems as though you have accumulated an unbelievable amount of jewelry, too, over the years. How would you clean up this two mess? Well, we have good news for you. You can use the glass jars to tidy up your jewelry mess. Use your empty glass jars as a container for your rings, your gems, your bangles, and other small and easy-to-lose items. Just be careful, though. When jewelry pieces are placed in a common jewelry storage, scratches can happen. So before you drop them on these glass jars, make sure that you individually place them inside a small disposable plastic sachet. This prevents scratching and chipping from happening.

7.) Tissue Rolls

This vintage gift box is made out of toilet paper roll. Check out the tutorial!:

Who knew that all the fun things you can use to keep your jewelry organized are just inside your house lying around? A fun item that can help you with your goal to keep your jewelry pieces neatly is a toilet paper cardboard roll. Yes, don't give that piece of used item a dark stare. You can transform the tissue roll by adding fun designs to it. After that, you can place your tissue roll either in a horizontal or vertical position. It's perfect as a bangle holder or a necklace holder. This will keep them jewelry pieces in place. There surely is some treasure in a garbage can!

8.) Egg Holder

Ceramic egg crates for earrings – genius!:

Tired of always looking for your favorite rings in a pile of bling? Always wondered how to keep them safe and protected. Are you always paranoid that perhaps, your rings will be subject to a loss? Well, don't sweat it out too much because it turns out that one of the answers to your concerns can be found inside your cupboards -- yes, egg holders! if you have a couple of egg holders lying around, you can convert them to ring spaces where you can place your precious rings. Now you don't have a problem with organizing your rings and earrings anymore!

9.) Old necklace

Rake Top Jewelry Stand | Jewelry Tree Stand | Necklace Holder:

Who would have thought that an old jewelry can also become an item for jewelry storage? How do you organize jewelry pieces using an old necklace? Well, it's simple. An old chain necklace can act as an item where you can hang your necklaces and other jewelry. if you find something in your jewelry box that isn't wearable anymore, but would make a good jewelry holder, just spray paint it with gold. After that, you can hang the necklace horizontally and you can stack the new necklaces on it. Just make sure that you have a rubber separator in between each necklace as to avoid tangles. 

10.) Layered Dishes

Dinnerware Jewelry or Makeup Holder by Designs by Studio C featured on I Love That Junk:

If you're looking for an artsy way of arranging your jewelry, turn to your dishes. Nope, I am not even kidding. Layered dishes make a good jewelry holder. Porcelain jewelry holders can have such an expensive price. Recreate your own version by stacking up dishes, gluing them on a cup, and then stacking them to each other. It's a perfect jewelry holder for stuff like rings and fine chain bracelets. Also, it does not only act as a holder, it is a fancy, creative addition to your home design, too. Amazing what creativity can do!

11.) Stacked Pots

Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Crafts | If you don’t have much of a green thumb, use terra cotta pots to ...:

Last but not the least, if you have some spare pots lying around the garden, clean them up, stack them up, and you get one of the chicest DIY jewelry holders there is out there. With stacked pots, you can store a lot of jewelry from rings to bangles, to earrings. Cluttering jewelry won't be a problem anymore; it just takes a little bit of art and major creativity.

Getting jewelry organized is such a fun thing to do. The end results are always pleasing to the eye because you save yourself from the usual jewelry clutter, and you have developed amazing DIY skills in jewelry organization. In order to preserve your jewelry and avoid the fast deterioration of it, organize your jewelry now. 

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Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling.



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