10 Most Glamorous Kardashian Moments in 2015

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10 Most Glamorous Kardashian Moments in 2015

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Ever since the Kardashian stepped into the spotlight, the family proved that they are unstoppable. With a clan blessed with beautiful faces and interesting life stories, it is impossible not to love this weird family when it comes to Kardashian style, fashion, jewelry and red carpet appearances. Admit it, one of our greatest guilty pleasures is spending hours in a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" marathon.

2015 was no exception to the explosive events that only happen to a loved-slash-hated family. Kim gave birth to baby number 2, Kendall Jenner is a new Victoria's Secret Model, Kylie has started her lip line, and Bruce transformed into Caitlyn. Oh, by the way, Kris has moved on with the help of a much younger man. Yes, 2015 was an interesting year for the Kardashians and before we set our eyes on the new banging moments for the clan, let's take a look at the most glamorous moments for the Kardashian moments last 2015. Warning, they ooze with great fashion and stellar style that we sometimes we wish we're them.

Of all the Kardashian ladies, we consider as the 2015 breakout star for the family. Technically a Jenner than a Kardashian, this young, talented model has been bringing a lot of pride to the family with her endless modeling gigs and endorsements. Kendall is such a pretty face; she's been gracing a ton of red carpet appearances ever since.

One of our favorite red carpets looks from Kendall Jenner last 2015 was this lilac number she wore in the Cannes Festival in France. She looks ultra chic for a nineteen-year-old girl. But Kendall is Kendall, and she rocked this lilac Calvin Klein dress with grace and sartorial elegance. The young model also exuded the Kardashian jewelry style with all the sparkly diamonds accompanying her look. With an abundance of brilliant earrings and rings, we don't know where to start praising Kendall Jenner's jewelry style!

Hola, new angel! Just when we thought 2015 was already so good for Kendall Jenner, she was listed to walk the coveted runway of Victoria's Secret. This girl, who grew up before our eyes, owned the runway like a pro. I'm sure the Kardashian-Jenner family couldn't be prouder when the young model stepped out in this outfit filled with a plethora of colors. Kendall also wore tribal-inspired jewelry pieces that were placed in stacks on her wrists and her neck. The new angel sashayed with confidence and bright smiles in the runway. Surely, a lot of great things are ahead for this young supermodel.

Following in her big sister's footsteps, the youngest daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner is making a name for herself as well, thanks to her fashion icon status and her sharp entrepreneurial skills. Though she shied away from being a model, the youngest of the clan has her Kardashian fashion trademark made up of neutral colors, dark lips, and sultry eyes. Kylie has quite the following and a lot of young adults patronize her unique style. In this photo, she just channeled some Kardashian red carpet style at the Giorgio Armani after party with this sparkly illusion dress. Known as someone who is not a fan of a lot of accessories, Kylie opted for a single ring for the occasion. Well, the dress is outrageous enough for more loud jewelry.

One of the Kardashian red carpet style secrets is that they are Balmain babies. They are one of the main ambassadors of the Balmain clothing line; that explains the ultra-chic clothes they get to wear at red carpet events. Kylie Jenner is not exempted from this Balmain blessing as she was seen in 2015 with this gorgeous camel colored Balmain number. She paired the dress with enviable shoes in the color caramel. The youngest of the clan decided to go relaxed with her jewelry as she stacked some dainty diamond rings together. 

If there are words that are too appropriate for the way Kim Kardashian handled her pregnancy bod in the final weeks of her momma journey, that would be "too hot." Kim, who was due December, stepped out one November night in a see through, black lace number. She kept it all sophisticated with a long black blazer and a fishtail ponytail. The actress, who experienced a difficult pregnancy for babies 1 and 2, tell us that pregnancy should not be the reason to look depressing; you can still rock the sassiest of pieces even if you already have a bulging tummy. What stole the show with this red carpet look by Kim was her enormous diamond choker. This statement necklace shouts Kardashian jewelry style all over! Way to go, Mommy K!

If good, ole Kim can shine in black, she proved to us that she can dazzle in white, too. The reality star walked the InStyle Awards red carpet in an immaculate white dress with a sleek cape. I love how it emphasized her full pregnant figure and how she sends a message to just embrace pregnancy body. The bump added a little oomph to this look. Just look at her jewelry, too. Kim loves diamonds, love that is obvious in every red carpet photo she has, but we just love how subtle she went with her jewelry style this time; a simple gold chain with a diamond pendant was all it took to make this look divine!

Possibly the funniest and level headed Kardashian in the family, but Khloe is someone we should not take for granted when it comes to Kardashian style and fashion. After she had a dramatic weight loss over the year, Khloe showed us how she's ready to flaunt that new found confidence with that toned bod. In one red carpet appearance, the reality star posed for the photographers in her high-slit dress revealing her very much toned legs. It seems that we already know where Kylie has been getting the Kardashian jewelry style tips. Khloe didn't go overboard with the jewelry; she wore multiple rings on both hands and looked sophisticated as always.

Next on our list is the oldest of the Kardashian siblings, Kourtney Kardashian. As we all know, eldest sister K just had a baby this year, but it blows our minds how she managed to look so hot once more. Just look at this gorgeous carnation jumpsuit she wore emphasizing her inspiring weight loss since the baby this year. Yeah, Kourtney also had a rough year during 2015 with all the rumors going around her and Scott Disick's relationship but she still showed how glowing she is, problems and a baby are not reasons to not look fresh. She kept this look so classy with her gold bangle and bracelet. So Cleopatra-ish. 

Of course, can we ever forget the woman who started it all? The matriarch of the empire just turned sixty on 2015 and with her Great Gatsby theme wedding, we all saw she still has it. With a glam only a few sixty-year-old women can achieve, Kris Jenner has her share of ultra-glamorous red carpet appearances. Should Mom just trail behind? Kris Jenner gives a fashionable "no" with this elegant jumpsuit that is not only age appropriate but also made Kris look like the glam mama she is. We are in love with her statement earrings and how her tousled hair added drama to the overall look. She looked stunning and gosh how I envy how she looked. For me to give a compliment to a sixty-year-old is saying something. Way to go, Mama Jenner! Now we know where the girls got their beautiful genes!

As if Kris need more proof that she is not the last one in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner did this for the Haute Living Magazine. The mom of six still has some vibes to show and this photo proved it all. Wearing a dress with chiffon and metallic-like material, Kris posed for the camera like a natural pro. What caught our attention, aside from the dress, were the jewelry she was wearing in the photo. Who could ever ignore the sparkle of that jewelry? Momma Jenner clearly sets a crystal cut fashion example to her daughters. 

Probably the hottest news that came to the Kardashian clan this year was Bruce's transformation into Caitlyn (yes, guys, spelled with a C and not with a K). The former patriarch of the empire went subtle transformation over the years but went full on trans last year. She looks so amazing in her new look and transformation. With her height and her great legs, she can pass on for a model like daughter Kendall Jenner. But Caitlyn is just starting to make a name for herself and to show us a sneak peek of what to expect from this new fashion icon, here's Cait in a sultry pink dress. Who cannot look sophisticated with those dangling earrings? The look is perfection!

These are just some of the most glamorous shots, thanks to the Kardashian's and Jenner's beautiful looks we all now have some fashion inspiration to consider. Sometimes we can get annoyed by them, but we eventually love them whether we like it or not. 

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Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling. 



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