10 Reasons Why Some Jewelry Pieces Don't Work For You

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10 Reasons Why Some Jewelry Pieces Don't Work For You

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Jewelry is known as an accessory that has the power to transform an ordinary look into something that is worth that second look. With the right jewelry pieces, you can stand out from the crowd. However, why is it that sometimes, things turn out to be not that good for some people? Instead of working for their advantage, some jewelry styles don't do their job so well. Or is it really the jewelry's fault? Sometimes, the cause and the solution lie in our hands. We alone can solve the fashion dilemma. Here are 10 reasons why sometimes, jewelry pieces don't work well for our favor. 

1.) They don't work for your body type.

Seriously? We need to look at our body types to see what jewelry matches us perfectly? Can't we just put on whatever we like without having to worry about every single aspect of the body? In reality, yes, you have to take your body type into consideration. Without doing so can lead into a jewelry mismatch. If you are more of an apple shape body type and you heap yourself with tons of trinkets, you might end up looking too overwhelming. If you are of a more slender built and you choose to opt for dainty pieces, the over look will appear too underwhelming. When you buy a jewelry, look at your body type first and see what bling works best for you. This is one way to look effortlessly beautiful!

2.) They have too much sparkle.

Do you want to be identified as a fashionable woman or just someone the general public can't stand because of too much sparkle and too much glitters? It's understandable why some women opt for jewelry pieces that are loud enough that even people at a distance can immediately notice. A bling's sparkle is just too hard to resist. However, there is a huge difference between looking classy and sparkly, to looking like you are trying too hard to look stylish. When opting for jewelry, leave the over-the-top jewelry styles to rappers. Remember, less is more. Look more classy and more stylish with dainty jewelry pieces. In real life, a simple pair of diamond stud earrings expresses more statement than giant chains. 

3.) They have too many details.

People looking at you and your style may be wondering what look you might be going for. You don't offer one solid, bold look for your jewelry style. Although going all out with your jewelry style can work for some occasions, they don't always tick for everyday wear. Too many details tell people that you try so hard to stand out from the crowd. To avoid looking like a painful scene, try opting for simple details to start your look. if you want to feature a geometric look, stick with it. If you want to look feminine, then go for soft details. Sticking to one will do wonders to your look instead of going for multiple details that overwhelm. 

4.) They don't complement the color of your clothes.

When it comes to jewelry fashion, it is important to match colors of jewelry to color of your clothes. Contrasts are good, just make sure that they are perfect with the color palette. When you're not sure about going bold with the color of your jewelry style, opt for simpler ones. Don't just go ahead and not mind the details. And hey, learn how to properly mix and match clothes and jewelry colors using a color wheel. There are complementary and secondary color guides that will help you find the best match for your clothes. Or you can also do a flat lay test. Does the ensemble still look good? If yes, go for it. If it's kinda painful to the eyes, maybe it's high time for you to change it.

5.) Nor the color of your hair.

When it comes to choosing jewelry, even the color of your hair plays a part, too. Your hair color can be a guide to making your look stand out from the crowd. There are some jewelry colors that don't look good with dark hair, and there are jewelry hues that can make a redhead look extra beautiful. If you don't want to look like a hot mess, base your jewelry choice on your hair's color and undertone. Dark-haired women look divine in metals of gold and silver. Blonde-hair beauties can opt for bright, pastel colors to complement their soft hair features. Striking red-heads can go for salmon pink or emerald green colors to match their natural beauties. Color is everything in making a jewelry style choice. 

6.) It contrasts your face shape.

There are certain jewelry styles for individual face shapes. Face shapes come in oval, heart, square and triangular. Unfortunately, not all jewelry can work for all of the kinds of facial shapes. What may look beautiful on an oval-shape may look drab on someone with triangular facial features. Before buying jewelry, try it and look if it complements your face. Try both the smiling face and the resting face. Wearing a jewelry that fits the shape of your face can bring balance to the look. You can also opt for jewelry styles that can help improve your look. For round shapes that wants a bit of length, you can go for v-shaped necklaces. For triangular faces, take the focus away from your face by going for earrings that move away from your face. 

7.) And the way you style your hair.

Your hairstyles also play a part with your jewelry choice. Planning to rock that major buff of hairstyle on your prom date? Perhaps you prefer to keep it sleek and straight? Knowing what to pair with your hair of choice can do wonders for your look. If you want to rock an afro, go for jewelry pieces that can go with the boldness of the look. A pair of statement earrings or a pastel choker necklace can do the trick for you. If you want to go simple, a pair of colored gemstone earrings is a great choice. Whether you want to look fun or classy, consider your hairstyle as you master your jewelry look. 

8.) They are too out of style

Some jewelry pieces remain ever classy. What we mean by this is they continue to become in style no matter how long the time has been. Some of the examples for this are diamond stud earrings, and gold chain necklaces. No matter when you wear them, they will always be in style. However, there are jewelry pieces that only made appearance at chosen times. As an example, we have the hype for asymmetrical earrings. Although it became popular for a while on the runway and on some celebrity styles, they still aren't there to stay. So when you choose a jewelry, make sure that it is still in the trends. Wearing something that is 5 years late could do more harm than good to your fashion ensemble. 

9.) They look cheap.

The danger about wearing jewelry pieces is that some of them could actually look cheap when worn. Even a $100 necklace won't look so good when you don't know how to use it. Jewelry pieces such as those with designs that look childish, over the top designs, those with plastic material, those that the colors don't strike enough are some of the few examples. The good news is you can actually look good even with affordable jewelry on as long as you know what makes it look classy. Throw away your uber-shiny stuff and change it to something of a more muted, more classy color. If you want to look classy, you can always stay with the basics: pearls, diamonds, rose gold material. You name it. 

10.) You add to many layers.

Lastly, you abuse the rule of jewelry layering. When doing layering whether it be for necklace, or for rings and bangles, always know how to use them moderately. Using several is enough but there's a thin line between looking fashionable and looking over-the-top. Opt for two to three necklaces and three or four thin bangles. As for earrings, a gorgeous pair will do. Don't hesitate to try other layering styles. More often, the less you use, the more beautiful you look. So learn to layer moderately. It will do wonders to your look!

With these 10 reasons, you can now find ways to make your jewelry style look even more classy and sassy! Take note of these 10 secrets to always stand out with your fashion. Ready to choose the jewelry that will make people stop and stare? Take a look at IceCarats.com's jewelry collection. We have bling that definitely suits everyone's taste. If you want to look classy and sassy always, choose our diamond stud earrings. You can also go for personalized monogram jewelry or a set of meaningful charms.

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling. 



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