10 Times Emma Stone Proved She's the Queen of Accessorizing

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10 Times Emma Stone Proved She's the Queen of Accessorizing

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Ever since Emma Stone stepped out to face Hollywood's brightest spotlight, she has been unstoppable. At the age of 27, this Academy Award nominee seems to have it all: blockbuster movies like Easy A, and The Amazing Spiderman; a trademark personality that the press and the fans love, and a wardrobe mainly taken care of by the biggest and most creative designer houses in the world of show business. Emma has indeed created a mark that is unforgettable.

It is always expected of the "The Help" actress to nail every red carpet style she wears. She has done sartorial risks in the past that totally paid off, so, it is always a given to expect that she would look divine on every red carpet appearance. An A-lister herself, she is often found wearing the biggest names in the fashion industry like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. 

But Emma Stone's style isn't mainly defined by the luxurious pieces she is so fond of wearing; it is over and beyond that. Aside from her lovely clothes, what usually captivates us is her amazing choice of trinkets. Emma Stone's jewelry are always on point when paired with her gowns. In this blog, we are featuring Emma Stone's best accessories that will show to us that, indeed, this girl is the Queen of Accessorizing.

We all know that the best, most romantic, and most fashion forward gowns are all for the Cannes Festival, so when Emma Stone stepped out on the red carpet of the famous festival, all eyes were on her. The talented actress, who came to the 2015 Cannes Festival to attend the premiere of Irrational Man, sported a white Christian Dior gown that emphasized her slender figure and made her look every bit of a '90s bride. Her romantic look and barely there make up reminds me of a perfect white wedding. What made me fall for this look is her super edgy sterling silver choker necklace that added a little attitude to the dominantly exquisite gown. The addition of the choker helped stop us stop singing "Here comes the bride, all dress in white!" But Emma got it this time. She looked fabulous!

If Andrew Garfield's former lady love can look regal in a white Dior gown, she can rock the black frock, too. As for her second Cannes look, the Amazing Spiderman star donned a black Oscar de la Renta mini dress adorn with lace all over. This look reminds me of Natalie Portman and her Black ballerina counterpart. She looked sharp but every bit of a posh lady, still. This girl surely knows how to make a dress pop more. The 27-year old red carpet favorite went with a simple yet very daring jewelry ensemble. She opted for three small hoop earrings and arranged them in threes. Her overall outfit orchestration is like a fusion of good girl and the bad chick. And we totally love it! This look is just too Cannes-worthy; we just can't!

Although Emma started in comedic roles in Easy A and Zombieland, she has proven to everyone that she can excel in drama, too! On 2015, she received her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Birdman. For the occasion, this talented member of Young Hollywood wore an Ellie Saab beaded gown in a color that reminds me of elves and fairies. She was beyond beautiful when she posed in the red carpet for the cameras; Ellie Saab's gown made her look so sophisticated and so Oscar-ready! Emma Stone's jewelry also added glamor to her look. We love the sterling silver bangles she wore on both hands and the diamond stud earrings that perfectly complemented her outfit. If the word "ethereal" demanded a photo description, her face would show first. 

To be honest, when Emma Stone's made her red carpet appearance on the 2011 Critics' Choice Award, my first reaction was "Who is that girl?" Although Emma recently said that her natural hair color is blonde. We commonly see her in auburn red hair that she was barely recognizable when she went all blonde for the said awards night. But don't get me wrong, she looked just as stunning. I love how her cool toned silver gown designed by Balenciaga created a captivating, stark contrast to her blonde hair. I can't get enough of the gold chain halter that acts as a necklace, too. She kept her accessories on the sweet side with a Bvlgari ring and Neil Lane earrings. 

I'm saying this out loud this time: Emma's color is yellow. There is no doubt about that. I am still in awe with how her full beauty pops with this gorgeous canary yellow dress from Atelier Versace that she wore in The Amazing Spiderman's London premiere. The dress plus her hair gave off a retro glam vibe that looked so captivating on Emma. I am so impressed with the way she paired this stunning dress to a sleek and chic gold choker necklace and a gold statement ring. Now, she's channeling a Greek goddess with her accessories. No wonder why former beau Andrew Garfield, who also went to the same event with her, just couldn't take his eyes off her. 

This girl sure does know how to dress to impress! Blonde once more, the charming actress showed that blondes truly get the last laugh. She strutted her stuff with this fashionable black dress with floral prints all over. Her ensemble can be described as "Bohemian with a Class!" I love the ruffled hair effect that added more drama and style to this strapless Lanvin gown she wore for the 2011 Met Costume Institute Gala. Aside from the sexy ruffled hair, what made Emma look so magnetic were her sterling silver statement dangling earrings that go oh so well with the ensemble. Look at the sexy hair, the dramatic dress, and the lavish accessory. Ugh, I am dead.

Who looks like an orange goddess? Yes, that's Emma Stone. The star looks all geared up and ready for the Orange British Awards. I am so head over heels in love with her coral top, brown belt, and her bright red skirt. The color is just so appropriate for her skin tone that it made her looking like a newly blossomed rose. I love how she made her jewelry style simple with a gold cuff bracelet. The jewelry orchestration looked simple but ultimately classy. Her overall outfit reminds me of Marilyn Monroe with a modern flair. You did it again, Emma. You are truly a fashion inspiration! 

Look who is glowing! During 2011 Golden Globes, Emma Stone wowed the crowd once more with this peach number from Calvin Klein. This dainty, pastel gown is every minimalist's daydream. The dress featured a sleek cut that showed Emma's curves and offered a little daring side with the backless cut. The ultra feminine dress was already a spectacle to behold so it was nice of Emma not to go crazy on accessories anymore. Her simple gold drop earrings were the best accessory for this Princess-inspired look. Now, who else is envious of Emma's natural glowing skin? This glamor look could also serve as an inspiration to minimalist brides out there. 

Emma Stone channeled what it means to be fierce and sophisticated in this red Lanvin number that she wore to the premiere of the movie "Gangster Squad" where she plays with the fun and fresh style of the Golden 1940's. She showed a teaser of how she fits perfectly into the vintage role by pairing a "Babylon" fierce red necklace with her flaring red necklace. The trinket went graciously with her sweetheart neckline and the bold red against her pale blonde hair created a hypnotizing contrast. Who would have thought that one statement necklace is enough for such a bold look? Well, Emma Stone knows her style and taste well, she can go away with any sultry look she wears. 

Daring dress, bold eyes, fierce lips, and sophisticated trinkets, the ultimate recipe for red carpet perfection and who else will carry it out that our favorite It Girl Emma Stone. Emma made spectators gape again when she attended the 2015 SAG awards. She chose an edgy black dress, which could also pass for a suit, with a sheer, see-through train.She kept everything low-key but looked ravishing in her glamorous make up that emphasized her glowing skin and complexion. I am in all adoration for that red lip she is sporting. As for accessories, she kept her neck bare but showcased a pair of elegantly pretty diamond studded earrings in floral shapes. This look is not the same as the attention grabbing ones we usually see in the awards' season, but this ensemble tops my list; there is no doubt about that.

We love Emma Stone's best accessories and we can't wait to see more from her in the future! Do you want to channel her style in your events? Check our collection for red carpet worthy selections!

Don't sit there waiting. Keep sparkling, darling!



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